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The "V for Vendetta" Fight/Stunt Choreography Thread

Aug 30, 2004
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Hey people!

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm creating this thread to salute Chad Stahelski (Stunt Coordinator) and David Leitch (Fight Choreographer and V's stunt Double), both of whom did an AMAZING job with V for Vendetta's action scenes.

I was completely floored with every aspect of this movie, and it is easily my favorite of the year so far (along with A History of Violence). It really has everything....excellent acting, beautiful photography, a great script, haunting music and most of all, a powerful message.

But it also had some truly inspiring action scenes, so if you want to know what went behind making these scenes, look no further!

I'm a huge fight choreography nut (I wish it could have been my job :( ), so this could be a bit boring for some of you, but I know it could also be really interesing for some others, in any case, it goes to show you how much work goes into creating these fantastic scenes :up:

Lemme do a breakdown of the website, since I can't post direct link to the videos...(Oh, and be careful, as they are a bit spoiler-ish)

Link: http://vforvendetta.warnerbros.com/cmp/video_05_frame.html

Victoria Station Videos: First is the so called "Soft" Version (haha cool effect), then the "Hard" version, then the "Final" Version.

Fingerman Alley Videos: Easy enough, we have Version 1, Version 2 and Version 3.

TV Station Hallway: Version A-2, Version B-5 and C-5.

I really hope you enjoy them! (And I hope they include them in the DVD!)



Btw, if anyone finds a way to get downloadable links for the videos....boy....that'd be just great :O
Ooh, videos. I've already seen the main fight choreography videos but the Fingermen alley and tv studio ones are new. I'm having trouble watching them, though, they keep calling for me to update quicktime even though I already did.

I agree the stunt choreography is really killer. I got a clip of that fight in the tv station from the filmforce site and it always impresses me.
Okay, now I've seen all of them, and I'd love to know how they handle those knife throws. They do a good job of looking like they're getting stabbed.
Yeah, I wonder what style is that :up:
It looks like the fights in "The Hunted" at times, only much flashier.
Great stuff,i really love this Movie.....i wish the Fights in Batman Begins would have been close to this.
I thought that the final fight at the end used waaaay too much bullet-time, but the choreography was cool. I much preferred the way the earlier fights were filmed, since I like seeing quick movements. It seems more badass than everything being in slow-motion.
The last fight was truly awesome!
We gotta get Nolan to watch this movie so he won't screw up Batman's fights in the sequel to Batman Begins.:)
gammy that was very good i enjoyed watching all the clips. i myself tend to get obsessed with choreography and wish i had a crew such as that to reenact some myself >.<
tist said:
gammy that was very good i enjoyed watching all the clips. i myself tend to get obsessed with choreography and wish i had a crew such as that to reenact some myself >.<

This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship :O :up:
as a martial artist and ocaisional choreographer on indie films, I have to say I was impressed by the fights scenes, they weren't quite as good second time round, but still very enjoyable, saw V twice in cinema, so well done lads. I don't think that style would work as well with batman, that requires darker take downs rather than long fights.

"No what you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty, i'm not standing..."(or something like that, nice one!)
i do gung fu, ninjutsu, a lil karate, tai-lau chi-jutsu, wing chun, bojutsu, kenjutsue etc, a lot of weapon based stuff mainly, the styles arem't directly taken from something, it uses circular movements but isn't quite wing chun or gung fu. I'd say it's a cross of styles, with a lil element of street fighting
Holy crap, you do a lot of stuff :up:
I recognize everything, but tai-lau chi-jutsu....what is that?
I did wushu for 6 years, a little muay thai, some boxing, and I'm currently doing hapkido.

Yeah, I thought it was some kinfof mish mash of several things, but I wasn't sure. It sucks they're not going to include those videos for the DVD release :(
kool, tai lau chi jutsu is a cross between several, it ends up being mainly a kickboxing based style, but also with a lil bit of judo and other stuff, it's good, but a bit too basic in the end
Sounds good, mate :up:
I wish I could learn judo, but hapkido has 'yudo' throws, which are basically the same :up:
just a reminder since the V page is gone, but the DVD is released Tuesday.

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