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    I'm numb.

    That's really the only way to describe how I'm feeling at this point. Whether it's a some dreadful combination of adrenalin and blood loss, the result is that where my body should be screaming in agony at this point, things are instead a simple crushing haze, pressing down and slowly suffocating the life from me.

    But I could be mistaking that for Bane's hands around my throat. I lost track.


    Get your ass in gear, Valley! He's just a man! Flesh and blood! He can be beaten like anyone else!

    You are Azrael! Your mission of cleansing must be fulfilled! Death awaits those who stand in our way!

    As my elbow hits Bane's nose, his grip around my neck slackens and he steps back while I finally get another blessed gasp of air. My second wind at last!

    Every time that I find an opening, I tell myself that I need to make it count.

    But something is different this time.


    Whether it's this completely deserted street in its dead silence and the fact that no one in this miserable city is coming to save me, the notion that my Order has left me for dead, or the crippling reality that Bane is going to kill me, I just can't find the strength to get my hopes up again.


    All I catch is the red flash in his eye and the calm and quiet hiss in his voice before things go black once more.


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    "Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that, Superman?" said Savage, spitting a wad of blood onto the floor before his wounds began to close up. "How many self-righteous crusaders and would-be heroes have tried to stop me?"

    Savage looked Superman directly in the eyes. In the immortal man's eyes, his true age shone through, thousands of years of bloodshed and destruction.

    "And more importantly," he said, carefully adjusting a black ring on his little finger, "Do you really think that sword is the only weapon I have that can hurt you?"

    He sneered as a deafening hypersonic pulse burst from the ring, shattering the monitors of the Justice League's computers, cracking the ice that contained Savage's sword, and bursting the immortal's eardrums. Blood poured from his ears and nose, but he still sneered as he watched the Man of Steel sent reeling.

    Meanwhile, across the Pacific, a streak of orange and tan cut a swath through the ocean. The Cheetah raced East, back towards Happy Harbor, with the Flash and Green Lantern hot on her heels. She didn't enjoy being Vandal Savage's errand runner, especially when it involved her being pursued--frankly, she preferred being the predator rather than the prey.

    Or, in this case, the bait.

    "I thought you were supposed to be faster than this," she called out to the Flash, mockingly. "It's not good to disappoint a girl like me!"

    Cheetah turned and slashed her claws back at her assailants, ripping an enormous wall of water out of the ocean. She knew it wouldn't stop him, or even slow him down.....but it was enough to put on a show.

    He was so dead. They were all dead. And the best part was, they didn't even know it.

    "I think I'll let Killer Frost have your boy-toy with the ring," she called out, giving the Green Lantern a sly wink, before looking back at Flash and licking her lips. "You, though, I'll keep all to--*hkkk!*"

    As they moved inland, Cheetah didn't even see the flashing of a golden rope in front of her until it had encircled her neck.


    Moving at super-speed, the sudden stop snapped the villainness's spinal cord like a twig.

    The chase was cut to an abrupt halt as the Cheetah tumbled to the ground, convulsing for a second, and then was still.


    "That," said Wonder Woman as she pulled back her Lasso, "was for Steve Trevor."
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    "God, that was hot," Hal said as he touched down.

    "Jesus," I said, zooming around Cheetah and checking on her. "She's unconscious..."

    In the blink of an eye, Cheetah and I are gone. A moment later, I'm back. I looked at Wonder Woman. There was a lot I wanted to say to her about what just happened. Instead, I turned away and looked east. Whatever she did her right now, it can wait. We're needed elsewhere.

    "Cheetah's in a hospital. Come on, let's go."

    With that, I took off and left Wonder Woman and GL in the dust.
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    The Atom makes her way out of the boiler room and while en-route she realizes that she left Dr. Fate battling Giganta, but she also sees Superman battling Savage.

    Great do I step in help the Man of Steel or check on the new guy. Who also happens to be my boyfriend. I know he can handle her but still this is his first major battle with a super villain I probably should check on him. I just hope he's not too badly hurt. If he is I'll never forgive myself. Besides if Savage is giving Superman fits I'm gonna need all the help I can get.

    Just as she reaches the outside she sees Giganta...normal sized. Laying in the fetal position and grasping at her eyes whimpering in pain.

    The Atom floats next to Fate and asks, "Are you okay?"

    Fate looks at her and replies, "Not an issue at all. I just showed her the light."

    The Atom nods and asks, "Permanent damage?"

    Fate shakes his head and says, "No she'll be out of the battle though. You?"

    The Atom replies, "I introduced Killer Frost to the main steam release valve in the boiler room. She may get her powers back but she's gonna have some serious scarring issues."

    Fate asks, "What's next?"

    The Atom replies, "Superman & Vandal Savage are going at it. I think Superman might need a hand, Savage is using a magical weapon which is cutting him so that means he is vulnerable to magic. If nothing else we can give Savage something else to focus on and let Superman recover."

    Fate says, "Wait Superman. We get to fight with Superman? Truly a hero I have great respect for. An opportunity to fight along side a legend such as him is an honor."

    The Atom looks at Fate for a moment and says, "Yeah yeah and if we win this one and you're really good I'll see about getting you a picture of you two for your scrap book."

    Fate replies, "Forgive my moment of adulation but Superman sets the example for many of us to follow. To battle alongside him is an honor."

    The Atom says, "I know I've known him for a while so sorry if I'm a little jaded, but just remember two things 1) We fight with him we don't just stand back and watch 2) He puts his costume on one leg at a time...probably."

    The Atom and Dr. Fate head to the control room and Atom says, "Stay close and try not to draw attention to yourself. Be ready to drop the sun in on us if you have to. Trust your instincts and you'll be fine."

    They arrive at the control room and Atom hovers just out of Savage's reach.

    She says, "Well well well if it isn't Vandal Savage himself. The guy Lex is playing for a sucker. You don't think so then ask me about his friend from out of town sometime, or actually from outside of this universe."
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    It only takes a moment to home in on the source of the noise before it explodes with a shot of heat vision and the ringing in my ears comes to a stop. "Actually..." I don't check to see if his ears have healed or not, but before my words even reach him regardless, his newly freed sword is in my hand as I fling it up into orbit.

    "Unless you've got more in store for me than a little earache." Which is not something that I'm going to put past him. I've been scanning the area for any hint of kryptonite ever since Savage mentioned Luthor, but haven't found any traces yet. Physical rivals aren't hard to come by in this day and age, either, but I have to imagine that Savage has more in mind with his threats than the likes of Grundy or the Skull.

    Then the welcome sight of Steel descends through the open ceiling, his helmet already taking in the view of the Hall of Justice and combing over every inch when he lands.


    Just as I'm about to greet Irons, the Atom and a man I'm not familiar with enter the room and taunt Vandal.

    "Steel, Atom, I'm glad that the League's resident scientific minds are here. If either of you are familiar with the work of Anthony Ivo, I'll buy you lunch because I think that there might be a surprise or two for us waiting in the wings from the doctor."
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    Vandal Savage looked around the room with an analytical eye, taking stock of all of the superhuman firepower that confronted him.

    The Atom's shape-changing abilities.

    Steel's mastery of cybernetic technology.

    Doctor Fate's supremacy in the arts of magic.

    Superman's boundless strength and speed, his Heat Vision and otherworldly senses, his pure raw invulnerability.

    The arrival of a red blur and a green strobe of light signified the arrival of the Flash and the Green Lantern.

    An explosion of pain bursting across the side of his face told him that Wonder Woman had arrived as well, as she slammed a fist with the power of whole pantheons into his jaw.

    "You've caused the deaths of millions, Vandal Savage," said Wonder Woman, her voice heavy with righteous anger. "You and your monsters are beaten, and it's time you answer for your crimes. You have one chance to tell me why we should let you live."

    Savage began laughing.

    "You simply don't have it in you," he chuckled. "I've been receiving information in real-time regarding our campaign through an augmented-reality HUD in a contact lens-- I saw you break Cheetah's neck. But even with the one person you want to kill more than anything, the one who killed the man you couldn't do it, could you? You let go of the Lasso just before it went completely taut, allowing Cheetah just enough slack to survive. So yes, she's paralyzed from the neck down and will probably never walk again, but you couldn't follow through on your threat."

    Savage gloated as Wonder Woman glared at him angrily.

    "That's one reason you and the League won't put me down," he said casually. "Another being the simple fact that I can't die. You can try all you like--burn me, hack me to pieces, throw me into space, they've tried it all before. And I always keep coming back. Make no mistake, Justice League, ours is a battle that never ends, because I never end."

    In the midst of the group of heroes, a sickly green light began to shine, seemingly out of nowhere. One of Professor Ivo's teleportation portals.

    "Ask yourselves, honestly," Savage said, his voice full of condescension, "Do you really think that a man who's been through millennia of warfare would set himself up in a straight-forward fist fight with the likes of you? Do you really think that, even with the immense power the Legion of Doom has, that I would run that kind of risk unless I was positive I had victory within my grasp?"

    The thin, wiry frame of Professor Ivo stepped through the teleportation portal, with a massive figure emerging behind him.

    "Even now, do you really think you've won?" asked Savage, before laughing triumphantly.

    "Gentlemen, ladies," Ivo began, his usually high-strung and nervous demeanor replaced with one of supreme confidence, "Allow me to introduce to you my greatest creation, my pride and joy. Oh, it took some time and effort to find it and reprogram it when it first ran from me, but now he's back where he belongs."

