The Short Film Thread

Matt Mortem

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Sep 6, 2007
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I watched a short film in the Unpopular opinion and it gave me the idea to start a thread for 'em. Didn't see a thread like this so I thought I'd take the initiative. Post some short films that you liked, or inspired you and discuss.

Here's Christopher Nolan's short Doodlebug


This one one a bunch of awards at different film festivals, including one near my hometown. It's pretty cool, fairly original and fun.

Did you audibly gasp? Cause I sure as hell did.
I can't post it due to inappropriate content but Fool's Day by Cody Blue Snider had me rolling with laughter.
I used to rewatch Spike Jonze's I'm Here a lot back when it was first released online.


It's a lovely little story. Shades of his later work on Her.

If anyone else is watching Fargo and want to see something akin to the "I Can Help" robot, check out World of Tomorrow on Netflix.
Can't wait.

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