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The Twitter Thread


I want to be Kate Bishop
Aug 13, 2011
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I know that allot of people have Twitter here, so I thought I'd set a thread up to give them out. Also, you can discuss trends, news and general...Twitterness?

I'll start by giving mine :woot:
Mine is @Kane52630, although I don't think I've used it for important things.
I'm adding like a madman! It's scary how influential Twitter is becoming. I'd say it's taking over Facebook.
Can anyone explain to me how Tweeter works? Like I get the basics but just from talking to a few DJ buddies on there yesterday and today I somehow went from 89 followers up to 150. I honestly don't get the whole hashtag thing and tend to just hashtag whatever the hell I feel like. Up until a few days ago I really only used it for following celebs and comedians I liked and I posted rarely. Now I'm trying to have amuch more active online presence but I don't really get this thing. I know this makes me sound old but if any of you young bucks out there can help an old Disco Jockey out it would be appreciated
I don't even understand Twitter. My friends who have accounts seem to only use it to keep track of movies and celebrities they like. :shrug:
Well I joined in 2011 just to secure my DJ handle. Since then I have only tweeted 285 times with the majority of them in the last 3 months. I just don't get how people find me and follow me. Like I said i was just having a quick convo with a fellow DJ and since then mad people started following me. I'd like to grow the number but I'm baffled at how to do so
twitter is basically the facebook status bar. penny for your thoughts, in 144 characters or less.

i'm not really a fan, but i know a lot of people use it to post. i did follow some celebs and friends for a while, but i just don't really care for it. to each their own though
Facebook is another thing I'm not sure of. I had a MySpace account when I was younger, but I wasn't exactly bitten by the social media bug then.

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