    The hulking figure--clearly some form of automaton--turned its gaze around the room, its lifeless eyes flashing once every time its vision stopped on one of the members of the Justice League.


    "Amazo, my dear boy," Ivo said, a sadistic grin crawling across his face, "show them what you can do, please. Kill them all."
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    "You know what, buddy? You picked the wrong day and the wrong group of people to send this midget zord after us."

    My body kicked up into super-speed and I rushed through the room, easily bypassing Justice League and Legion of Doom members as I made a beeline for the robot. I raised my fist back, pulling my kinetic energy into the punch to destroy the robot in one blow. I let go.

    And was stopped.

    "Wait... what?" I asked, looking up at the robot. It had my fist in its large hand. Without any further hesitation, it shot me upward. I felt two ribs break as I broke through the roof of the Hall and flew higher and higher. Happy Harbor was beginning to become a tiny dot as I climbed through the lower atmosphere. All of this happening before I could even realize.

    What the hell just happened?

    And how am I going to survive the fall?
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    The Atom watches as The Flash goes rocketing skyward and says to Fate, "Go get him the fall may not hurt him, but that sudden stop is gonna leave a mark."

    Fate nods and zooms skyward to gather The Flash.

    Atom looks at the hulking figure and says, "Okay let's see how you handle what you can't see!"

    The Atom shrinks to microscopic size and heads towards automaton. As she approaches she is stunned to discover that he shrunk down to her size level. Clearly though he is still somewhat taller than her.

    She says, "What the..."

    He shifts his mass and then shifts it back making her miss him completely and slamming into nearby wall.

    The Atom is clearly disoriented as she tries to get back to her feet and collapses.

    Seeing her as not threat the automaton grows back to normal size.
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    It's hard to tell what the bigger story of the day is; The Iceberg lounge reopening or Oswald Cobblepot being announced as the new owner of Wayne Enterprises. Regardless Oswald Cobblepot is being hailed as the Prince of Gotham.

    He mingles with various patrons in the lounge while shaking hands, posing for pictures and making small talk as Adele prepares to take the stage.

    His L-Phone buzzes and he checks it briefly. Oswald puts it away as his manager Vicki approaches him and says, "Sir they're ready."

    He nods and takes to the stage once the spotlight is on him the room erupts into a thunderous standing ovation.

    Oswald puts his hands up and says, "Thank you one and all. Thank you."

    The crowd seems to get louder with cheers and whistles. Oswald smiles and says again, "Thank you please have a seat. Please so we can all enjoy what is sure to be a magnificent performance by Adele. Please my friends."

    Finally the crowd sits down and Oswald asks, "And how was your day today?"

    The crowd laughs and Oswald says, "I hope it was a good one I had pretty good if I say so myself. Regardless though what gives me great joy is making others happy. I am glad that I'm able to play a small part in helping not only to stabilize the business landscape here in Gotham, but that the employees of Wayne Enterprises will not have to worry about their jobs anymore. I also wish to thank the men and women of Greevly Construction who helped restore The Iceberg Lounge, and to the men and women who are on staff here. Thank you for staying with me and believing in me when I said that we would be back. My friends we are back!"

    The crowd applauds and Oswald nods. He then continues, "I am glad that so many are enjoying the festivities this evening, and the profits this evening are being split between the Gotham City Orphanage and the Police & Fire Department bereavement fund."

    As the crowd applauds again Oswald says, "And my friends I will match each dollar given to each of those organizations this evening. While we enjoy ourselves we must remember that to those who are given much much is expected."

    The crowd applauds but not as much as previously.

    Hmmm apparently stepped on some collective guilt.

    Oswald says, "But enough of me taking up your time it gives me great pleasure to introduce one of the top selling recording artists today. A woman who has brought great joy to millions of people with her God given talent of music. Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome to the stage Adele!"

    Adele steps out onto the stage and Oswald applauds. The two share a peck on the cheek and Oswald exits the stage.

    Once he is out of sight Oswald checks his phone message and sees that his latest shipment from Coasta Mirada has arrived and will be ready for sale within a week to the buyers in Metropolis, Central City, Star City, and Gotham.

    Oswald texts back:

    Good. Take care of it.

    He then erases then messages and goes back this seat and enjoys the concert.
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    Upon regrowing to full size, the thing that Ivo called "Amazo" launches an assault on Steel. John Henry is barely able to even raise his hammer before a blast of fire erupts from Amazo's eyes and pushes Steel back through the far wall.

    "NO!" A sonic boom ripples through the room with deafening results as I fly forward and my knuckles hit the thing's face in the next instant, cutting off its beam of heat and staggering it back.


    Another punch is landed against the creature's jaw with enough force to reduce the remaining architecture around us to rubble, but Amazo refuses to fall. Even examining it with microscopic vision is fruitless. The robot's outer structure is flawless, no cracks to tear into or soft vulnerable areas. The thing is--


    My cheek explodes in pain as Amazo's fist connects, but I stand my ground. In terms of raw strength, we're stalemated. I'll have to rely on other tactics.

    Like teamwork.

    Waiting for the distinct sound ever since he arrived on the scene, I hear it coming from a mile away and duck in the nick of time as Steel's hammer sinks into what would be Amazo's stomach if it were human, sending it crashing through walls and giving my team and I some breathing room.


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    Blackness. That's all I have right now, moments before the pain returns.


    He's saying something, but I can't hear him. Probably gloating, or maybe expressing more regret that it's come to this between us; how I'm not living up to the potential that he saw within me.

    And he might be right, I think as I collapse on the sidewalk. Maybe I could have been something great if I had had the right tutelage, or the right drive to reach for the stars. Or whatever.

    I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel at this point, so I can't bring myself to care that much.

    No. Wait. That light is just the streetlight above where Bane left me lying. I'm still alive and ready to kick just as much ass as before.


    Why do I get to my feet again? Why do I even before to pull up my mask and spit out a few teeth before getting back into a fighting stance? Even if I manage to win, what the hell would it accomplish? This city that I'm sacrificing my life to fight for is apparently so corrupt that not even a single squad car has driven by. I have no doubt that the police are aware, at least to some degree, of the fight taking place here in this street, but they're either scared or bought off by Bane.

    And if he weren't here, it would just be some other lowlife.


    But no, Bane is who I told myself that I would defeat. Bane and that damned reputation that I was so adamant to prove was nothing but rumor and exaggeration.

    As hard as I hit him, it only ever slows him down for a moment, and it occurs to me that the only reason why I've managed to land any blows at all during the course of this fight has been that he's showing off.

    He already proved at the very beginning of this that he's faster than I ever expected him to be, and may even be--contrary to what I naturally assumed when we began--faster than I am. Despite his size, he could probably dodge everything that I've been throwing at him.


    He's been taking the hits to show me how pointless my fight is, in every possible way.

    "You hate me. As a self-appointed hero, you might not know it or acknowledge it, but the hatred is there."

    I swing for his head, but Bane grabs my fist and pulls sharply as he plants his foot in my broken ribs, dislocating my shoulder. I don't hear the pop that I know my body makes over the sound of my agonized screams.

    "I felt the same rage and hatred towards the Batman. I broke him just as I am breaking you. But I feel no satisfaction in either victory."


    "Victory has defeated me, but it was the only course available. I will try to take comfort in the thought that I am saving you from a similar fate." I don't even feel the next punch that he lands on me. Or was it a kick? Things have gone numb again. "I know full well that that philosophy strains believability, especially from your perspective, I would imagine. Still, it's preferable to the thought that you just threw your life away this night. I am truly sorry."


    I feel his hand around my throat again, but something cracks this time as he slams me down against the pavement.

    I can't feel my hands. Things have gone dark, but in a different way than before.

    I have nothing more to worry about. Bane is gone and the fight is over.

    I feel cold.
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    "We could always give up," I said as Fate and I floated back through the hole I came out of. "Surrender unconditionally, throw in the towel, wave the white flag, 'No más, señor Amazo, no más!'"

    The impassive looks all around told me that my idea went over like a fart in a diving helmet.

    "Thought as much," I said, Fate putting me back on the ground. "Well, then let's fight. As one. He's kicking our ass individually. Okay, good for him. But together? There's no way he can handle us. Look around you! We have a guy who can bend steel with his bare hands, an avatar of the gods, two genius scientists, one that can shrink to atomic levels and one that's in a suit of armor, a wizard, a space cop, a martian, and the world's fastest man. We're the Justice League, dammit! We threw Star'ro off our planet, we can take this guy down no problem. So, go team... I guess? Also, I totally kicked Superman's ass one time. Just thought everyone should know that in case we die."
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    "See anything?"

    Fifteen minutes and I haven't seen a damn thing.

    Hate to say it, but I think Catwoman's impatience is beginning to rub off on me - tracking that SUV should've given us more definitive results than this. All I see is an abandoned fairground and rides that are already beginning to rust following the closing last summer. Nevertheless, I stifle the urge to retort about the fact that she's been asking me that same question since we arrived, focusing instead on the task at hand. Continuing a frivolous surveillance. After chasing signals across half of Gotham, interlocking local wi-fi connections with the tracking device in order to pin down a match for an exact location, we finally stumbled upon where our "White Rabbit" was heading off to in such a hurry. And the discovery wasn't without it's merits in obviousness. That much was made painfully clear whenever we arrived.

    After all, where does the White Rabbit lead Alice? To Wonderland. And the Wonderland Kingdom is one of the primary attractions of Amusement Mile, Gotham City's equivalent of an amusement park overshadowing the lower eastern docks. Equivalent, because it was shut down after only two seasons of it's run due to a mile high list of outrageous safety hazards and health concerns. I actually brought Harleen for her birthday last year, hoping I could make up for my absent nights. Lousiest date we ever had.

