The Son Of The Hulk?


Aug 30, 2003
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31 if you read the WWHulk What If? Perhaps your saw the breif shadowed figure of someone calling Caiera the 20 years later portion.

So I am going to assume that that was the unborn child that the Hulk and Caiera had......

So here's the thing.....a few months ago, around july 9th actually, Hasbro (Who now makes all Marvel based action figures) accidentally released pics of a line of figures based off of the Hulk...One of such pictures was labled as Son of the Hulk.


now many of us in the products section assumed that this Hulk would be featured in the what if? comic that came out today....but upon reading it we only saw him very breifly and in shadow...but by looking at it he sure looks very very similar to that figure pictured above.

So I am wondering why this figure would look so similar to something that would appear to be the son of the hulk...Surely Hasbro wouldn't release a figure based off of something seen only breifly in a what if? comic in the shadows....

And why would Greg Pak and Marvel only show this guy in Shadows? It's a What If? comic....why not go all out with him?

I think that somehow, someway...i have no frikking clue how....thaty Greg Pak will be using the Son Of the Hulk more, and likely in the 616 continuity....I just don't know how.
Check the products forum. Hulk had a son in the novel What Savage Beast. His son was kidnapped by the Maestro from an alternate reality.
But as I said there...novel's just don't count as Cannon.
And that matters how in relation to making a toy?

Usually, the idea behind making a toy is to sell it. With these kinds of toys, it helps when the potential consumer knows who the character is in the first place. Canon stories are typically better known then non-canon ones.
Action figures are still primarily for kids, so SON OF HULK would be enough to draw them in.
Action figures like these are not primarily for kids. The target audience is definitely in the 18-25 male range.
The tattoos on his arm definitely strike me as Caeira/Planet Hulkish.
If I made a toy, I would hoard it and make sure no one else ever saw it. I might even start referring to it as "my precious" in a couple years. :up:
Some toys are aimed a kids, and some are now aimed towards collectors, these Hulk ones fall under the Marvel Legends line and are collector Aimed.
Why do girls still get those? It's like the mullet. One would think that with all the negative vibes the tramp stamps get, the girl would shy away from it.
Some girls like knowing they can make people lose all respect for them by bending over, I guess.
On the other hand, they'd make for better viewing than most plumbers if they entered that field.
A female plumber definitely ups the cool points. The tramp stamp, however, brings it back down to zero. :(

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