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The Punisher - An overall Opinion on the film


Oct 30, 2007
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I really enjoyed this film and really like Thomas Jane as The Punisher, Do you The Punisher Fans Feel the same way as i, or do you think it is a poor adaptation of a legendary comic character
I thought it was a really good film but then again I haven't really read The Punisher comics so my view is from the sidelines really.
I must say it was a very bad adaptation of the comics but a good movie.

frank wasn't in the FBI and his whole entire family wasn't killed on a vacation it was a park.

I did however love the ending
I really loved it; it wasn't one of the best comic book films out there but well worth repeated viewings. Jane was great as Castle but the tone was a little too moody for me. I think it was the score they decided to use didn't help.

I prefer the all-out, full action bloodletting of the '89 version more regardless of what many others might say negatively about Dolph Lundgren.
i thought it was one of the better marvel movies, no where near as good as the spiderman xmen and blade films, but better than stuff like fantastic four, daredevil, and ghost rider.

the new one i believe will not be that good
I've just finished watching the film again for the first time in a long time. I thought it was very well done. Not the very best that it could have been, but very well done, just the same. On a possitive note, I think Thomas Jane did quite well n the role. I liked that they at least attempted to keep the skull symbol present, not being ashamed of it like the previous film adaption. On a negative note, John Travolta just doesn't come across as a very good villian and they should have kept NY as Castle's base of operations. I have high hopes for the up-coming movie. Bring on "Jigsaw"...:cwink:

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