    The man we were tailing was either brought here or came of his own volition. Given his penchant for quoting Alice in Wonderland, I can't honestly imagine that it was the former. But even for a grown woman dressed in tights and a pair of cat-ears, Catwoman said it best. Finding out that this was his hideaway was like stumbling across something out of a campy TV show. Which is why in some ways, it's actually perfect. Who the hell would honestly think to look here for a possible suspect in multiple kidnappings?

    Catwoman leans her chin into her palm, evidently as bored as I am.

    "I'll just go ahead and guess you haven't. I'm starting to take the silent treatment personally."

    Still focused on the opposite end of the nightvision scope, I still can't help but smirk.

    "Maybe that's the intent."

    She rolls her eyes. "So now you're the Batman with a sense of humor. And here I was, thinking our luck was running out."

    "That'd imply we've had any luck to begin with,"

    Finally retracting the scope, I fold it together and clasp it into my hands, fitting it snugly back into the pouch of the belt that it came from. This is getting us nowhere. I was determined to keep waiting up until the twentieth minute, but I can't stand the rattling in my conscience anymore. Another five minutes could lead to a death of one of the kidnapped girls. I don't have much reason to believe that the White Rabbit is the perpetrator himself - dictated by his speech patterns, he doesn't seem sane enough to carry out a plan like this - but I do feel like he's led us directly to the man who is responsible. And that means whatever the endgame is, we'll probably catch the sick bastard in the act. Whether it's Sexton or someone worse has yet to be determined. We never did find the good Reverend at his post in the Church.

    "What do you think?"

    "I think this looks a little too shady.", she admits. "Amusement Mile closed down months ago and there hasn't been a sign of any construction crew since. It'd be easy for someone to come here and co-opt it into a prison of some sort without risking anyone's notice."

    She might be right about that. If I remember right, Wonderland Kingdom did have a pretend dungeon set up for photo-ops, alot like the dungeon that held the Duchess from the book. It'd be the perfect place to hide twenty, maybe even thirty of the kidnapping victims. The dungeon also happens to be the very last stop in the Kingdom tour. Which means we're bound to run into someone on our way.

    "Then we're going in now. Strike while iron's hot, and all that.", I suggest, my eyes resting on her belt. "How many defensive tools are you carrying in that thing?"

    She smirks. "You men. Can't ever call them what they are, can you? Gadgets, gizmos, toys..."

    "So what you're saying is, not many at all."

    Dropping the smirk, she digs through one of the pouches and produces a small canister. I take it from her and inspect it, curiously. No labels, though there were clearly some cheap ones glued on it fairly recently.

    "Guessing this isn't tear gas."

    "Over-the-counter mace. I used to have more, but unlike some people, I don't have a bottomless checkbook."

    Reaching into the belt, I grab her hand and unload a fistful of smoke and flash grenades. And others that I haven't quite tested or learned about yet, but should otherwise be just as effective. She hurriedly places them into the belt, hardly hesitating to accept the free gifts, but still glances back at me with some inquisitiveness.

    "Why are you giving me these?"

    Turning back towards the rooftop's edge, I take a step forward and survey the area ahead. Amusement Mile. Never thought I'd be coming here again. The garish clown faces were creepy as hell during the day, and somehow, they're even more unsettling at night. Even with the paint beginning to show it's age and the wood starting to wear thing. Coming here tonight is only reaffirming why I've never liked clowns.

    "Because if we're gonna cover this much ground, we're splitting up."

    "Are you really sure that's a good..."

    She stops herself in mid-sentence, seeing me spread the cape out to it's full gliding-capable wingspan. This wasn't meant to be a negotiation. We both came after Sexton's Church with our own goals in mind. She hasn't told me why it interests her and I haven't told her what she's clearly been dying to know since she first laid eyes on me dressed like this - why Bruce would've ever leant me the costume in the first place. Putting some distance between us should minimalize the risk of the mission being sidetracked by unnecessary questions.

    "Hey, wait a minute! Don't I get a say in this?!"

    "Not really."


    I leap off of the building and take to the skies, targeting the back entrance so that she can have the front all to herself. That, and I really don't want to go near those damn clown faces. I'll be having a hard enough time navigating the Queen of Hearts' maze, because that's just going to trigger another of my inherent dislikes - claustrophobia.

    Gliding over the quiet fairgrounds, I take note of all of the possible sections of the Kingdom to visit. Each building is marked by an unusual decorative pattern. Giant playing cards for the maze. A tortoise's shell for the Mock Turtle's Mirror Room. Sculptures of a mouse for the "Tears of Alice" water rides. I'd say something about the over-the-top nature of it all, but who the hell am I to talk.

    I'm wearing a cape.

    "Oh, dear me. It seems we have visitors. Perhaps they've come for tea."

    The White Rabbit worriedly looks over as his master intently stares at the surveillance screens of a monitor room and the sights that they bring forth. The first is that of an intruding woman that arrives, having seemingly leapt out from the skies themselves. As if appearing from thin air. Not unlike the Cheshire Cat, which he is quick to note that she is also dressed as. He recognizes her from the Church, though his memory is awfully clouded with images of red hearts and teapots. It is incredibly hard to tell with such images polluting his waking mind.

    The second, and more fearful sight, comes from the back entrance. That of the Batman, known to all in the Kingdom of Wonderland's neighboring city as a dangerous vigilante. A frequent fighter of law enforcement and a deranged killer. He assumes Batman will stand the highest chance of toppling the Queen's royal assassins, but for the Cheshire Cat, he assumes only the worst. She will likely be skinned, or if the Queen has her way, beheaded.

    The White Rabbit nearly jumps as his master spins in his chair, cloaked in darkness and shadow. But clearly holding a blade in his right hand, stained with dry blood in the palm of his meticulously cleaned white glove.

    "Curiouser and curiouser. You haven't led these visitors to Wonderland by intention, have you, my curious Rabbit?"

    The Rabbit's mind far too shattered for a coherent answer, he instead mutters only what he can.

    "Much too late. Much too late. Oh dear."

    His master greatly annoyed, but having expected such a response, twists the blade freely between his fingers.

    "Yes, much too late, indeed. Much too late for us to turn back now. We cannot endanger the fate of Wonderland to the arrival of these outsiders. They must be made an example of. Oh yes, such an example..."

    The White Rabbit panics as he hears footsteps coming in behind him. Quivering, he sidesteps a woman with intense scarring over her right eye, leading into a pattern down her face. Her neck covered in a leather choker imbedded with large diamonds, and her eyes visibly obscured by dark crimson lenses. A mess of black hair on her head.

    "Ah, my Queen. My splendid Queen. You're just in time. In time for tea. Alert the Gryphon and the Dodo. I shall contact the March Hare and the Knave at once. We have company."


    "And I do believe it's time for tea..."
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    The Atom returns to 6 inches in height and floats next to the group.

    She says, "He's fast and he's got the power duplication thing down, but when you get down to it he's an android. A robot and inspite of that there are certain inherent flaws in all of them to be exploited."

    Atom looks at Steel and says, "You're a scientist as well right?"

    Steel replies, "Sure am."

    Atom continues, "And I'm guessing by the suit of armor you know how to work with your hands as well."

    Steel replies, "I've been known to do some tinkering in the workshop from time to time."

    Atom says with a smile in her voice, "Wait until you see our workshop. Come on! I gotta an idea! You all keep him busy we'll be ready to go in about 5 minutes."

    She looks at Fate and nods at him and he gives a quick nod.

    Atom and Steel take off out of the room
  15. Andy C.

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    "Five minutes?" Vandal Savage said with a laugh. "You barely have five seconds."

    Amazo emerged from the rubble of the crumbling Hall of Justice, floating in the air, swirling with power.

    One of the android's hands wore an exact replica of a Green Lantern ring, shimmering with emerald light.

    The other held a copy of Wonder Woman's Lasso, glittering gold.

    The eyes glowed red with Superman's Heat Vision.

    The body crackled with kinetic energy, duplicating the Flash's speed.

    Around it swirled a vortex of arcane energy, replicating Doctor Fate's magic.

    "Everything you can do," Savage taunted, "Amazo can do better."

    "Enough talking," Wonder Woman snarled. "Throw whatever monsters you want at us, Savage; you and your band of murderers face Justice today."

    With that, the Amazon charged towards the android......

    .....and was enveloped in a hellish blast of Power Ring energy, Heat Vision, and mystical fire all at once.

    "I'm on this, hotness!" shouted Green Lantern, firing a blast from his ring towards Amazo.....but to his shock, the blast went right through the android as if it wasn't even there. Amazo had mimicked the Martian Manhunter's ability to shift his molecular density into intangibility.

    Amazo turned its energy onslaught towards the Lantern.


    "GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Jordan exclaimed, the obliterating wave of energy overwhelming his shield and slamming him into a wall before it crumbled on top of him.


    "No...." Wonder Woman said through gritted teeth, straining to stand. "Have to.....stop you....."

    "That really isn't a possibility at this point, my dear," Savage said with a hungry grin. "Alone or in full force, nothing you can do can stop Amazo. Which reminds me...."

    As Amazo rushed towards Superman and the Flash, weapons brought to bear, Savage walked towards a heap of rubble where the Atomic Skull lay, barely conscious.

    "Get up," he said to the super-strong irradiated killer. "The Atom and Steel are attempting to cobble together some form of weapon to use against us. You and I are going to kill them before they have a chance to try it."

    Hundreds of thousands of miles away, on the surface of the moon, a monitor screen showed footage from the battle in the Hall of Justice, as well as the hundreds of other battles being waged by the Legion of Doom all over the world. A handful of molecule-sized nano-cameras recorded the action, unseen to the naked eye, but able to capture and transmit information in extraordinary high-definition 3-D.

    The Justice League's intervention had severely crippled the Legion's army, but there were still many wreaking havoc in cities and small towns worldwide. Now, with the Legion's secret weapon in play, the heroes were on the ropes.

    "Hostile forces are rallying in Western Europe," a cold, synthetic voice stated. "UN forces are being routed in Australia and Southeast Asia. Hostile forces regrouping from the Justice League's intervention in America. My calculations show that now would be the optimal time to begin the counterattack."

    "Agreed," said another voice, one which regarded the carnage and devastation being wrought with the same tone as he might discuss his company's stock rising half a point. "Give the order for the Society's strike teams to engage the Legion's troops and drive them out."

    "It is done," the artificial voice answered. "And what of the Justice League? I estimate less than a 0.0003% chance of their survival against Professor Ivo's android. Shall we intervene now?"

    "Not just yet, Brainiac," Lex Luthor said, calmly watching the proceedings from his reconstructed lunar Watchtower. "I want to see Superman bleed a little more before we end this show."
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    The Atom and Steel arrive at the Workshop and Steel clears out some of the rubble and debris so they can get in.

    The Atom hears the battle upstairs and says, "5 Minutes is now closer to 2."

    Steel opens the door and looks around at the workshop. He sees various pieces of metal and machinery and asks, "Okay little lady it's your show."

    The Atom floats into the room and closes the door and locks it.

    She says, "That should hold anyone off for at least 30 seconds. Wow the rubble and debris actually have neatened it up a bit. Over there that Satellite module it's the prototype from the Voyager program."

    Steel asks, "What are we doing with that?"

    Atom replies, "I know someone with Government connections figured we might be able salvage some parts from it or use it like now."

    Steel asks, "What exactly is your plan?"

    Atom replies, "Okay get over to the satellite and take off the port side panel closest to you. You'll see a green wire and a yellow wire. Tie them together that will re-engage the axillary power cell which will engage the flight computer."

    Steel hurries over and begins to do as The Atom says.

    He asks, "What will this do Atom?"

    Atom replies floating over to another part of the room, "This is the prototype of the Voyage Satellite. It was launched and it transmitted messages designed to welcome other life forms to Earth. This one didn't make the cut because of faulty wiring in the rocket units. Once NASA realized that for the cost of the repairs they can make a smaller and more efficient unit this one was shelved."

    The Atom is trying to carry a handheld rocket shaped item and Steel comes over and asks, "Need a hand?"

    Atom replies, "Yeah stuff that in the rocket closest to us. Make sure it is secured in there and can't be seen."

    Steel does as Atom says and Atom floats into the open control panel. She then begins to hook up various wires to the tip of the rocket.

    Steel asks, "Okay how does this all help us out?"

    Atom replies after she hooks up the last set of wires, "Amazo has our powers among them is Superman's hearing. Once I engage the audio protocols the welcoming message will begin playing. I will keep alternating the frequency dynamics so it will keep Amazo busy trying to figure out what this new sound is. Think of it as like a dog whistle and then that might buy our group 3 or 5 seconds to take him out."

    Steel asks, "3-5 seconds? Is that enough time to do anything?"

    Atom replies, "With Flash, Superman & Wonder Woman 3 seconds is more than enough time."

    Steel asks, "Okay what about the rocket in the rocket thing?"

    Atom says, "It's an E-M-P charge. I figure either that the sound will prove to be a nuisance and Amazo, Ivo, or Savage, will track the source down and when they do what will they do?"

    Steel replies, "They'll try to destroy the source."

    Atom says, "Yeah villains are so predictable that way. I've hooked the charge up so that once the audio is terminated either by the power being shut down, the audio signal is jammed, or if the satellite is destroyed whatever! When the audio stops the E-M-P charge goes off. Amazo is impressive but he is still an android. Our E-M-P charges shut down any and all kinds of electronic signals and devices in a 1/2 mile radius. Either way Amazo goes off line long enough for us to take him out."

    Steel says, "So you're gonna set the signal for automatic and float out."

    Atom shakes her head and says, "I can't. The connection between the E-M-P and the satellite is very precise. I've gotta make sure it holds and goes off."

    Steel says, "Atom E-M-Ps can't kill people, but with you being so close and at your size there's no...."

    Atom and Steel just stare at each other for a second and Steel says, "No you can't!"

    Atom says, "You gotta better idea! Think fast the clock is ticking they're probably on their way! Think Steel Think! Come on Steel let's hear it!"

    Steel pauses and resigned he finally says, "Any last words."

    Atom replies, "Tell them The Legion of Doom are patsies they are not the real threat. Lex Luthor and a robotic alien named Brainiac are behind all of this. Also tell them it was an honor to serve with them and with you Steel I couldn't do this without you. Thank you. Please don't let my sacrifice be in vain."

    Atom steadies herself as the gravity of the situation is taking hold of her as she says, "Tell Dr. Fate that...that..." her voice beings to choke as she says, "reality exceeded fantasy."

    Steel nods and Atom says gaining strength and focus, "Use your hammer go through the upper left corner that will put you within about 20 feet of the command center. Once I hear the rubble hit the floor I'll activate the audio weapon. I suggest you hurl your hammer at Amazo as soon as you see him that might be your only chance while the sound is distracting him. Close the hatch and get going."

    Steel shuts The Atom in the satellite.

    Well looks like I'm getting that family reunion I always wanted.

    She closes her eyes and says a brief prayer. The Atom hears the rubble slam into the ground and she opens her eyes.

    Here goes nothing.

    With that she engages the audio protocols and begins adjusting the audio signal as the message of greetings begins playing.

    Kent I'm so sorry....I love you...always.
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    Figures. Third rusted gate I've had to lift since I arrived. The redundancy of this damned labrynth is already starting to get on my nerves, but it's worth it to know that I'm already a third of the way to the center and I'm already starting to hear voices. Tried to see if the cowl could use the sound frequency to pinpoint the location of them, but I guess I haven't reached that part of the manual in the sonar specifications. The irony is hardly lost, given that you'd think Batman wouldn't need to know how to use the sonar. Giving the gate some muscle, I finally lift the heaping ton of metal off of the ground as high as I can, drop to the ground, and roll, just in time to narrowly avoid being crushed. The gate slams down harder than I'd like, causing me to instinctively vault to the shadows and press against the wall.

    Stand still. Focus. Concentrate.

    No footsteps and no voices there to acknowledge my prescence. Either I'm farther back in the beginning of the maze than I realized, or they've given me the less preferable alternative: the place is heavy with surviellence, and they already know I'm here. So I'm already screwed on stealth. I'd say I should look on the bright side, but screw that. Doing what I do for this long, and having experienced so many close calls, I've found that it's always best to assume the worst case scenerio is true. Only then can you set yourself up to be pleasantly surprised.

    Okay. So I'm down on stealth. Guess I won't need the approach of the slow and silent variety.

    "Oracle? Still with me?"

    Recognized. How may I be of assistance?

    Never gonna get used to that. I swear to God.

    "I need a digital mapping grid of the corridor. And, uh, the surrounding area in general."

    A visual instruction surprises me on the screen of the cowl lenses. Telling me how to get a firm reading. Apparently I need two miniaturized beacons, which I quickly find in the back of the belt. Producing them, I go to place them on the opposite side of the walls. They briefly give off a faint white glow, before turning over green. At first, I don't even really think I did it right, but the real surprise comes whenever I turn back to the corridor. Everything infront of me is overlayed with a giant grid, shrinking in size and showing me exactly where I am - and more importantly, where I'm headed.

    Apart of me is too stunned to move. Why the hell did I used to be low-tech again?

    Giving a smirk, I tap the side of my cowl and re-activate the LED lights embedded into the frames of the lenses. The resulting comibination of both lenses illuminates my path and gives me enough to go on in order to advance without trepidation. If my hunch is right, they know I'm here and they're planning an attack. Least this way, I can see them coming a mile away and still keep going without having to worry about staying in the shadows. Reading my hand on the pouch of the belt that'll give me a range of projectiles, I make my way through Wonderland. I'd take the opportunity to radio my back-up, as it were, but I don't know how far she is in the maze herself.

    Still, though. I bet she's having a worse time trying to navigate than I am.

    Damn it, Hood. Just had to split us up, didn't you?!

    Facing similar quite troubles to her counterpart, Selina Kyle gingerly climbs through the splintering wooden panels that bolt up the next corridor, finding that her only aide is the nightvision goggles resting across her face as she blindly guides herself through an unusually difficult patch of darkness. What little she can actually see does little to dissuade her discomfort in being here. The decor mainly consists of smiling faces, once created to amuse children, but now giving off a much more sinister vibe. And she's already seen far too many rabbits, only reminding her of the way they found this place - and by default, reminding her of the reason she's here. To rescue her friend Maven, who Selina swears to herself is still alive, despite having no evidence to support it. She can't help it. Maven was the closest thing she had ever been given to a sister, so Selina knows that if she's wrong, there won't be much to stop her from wanting to claw out the hearts of the people responsible for this. And taking another life isn't a road she wants to go down any time soon.

    Spotting a distant panel that controls the lighting of the room, Catwoman lets out a small sigh of relief, racing towards it in order to bring an to end her aimless trek. But by the time that her fingers jam down on the panel, she realizes that she hasn't only activated the lights - an unsettlingly inapproapriate song starts to play over the intercom.

    "No, dammit, no..."

    A... very merry unbirthday to me
    To me! To who?
    To me! Oh you!
    A very merry unbirthday to you
    Who me? Yes you! Oh me!
    Let's all congratulate us with another cup of tea
    A very merry unbirth---

    Immediately turning the lights back off, which also brings an end to the loud and unintentionally compromising tune, Selina places a hand on her whip and looks around, scanning the room for any potential halls or doors that could be opened enough to allow certain undesirables to hear that. But she sees nothing but cartoonish plastic renderings of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare staring back at her, sharing a spot of tea amongst the ruins of the broken down ride that was once built here.

    Catching her breath, Catwoman slowly removes her hand from the whip and looks for a place to go to next. In the far distance, she can hear the same voices that Batman had kept hearing, though similarly, she doesn't know how far they are or where they're coming from. Using them to guide her, she comes across the next hall and stops, noticing that it's brightly lit up with interchanging red and white floodlights.

    This is insanity. Who the hell would honestly surround themselves with this garish crap?


    Uncharacteristically, Selina jumps, startled by a loud noise that comes from the other side of the wall nearest to her. Like a sledgehammer striking itself against solid steel. The noise repeats, prompting her to stand away from the wall, unsure of what to do next. Her first instinct is to run, but she narrows her eyes, knowing that Maven could very well be on the other side of that wall. And one way or another, her friend is leaving this place alive, even if Selina isn't going to be there to join her.

    Removing the whip from her belt, she waits for the noise to repeat a third time. And it does, prompting her to crack the whip into the air, ready for whatever is behind there to burst through. Needless to say, she isn't disappointed - because to her amazement, the entire wall begins to neatly splinter into a vague outline that stands six and a half feet tall, not unlike a human being. Seconds later and the entire wall explodes, causing Catwoman to drop the whip and be knocked back by the force required to burst through.

    What was that?!

    Scrambling to her feet, she doesn't waste a second in diving back towards the whip, extending her arm and stretching her hand out, reaching for it.

    Only to find her hand be stomped down upon by a large boot.


    A sickening crunch later, and Catwoman's body is rattled with immense pain. Trying desperately to free her hand before it breaks completely, she briefly looks up to see who's attacked her. But all that stares back at her is a large, toothy grin on a face hidden behind a domino mask and a siege of briht purple laced throughout his bizarre uniform.

    In some sense, she was looking at a living, breathing inhabitant of Wonderland.



    "What in the..."

    My eyes widen, hearing a pained scream a little too similar to Catwoman's echoing throughout the building. I can't tell where it's coming from exactly, but it's far enough away for me to be more than a little worried. My casual walk down the corridor turns into a fevered sprint, listening for any further noises to tip me off as to where she'd be. My paranoia only continuing to grow as I realize that there aren't any other screams to go off off. Jesus, what if she's been captured? And that's not even assuming the worst. Dammit, I knew bringing her along was a bad idea. This is why I don't like working with a partner. Having Barbara along whenever she was doing the Batgirl thing taught me that more often than not, they're a liability. Sometimes it's better to do this alone.

    I'll be sure to tell that to Catwoman's corpse if I don't manage to find her in time. Shaking that ghoulish mental image out of my head, I run down the next corridor and come to a sudden stop, realizing that I hear something behind me. Another gate, but this one isn't rusted. It's in fairly new condition, and being remote controlled so that it can intentionally be used to trap me in. I turn to the next entrance and it does the same, limiting my options. Terrific.

    "Twinkle, twinkle, little Bat..."

    I immediately spin around, batarang at the ready. Only to find that the voice isn't coming from inside the room, but rather over an intercom above me. I sneer up at the ceiling, realizing that there's a security cam that's been re-activated for use.

    "How I wonder what you're at. Up above the world you fly, like a teatray in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little Bat. How I wonder what you're at."

    Someone's watching me.

    Not just watching. Taunting me.

    "I'm not one for nursery rhymes."

    "Oh, but it isn't just for nursery! Oh no, it isn't just for nursery... it can be used for a variety of occasions! It can also act as a welcoming committee, so welcome, little Bat! Welcome to Wonderland!"

    Grabbing at the nearest gate, I try to pry it upwards like I did with the others. No such luck.

    Guess I've got no choice but to humor the crazed lunatic that I'm speaking to.

    "I won't be staying. But I'll go ahead and assume you're the one responsible for the kidnappings."

    "Kidnapping?! How deplorable! There's been no kidnapping at play here, just the normal sort of play! The fun sort of play! Play, play, play, that's all they do! My guests, you see, my guests. All they want to do is play."

    My fists clench together. If this guy was right here infront of me, I'd be ready to beat his skull into the pavement.

    "Your guests are innocent children! You stole them from their homes!"

    "My, my, and they call me Mad! My, my, my. You have misjudged me, little Bat! Oh yes, misjudged me. Misjudged all of Wonderland! The children come here of their own free will, and we do have such fun together..."

    I slam my fist hard into the wall, not liking that particular implication. If he's hurt any one of those children, if he's even touched them, then I swear that I'm gonna rip him apart with my bare hands. Just to watch him suffer as slowly as possible. Hell, I may do it regardless.

    "When I get out of here, I'm coming for you, you sick bastard! You hear me?!"

    "Yes, yes, I hear you, little Bat. And in the grand tradition of Wonderland ethics, I take such a challenge, such a fascinating challenge..."

    To my surprise, the gate opposite of me opens up. But not without a surprise. Someone steps forth from out of the darkness, wielding two large butcher knives and carrying himself with an impossibly thin frame only barely hidden underneath a patchwork costume. It's hard enough to look at him at first, but it becomes even worse whenever I take a closer look.

    Even I have to take a step back, overcome by the sheer horror of what I'm seeing.

    The patchwork isn't a costume. It's skin.

    He's wearing a suit made of patched-together human skin.


    "And I accept."
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    The corridors of the Hall of Justice trembled, its foundations shaken by tremendous impacts and devastating torrents of energy. Cataclysmic power had been unleashed upon the members of the Justice League......their very own powers, in fact, combined into a single nightmarish gestalt.

    The android Amazo had already made quick work of the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, blasting them into unconsciousness with overwhelming firepower.

    Doctor Fate was the next to fall, ensnared in an imitation of Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso, then beaten into submission with a flurry of super-speed blows.

    "You're hopelessly outmatched, you know," taunted Professor Ivo as Amazo switched to mimicking the Martian Manhunter's psychic powers and began to stun the Flash and Superman with a barrage of telepathic stabs, activating the pain receptors in their brain to attack their minds. "The only reason Amazo hasn't finished you off yet is because I want Savage to see you die."

    As Superman struggled to resist the telepathic assault, Amazo approached the Man of Steel and cracked him across the jaw with every ounce of the Kryptonian's own strength. The air resounded with a thunderous BOOM as Superman was sent tumbling into the sky. Before he could get out of range, however, Amazo lashed out with a glowing green claw--replicating the Green Lantern's ring-- which grabbed the hero and slammed him back down into the ground.

    The android then loomed over the Flash, and raised a fist to deliver another crushing blow....

    ....then paused, like a dog hearing an unfamiliar sound.

    "What?!" Ivo sputtered, a bright red gleam in his eye from a data readout placed on his contact lens. "An anomalous sound frequency?! I don't care about that! Just keep the Flash contained!"

    As Ivo shouted frantically, the android was suddenly knocked off of its feet by a thunderous blow.


    Wonder Woman, haggard and bloodied from Amazo's assault, had gained her second wind, and channeling the power of the gods themselves, struck at the android.

    "Steal our powers, ape our gifts, attack us in our home," she says, hands clenched into fists that could shatter mountains as she loomed over the cowering Professor Ivo. "How many innocent people have died thanks to your twisted works?"

    As Amazo recovered from the sucker-punch, she clutched a hand around Ivo's neck.

    "I should kill you where you stand," she spat. "We'll see how powerful your puppet is with no one controlling it."


    Meanwhile, Vandal Savage and the Atomic Skull stalked through the hallways, searching for the Atom and Steel.

    "Found something," the Skull said, sifting through the rubble of the Justice League's Workshop.

    "Indeed you have," Savage remarked, looking at what looked like an old satellite. "A relic from the Voyager program, if I'm not mistaken. Interesting note: the Golden Record on the side of the Voyager probe? I embedded it with a series of subliminal messages that would indoctrinate any potential alien life forms who listened to it with orders to find Earth and swear allegiance to me. A longshot to the point of being a statistical impossibility, I know, but one of the things you learn about being immortal is that, given an infinite amount of time, the odds of anything happening become 100 percent."

    The Atomic Skull grunted.

    "So what's it doing?" he asked, carefully prodding at the relic.

    "Well, these satellites were basically large receivers and transmitters," the immortal explained, "So Steel and Atom have most likely rigged it to transmit some kind of signal, probably in the hopes of jamming Amazo's sensors or something of the like."

    "Well, then let's get rid of it!" The Skull said, his fists flaring with radioactive fire.

    "Wait, it's--"

    Before Savage could warn him, the Skull slammed a flaming fist into the satellite, demolishing the piece of old space-age equipment. A split-second later, they were bombarded with a massive electromagnetic pulse. When they regained their senses, the two villains were in complete darkness, the lights within the Hall of Justice taken out completely.

    Vandal Savage gave an exhausted sigh.

    "As I was about to's probably a trap."
  19. MST3K 4ever

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    The Atom hears Savage & The Atomic Skull outside of the probe.

    Not exactly how I thought it would end, but then again do we get to decide our own way of....

    Just then her entire world shakes and rumbles with parts of the probe closing in on her. She sees the spark leading to the EMP charge.

    That should do it.

    With that her entire world becomes a giant flash of light. Her protective lenses slide into place protecting her eyes but the wave sends her rocketing across the room.

    The Atom slams into the wall and tumbles down into a pile of metal scraps, computer parts and various other parts.

    As The Atom tries to make sense of what has happened suddenly she begins to see something.

    She sees the Capitol Building in DC. A very large crowd has gathered on the steps. What surprises her is that The American Flag has been replaced by a red flag with a geometric shaped black "L." There is another flag over top of a video screen. The flag rises up and The Atom sees Mercy Graves step out to a podium on the screen.

    She says, "Subjects I present to you our leader The Chosen One himself: Sovereign Lex Luthor."

    Mercy bows slightly and Luthor appears on the screen wearing his customary black suit with an "L" lapel pin.

    The Atom is shaken by what she is seeing.

    What the hell has happened to me? Where am I? Another Parallel Universe? How...what???

    Luthor steps forward and says, "My fellow Planetary Citizens. Two Years ago I stepped forward to help lead our world against The Justice League after their betrayal. They were a group of self-appointed vigilantes who sought to subject us to their interpreation of justice. One that sought to take away choice from us and set themselves apart from the rest of us and see themselves as Gods among us."

    Luthor pauses and says, "They thought they were above the law that they swore to uphold. We knew it was time to bring them to the bar of justice by any means at our disposal, and we did starting with their leader..."

    Lex presses a button on his podium and a video of a badly beaten, barely conscious, and chained Superman in a very tatered costume on the White House lawn fills the screen.

    The next image shocks Atom to her core as she sees a green glowing shard driven into the middle of Superman's chest.

    Superman lets out an ear-shattering scream as he falls over dead. His body slumping on the ground as Lex smiles the most devious smile that humanity could ever see.

    The video fades away as another horrifying image fills the screen. Wonder Woman hung by her golden lasso from the crown of The Staute of Liberty. Her gauntlets melded together as her body is twitching and then The Atom realizes...

    She's not dead she's just...there. Wonder Woman isn't dying but she can't do anything she's in eternal torture.

    Lex says, "Over they years others were brought before us to answer for their crimes."

    A video of The Flash is in metal restraints and is desperately trying to vibrate out. Lex says, "Thanks to our ally in Gotham City at Cobblepot Industries The Flash, Green Lantern, and Doctor Fate were dealt with accordingly."

    The restraints are being pulled in different directions as Oswald Cobblepot turns a wheel until finally the Flash's limbs are ripped out of their sockets. He is left there and eventually dies.

    A video shows Green Lantern strapped to a table. He bucks in obvious agony as several hundred volts of electricty course through his body. Once the voltage stops Oswald walks over and with a meat cleaver cuts off Lantern's right hand. As Lantern screams in agony Oswald cuts off his head and says, "Would you mind dying with some kind of dignity!"

    Oh no I know what's next. I don't know if should watch.

    Fate is shown beaten and tied to a pole with several logs around him and Oswald with great glee says, "You're a sorcerer of some kind aren't you Dr. Fate?"

    Oswald lights a torch and says, "Well there's only one way to deal with those who dabble in magic."

    He throws the torch on the wood and within in seconds Dr. Fate is engulfed in flames. Fate struggles to get free but can't and is burned to death.

    Atom tries to make any kind of show of emotion but is emotionally paralyzed. don't...I...

    Lex's image fills the screen again and says, "Then there was the issue of Martian Manhunter and Steel. The leader of our Army General Bane dispatched them both."

    Atom sees a hulking figure in combat fatigues and a black mask holding Manhunter and Steel over a volcanic pit. He tosses them into the pit like rag-dolls and within seconds Manhunter melts away and Steel burns alive.

    Lex is now smiling as he says, "There was only one holdout left. He tried to lead an insurrection within the walls of Gotham enlisting anyone he could to assist him in his cause. In the end though it was a fool's quest as you all will see now. We go live to Gotham where General Bane is waiting."

    Lex presses a button and there is a now a split screen and Lex asks, "General are you ready?"

    Bane steps out onto the steps of Cobblepot Towers and says, "I am here your excellency."

    He bows slightly and Luthor returns the bow as Bane continues, "I vowed two months ago that I would not rest until the last Justice League member was brought before you and our fellow citizens. Today I fulfilled that vow I give to you all..."

    Bane snaps his fingers and two men enter the picture dragging someone tied up as Bane says, "The Batman. He was trying to sabbotage Cobblepot Industries and he gave a noble effort. In the end though it was all for naught."

    Batman is shown with his cowl barely hanging on blood pouring out from under his mask. His costume is nothing more than rags hanging off of him and Batman has no idea what is going on.

    Bane says, "And now your excellency with your permission."

    Luthor bows his head slightly and Bane grabs Batman from the two men and props him up on a giant bronze statue of Oswald Cobblepot. Bane pulls out a 44 Auto Mag, puts it to Batman's head and in the blink of an eye Batman's head explodes into a mosaic of blood, brain matter, skull fragments and flesh wrapped in pieces of a cowl all over the statue.

    Luthor says, "Flawlessly carried out General Bane, You and your troops have more than earned the respect and praise of our people."

    Bane bows and says, "The honor to serve along side one as yourself is praise beyond measure."

    Lex presses a button and now only his image is on screen again as he says, "My fellow citizens. The war is over. We have won. The Justice League is no more."

    The crowd on the steps begins to chant over and over, "HAIL LUTHOR HAIL!"

    Luthor soaks in the crowd's chanting and motions for silence. The crowd quiets down as Luthor says, "Of course the peace we will now enjoy for generations would not be possible if not for the work of one who saw the light of true justice and The Justice League for the monsters that they were..."

    He motions for someone to come forward and Mercy is carrying a case. She gives it to Luthor who bows slightly to Mercy as she exits the picture.

    He opens the case and Lex says, "I give you The Atom!"

    The Atom floats out wearing a silver and black costume and sits on Lex's shoulder.

    She says, "It is an honor to serve you Sovereign Luthor and celebrate our long hard fought victory over those ungrateful mockeries of humanity."

    The Atom is now mortified.

    I....I betray The Justice League....what....NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Suddenly there is great darkness around The Atom. She feels the scraps around her that she landed in and slides her night-vision lenses into place.

    The Atom sees where she has landed but for the moment that is not her concern. The vision she saw has shaken her greatly.

    What happened? I...I don't....I...

    She shakes her head trying to clear the cobwebs away.

    I must've bumped my head or something right now though I need to find out what's going on.

    The Atom lays in the bin for a few moments trying to gather her thoughts and block out what she saw.
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    Everything was going so well.

    I was honestly surprised that Arsenal and his team had been as cooperative as they were, but the members of our rivals in Cerberus Squad worked with Titan Squad without a hitch.

    One by one, we disabled the defenses and security within the HIVE facility, and took down Psimon and his team before they could even figure out what had happened.

    All that remained was for me to break into the detention level, rescue Queen Bee's prisoner--a super-strong girl named Donna Troy-- and escape the complex.

    I thought I'd counted for everything. I didn't count on Queen Bee herself waiting in ambush for me.

    [BLACKOUT]"It shouldn't have been this way, you know,"[/BLACKOUT] she says with a voice as sweet as honey as a thousand stingers jab into my mind. [BLACKOUT]"Right now, the world is burning. Vandal Savage and his Legion of Doom are bringing war to the Justice League, their armies laying waste to cities across the globe. You, my sweet Robin, would have been among the chosen few to lead in the reconstruction, the new order that will rise from the ashes."[/BLACKOUT]

    Queen Bee had been telepathically manipulating us ever since we first arrived in Bialya, but in subtle ways, ways that we would never have noticed, let alone knew to fight against. Charms and suggestions, pathways into our memories and secrets, eased into our thoughts with a gentle, delicate touch.

    Now, though, she either doesn't have the time or the patience for subtlety, and her psychic power stabs into my brain, the agony of her ripping into my thoughts both freezing solid and boiling at the same time.

    [BLACKOUT]"You're truly something incredible, you know,"[/BLACKOUT] she said with mocking admiration. [BLACKOUT]"A boy who, at first glance, possesses no special talents, no extraordinary or supernatural gifts.....and yet, you've become a leader to vastly powerful beings. Some of my associates within the Society would have loved the chance to mold you into one of our own-- one of Luthor's problem-solvers, perhaps, or a disciple of Ra's al Ghul."[/BLACKOUT]

    The.....the Society?! They're running this operation!? And if she's telling the truth about their plans with the Legion of Doom......oh God......

    Queen Bee inserts the idea of pain into my mind, and I double over onto the floor, reeling, short of breath. I can't even get enough of a breath in my lungs to scream.


    Remember this.

    She just tipped her hand. She told you everything.

    Forget the pain. Remember the enemy.


    [BLACKOUT]"Oh, you're a resilient one,"[/BLACKOUT] she says, licking her lips. [BLACKOUT]"Even when your guard was down, you held to some of your thoughts tightly. I still haven't learned your real name, you know. I know you live in Gotham City, and you fancy yourself an apprentice to the Batman, but actual names, faces, loved ones, they're all locked up tight."[/BLACKOUT]

    All she has to do is think of pain, and I writhe again, every nerve in my body shrieking in protest. I want to cry. I want to throw up. I want to scream.

    I won't do it. I won't let her win.

    [BLACKOUT]"Of course, I don't have to read your mind to know of someone you love,"[/BLACKOUT] she says with a hungry smile. [BLACKOUT]"The little witch girl, Raven. The daughter of Trigon, Brother Blood's prize. If Felix Faust is to be believed, she will visit horrors onto this world like you can't even imagine. And yet you love her still."[/BLACKOUT]

    I try not to think of Rachel. I grit my teeth through Queen Bee's psychic torture, but the thought of her still comes to mind. Not by my choice, but by her telepathic force.

    [BLACKOUT]"If hurting you won't break your will, then maybe I should try my hand with her instead......."[/BLACKOUT]

    She fills my head with images. Horrible sights. Thoughts of Rachel, being tortured, and worse. The stuff of nightmares.

    Queen Bee forces the image of her in my mind, the thought of her begging me to help her as an enormous red clawed hand rips into her flesh.....

    .....and finally, I scream.


    "This corridor's clear," said Arsenal, slacking the draw of his compound bow as he rounded the corner into the HIVE's Detention Facilities. The hallway was littered with unconscious bodies, thanks in large part to a sleeping-gas arrow he'd loosed before they knew he was there.

    Now that the gas had dissipated, it was Cyborg's turn.

    "Hacking into the automated turret control now, guys," he said, finding a computer terminal and jacking himself into a port. The Detention levels operated on a different network from the rest of the HIVE, hardwired to keep someone like him from breaking into the system remotely. Fortunately, with the firepower Titan and Cerberus Squad were throwing around, getting into the facility was no problem.

    "Turrets are coming offline right," he said with a proud smile.

    "Have you located Robin, or the other prisoner?" asked Starfire, her hands pulsing with Star-bolt energy.

    "It'll take a second to zero in on his location, but--"


    The scream was blood-curdling, echoing throughout the HIVE's labyrinth of hallways. It was loud, and it was clearly a scream of absolute suffering......

    .....and it was clearly Robin's voice.

    "Robin!" Raven shouted, flying down the hallway before the others could react. Black energy swirled around her body as she embraced her arcane power.

    At the end of the hallway, Rachel found an open cell. In it was Queen Bee, a look of sadistic pleasure on her face, and Donna Troy, unconscious......

    .....and Dick, lying on the floor, screaming in pain.

    At that point, the world went away. Her colleagues, shouting at her to wait for them, the unconscious prisoner on the floor, it suddenly ceased to be.

    All there was in Rachel's mind was her, the Queen Bee.......and a bottomless fountain of rage.

    "Let him go!" she shouted, roaring with primordial power that whipped Queen Bee from her feet and slammed him into the wall.

    Even held at an enemy's mercy, Queen Bee grinned with satisfaction.

    [BLACKOUT]"Speak of the Devil and she appears,"[/BLACKOUT] she said with a laugh. [BLACKOUT]"I know for a fact you can't hurt me--Jinx's barriers have neutered your power. I suggest you release me, before I--"[/BLACKOUT]

    Whatever threat she had in mind was drowned out by unimaginable pain as tendrils of black aether shot through her body, the whole corridor growing dark.

    Jinx was versed in manipulating probability--her 'hexes' just altering the odds of something happening. While she used the trappings of magic to focus it into spells and sigils, it was not quite the real thing.

    Raven, though, had the blood of a demon flowing through her. And there was next to nothing a mere mortal could do against a demon's wrath.


    "Let him go, now," she said, her voice like an erupting volcano. "Or I swear, I'll hurt you. I'll make you suffer worse than any of you sad, small apes have ever suffered throughout all time. "I'll see to it that Hell itself is a reprieve from what I will do to you. If you knew even the smallest part of what I am, you would--"


    Raven blinked, catching her breath, and saw Dick's eyes were open. He was haggard, his breath ragged, his eyes bloodshot, but he was alive. He was.....he was okay.

    ".....Dick, I--" Rachel began, before turning her head away.

    "Is everyone okay?" said Changeling, as he ran towards the cell on all fours. "Everything went black for a second, and then--"

    "We're fine," Raven said curtly. "It's over. Queen Bee's finished."

    The other members of Titan Squad weren't far behind Changeling, and they were greeted by the sight of Queen Bee, crouched in a corner, her eyes so wide open that they looked ready to pop out of her skull. She didn't speak, didn't move, seemed barely aware the others were there at all. Queen Bee was completely catatonic.

    "What should we do?" Starfire asked, uncertain.

    Arsenal shrugged.

    "She's a queen. She's got people who can take care of her. We need to get out of here ourselves."

    "Yeah," she said as Cyborg stepped in to pick up Donna Troy and Robin. "Let's......let's get out of here...."
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    "I'm not going to let you kill that man."

    Honestly, with the beating I just took from Amazo combined with the fact that I'm still not completely recovered from my fight with the Parasite, I doubt very much that I could physically stop Wonder Woman at all.

    But I get to my feet anyway and wipe the blood from my face. Amazo seems distracted and I'm leery about attacking again in case it snaps the robot back to reality, even putting aside how I would feel about leaving Wonder Woman alone with Ivo.

    The decision on how I will act is suddenly put on the back burner as all of the lights and computers around us shut down and the ruined control room is plunged into silent darkness, save for the pool of light beneath the hole in the ceiling. My attention is immediately focused on Amazo and the question of whether or not he was affected by whatever took out the base's electronics.
  22. Batman

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    "Oh how worrisome, little Bat. I think I heard another scream from the Cheshire Cat..."


    Drown him out, Todd. Shove him to the back of your mind and keep your head in the game. You know what he's doing - he's been doing it in a pattern. Stays quiet for around thirty seconds, just to give me enough time to gain proper footing in the fight. Then comes back and taunts me with something designed to get my blood running. It leaves me unfocused and distracted, giving his hired pitbull every chance in the world to slice me apart. The worst part is, I've known exactly what the bastard was doing before now, practically just after he sent his goon in. And yet I'm still letting it happen. Still messing up at every turn, throwing punches at air and into the walls while the other guy slips away and digs another blade deeper into the pockets of kevlar weaved into the suit. Were it not for Bruce's ingenuity in costuming, I'd have suffered at least fifteen stab wounds. Scores of people have died in this city for less.

    Luck grants me another free shot as my elbow slams into his throat as he approaches from behind. I've had too few of those. From what I can tell so far, my opponent can take a hit like that fairly well. Infact, there's nothing I've thrown at him that he's even squirmed at. Reminds me of the group back at the Church, the ones that were supposed to bring the delivery. No visible affliction to pain, diluted pupils, practically running on autopilot. Describes this guy up to a point. Unlike them, he's fast and he's focused. And he clearly knows how to handle knives. My guess is specialized mercenary. Who doesn't seem to talk and likes to wear human skin on his face.

    As I said. Specialized.



    Another cut. This one I actually feel, because the blade slices right across my chin. I grab his wrist just as he goes in for a stab and snap it across my knee as hard as possible, just enough to get him to focus elsewhere. He stumbles back but allows the damaged hand to hang, wielding a large butcher knife in the other. Doesn't even care. I press my finger against the wound and a bloodied glove greets me when I pull it back. If I was already doing little to hide my anger, this is enough to push me over the edge. Why the hell did Bruce design this mask with an exposed slot? What, was he trying to give every criminal in Gotham an easy target?!

    "When I get my hands on you, you're dead."

    "Hands off!"

    Fury replaces fear in Selina Kyle's mind, prompting her to dig the metal claws on her fingertips into the wrist of her new attacker, whose iron grip placed upon her throat refuses to relent despite the blood running under the cut. The attacker doesn't speak in words, but grunts, quizzically staring down at her as she does all that she can to remove herself from his grasp. She sends a hard kick to the side of his ribcage, but all that he does is open his mouth agape, displaying a row of rotted, sharpened fangs. Ignoring the disgusting sight, she goes in for another kick, rounding it out with a hard punch to his gut. But yet again, the move proves frivolous, prompting the multi-color clad figure to finally make the next move. Effortlessly lifting her off of the ground, he tosses Catwoman's body straight into a Wonderland windowed display several feet away, sending debris flying with her as she hits the ground.


    Even as she valiantly tries to pull herself from the wreckage of wooden panels and shattered glass, the silent assassin stalks his prey, never hesitating to keep on the attack. Stepping forth, the bottom of his boot flattens ontop of Selina's bullwhip, provoking his attention down to the floor. Curiously, he reaches out and snatches it up, extending the leather whip between his hands. A malicious smile stretching across his face whenever his eyes lay on the form of Catwoman, slowly pulling herself up. Selina turns around, ready to defend herself, but is caught off guard as the whip shoots out and smacks her hard enough in the face to send her stumbling. Droplets of blood from her mouth hit the wall behind her.


    Catwoman wipes the blood on her sleeve and shoots a look back at him. Complete determination overriding her initial desperate attempts at survival. She waves for him to step forward, teeth grit and claws extended.

    "Thank you. Before now, I didn't know if I was actually going to win this. Now I know."

    The attacker viciously snaps the whip at the air around him, threatening her, not unlike a cobra. She remains unintimidated.

    "You just made it personal."

    Even for hired help, he's good.

    My enemy lashes out while I'm distracted "complimenting" my enemy. Another stupid move on my part. I throw one of the gauntlets up and catch the blade just as it goes for my face. Force is hard enough that sparks fly off of the conflicted metal. Great, so he's learning. Not that I'm worried, but I need to end this quick ensure I still survive the night. This suit needs an upgrade and I need something to keep me focused. Because the incessant urge to sever off this guy's fingers and shove them down his throat apparently just isn't enough.

    His leg shoots out from beneath him and strikes me in the chest, sending me back. I backflip and roll to my feet, stunned. The strength that this lanky psychopath's hiding took me off guard. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I wasn't fighting a man, I'm fighting a metahuman. But that couldn't be possible, could it? Gotham isn't necessarily known for it's meta population. Too much cross-interference with regular crime, I've always guessed. The only definite exceptions I've come across are that Poison Ivy woman and the freaks in Belsaraph's Circus. One of them even had the strength of a crocodile.

    So I guess it's not without precedent. Which shockingly doesn't make me feel any better.

    I lunge after him and he vaults, just narrowly avoiding my grasp. Then he does the unexpected and utilizes the momentum to his advantage, twisting around in mid-air and wrapping his arm around my neck, with his legs firmly connecting around my torso. He's got me entrapped in a vicious hold, and his other hand is wielding the knife. I try to fight him off, but his hold is strong enough for me to lose cognitive focus. Adrenaline overpowers my senses and I'm forced into a desperate struggle to stay conscious. All the while, having to ignore what's dangling just over my shoulder.


    Needless to say, I've been in better positions.

    "It seems as though Wonderland's walls have most definitely come under attack."

    From his room of many monitors, The Mad Hatter of Wonderland intently watches both of his kingdom's darkly clad intruders square off against the "Dodo" and the "Gryphon", both of whom were newly designated as the main line of defense for the King and Queen. The Hatter, in what was usual for his line of work - the work of remaining perpetually mad - had decided to recruit the two admittedly vicious individuals whenever it was once again time to change places in the ranks of his many lieutenants. The Knave of Hearts had done well to outsource The Hatter's army from the neighboring land of Gotham, as clearly evidenced by their potent skill in fighting off the Bat and Cat.

    However, his plans had come too far ahead to risk the possibility of their failure. If The Hatter was ever going to replace the prisoners of The Duchess' Dungeon before brunch, given how rapid the deterioration of the last group of prisoners had hit once forced to drink his special concoction of tea, then the Cheshire Cat and her playful little Bat had to be killed immediately. But despite knowing this, The Hatter had never moved ahead on a kill without the consent of his beloved Queen. Who, in this case, stood firmly just outside of the shadows that he himself occupied.

    "How very, very intriguing, the Dodo said... to which the Queen replied?"

    The woman, who had just finished wiping the blood of the now deceased White Rabbit from one of the many knives adorning a belt across her waist, turned back to her employer and produced a pistol. The Hatter smiled at the gesture, approvingly, waiting for her to finish his sentence.

    "Off with their heads?"

    "You're learning rather quickly. So shall it be done. Execute the outlanders and bring their bodies to me. So that I may have such fun, so much fun with them. Like playthings."

    Placing his hands together, The Hatter doesn't even blink as he watches The Batman and Catwoman struggle against his assassins, both suffering a variety of blows that would easily break a lesser set of soldiers sent from the outlands. These two were special. They were deserving of the Queen's wrath.

    "But first, bring me Alice. I want her to see it when they perish. I want to see the look on her face when you bring me my playthings."

    Margaret Pye, the Queen of Wonderland, cocks the pistol. Ready to deliver.

    "Whatever you want. As long as I'm paid in what you promised..."


    "Consider them gone."
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    "Don't you dare try to moralize to me, Superman," Wonder Woman said, making a concentrated effort to restrain herself from crushing Ivo's throat just yet. "You've seen, time and time again, the slaughter and bloodshed that the Legion of Doom has brought upon this world. Whenever they appear, innocents die by the thousands. They deserve to be banished to every hell, every underworld, every pit of damnation that humanity has ever dreamed of.....but the most I can do is end their lives, so they can't hurt anyone else."

    In the darkened room, her face hidden in shadows, Diana finally allowed tears to well up in her eyes.

    "Tell me they deserve to live," she said bitterly. "Look me in the eye and tell me.....if they had killed someone you loved......that you would let them live. That you'd leave your love in the dust without being avenged."

    "At the very least, it would even the score," interrupted Vandal Savage, dusting himself off as he re-entered the main hall, his entrance illuminated by the pale violet radioactive fire of the Atomic Skull behind him. "This little blackout is the result of an electromagnetic pulse, orchestrated by your friend the Atom. While it managed to knock Amazo off-line, she evidently took the brunt of the blast at point-blank range. I'm afraid the Atom.....won't be joining us for the rest of this battle."

    Savage sneered, a bloodthirsty gleam in his eye, while the Atomic Skull charged his lethal energy blasts. Behind them, Giganta began to stir, finally recovering from Superman's knockout punch. The Legion of Doom was gathering its second wind.

    "So.....which one of you would like to die next?"
  24. Byrd Man

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    "Me," I said, disappearing from sight.

    "Do you know what pisses me off?"
    I asked before crashing into Giganta at superspeed. He blow knocked her off her knees, slamming her into Atomic Skull. "It's that you don't stand for anything."

    Snarling, I elbowed Savage in the ribs before zipping out of his range.

    "All this death. All this destruction. For what?"

    Rushing forward, I hit him with a powerful uppercut. I moved again, striking him with a fist going the speed of sound. His right collarbone snapped from the force of the punch.

    "For what?! Because you can?! I'm tired of people getting away with things just because they can. Move again, I'll break every bone in your body before you can blink."
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    Dr. Fate watches The Flash's attack on Savage and the other members while the words Savage said about The Atom echo in his mind.

    Brunt of the EMP

    Fate stumbles back and leans slightly on a fallen pilar.


    He bows his head slightly and shakes it slowly.

    No it's not supposed to end like this. We...we were going to get married one day I know it....She....we....I loved her.

    Fate looks up and sees Savage standing there. He also sees Skull and Giganta starting to recover.

    Fate then feels pure and unbridled hatred fall upon him.

    She was one the I loved and they took her from me. They will pay...NOW!

    With that Fate lets out an almost primal yell, "ARRRGGGGGHHHHH!"

    Fate then takes flight and says, "First thing is first take care of the pawns!"

    He glares at Giganta who says, "Pawn? Little man who have no idea what you're in for."

    She swats at Fate who swoops away from her attempted attack. Fate then says, "Etanimulli etaf!"

    Suddenly his costume and helmet become blinding white with the symbol of Nabu glowing around him.

    Giganta stumbles back and Fate rockets forward nailing her in the jaw with two powerful punches.

    The last thing anyone sees before she slams into the ground are two giant-sized teeth shooting out of her mouth.

    Giganta's impact causes the ground to brake open. As she falls through Fate levitates several boulders on top of her so that only her head is visible.

    He says, "That should keep her busy for a while."

    Skull yells out, "You beat a woman. Big deal magic boy! Come on and try your luck with me."

    Fate rockets towards Skull as Skull begins firing several bolts at him. Fate dodges them and slams right into his chest send both of them right into a pilar that explodes in a cloud of dust and stone.

    Skull shakes his head and says, "Nice try. How about this?"

    He punches Fate in the chest and sends him flying back. Fate shakes his head for the moment and stands back up.

    Fate looks at Skull and says, "I've always wanted to do this!"

    Skull replies, "What die? I can make that happen for you no problem just stand still for a second."

    Fate waves his hand and a sizable peice of rock flies at Skull who breaks it with a punch. Fate then begins sending more and more at faster rate. Many of them begin nailing Skull who is starting become overwhelmed.

    He then looks straight ahead and sees Fate now standing right in front of him.

    Fate then head-butts him four times in a row and Skull stumbles back in obvious pain. Fate grabs him by his jacket and slams him against a wall. He slams again and again and again until the wall crumbles giving the room much more light.

    Fate picks up the barely conscious Skull and then tosses him outside.

    Fate flies out and picks up Skull by the back of his jacket and drags him on the ground. He stops and slams him on the ground again and again. The glow that moments ago was so bright is now barely visible.

    Finally he says to Skull, "Wake up! You're beating hasn't even begun!"

    He grabs him by his jacket and lifts him over his head with one hand. Shaking the unconscious Skull he yells, "I SAID WAKE UP! NOW! GET UP! FIGHT BACK!"

    Fate then hears a voice behind him, "I think he's done."

    Fate immediately stops and turns to see The Atom floating behind him.

    He tosses the unconscious Skull aside like a rag-doll and encases him in a series of bolders with only his face showing.

    Fate approaches The Atom and says, "You''re alive. Savage said that you were dead. You took the brunt of the blast and..."

    The Atom takes a deep breath and says, "I'm not exactly at my best right now. It's a long story but I can still help."

    Fate nods and asks, "Does this means I'm stuck with you for the rest of my life?"

    Atom lands on top of Fate's hand and says, "When this is over ask me properly, and we'll go from there. First thing is first we gotta take care of business."

    Fate says, "Agreed. Stay out for the moment. Savage believes you're dead. We might be able to use that."

    Atom floats over Fate's head and says, "Got it. Keep in touch with your telepathy."

    Fate nods and heads back to what is left of the Hall.

    Fate says, "Savage. I don't care if you're immortal or not. I'm going to send you straight to hell, and I can literally make that happen."

    Fate begins firing several bolts of pight and power at Savage.

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