The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead" General Stuff & Thaaaangs Thread - - - - Part 13

If there is life for The Ones Who Live beyond just this season, I feel like it probably won’t be a regular, yearly series. But I do feel like if there is an “end” to this franchise, it has to be all these disparate elements coming back together for a grand finale. Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Morgan, etc.
I originally stopped watching midway through season 5, but I'm determined to do a rewatch of those seasons and continue through the whole thing and perhaps even into the spin-offs.

Just watched episode 1, season 1. Don't think I've seen it since 2010, so it was pretty cool going back. A lot of this stuff is so iconic and memed to death that it's no surprise that it still felt very familiar. Although, I did not remember that Rick was already ugly crying and screaming "CARLLLLL!" in the very first episode. Pretty good, it's interesting how it's partially shot like a documentary, I like that. It has aged pretty well. This is going to be a long journey but I'm glad I'm finally doing it. The Walking Dead is a show with a serious revolving door of a cast so it's cool to see all these early seasons characters again, like Andrea who I remember liking it a lot, as unpopular as she was with the fandom back then. The Governor! Can't wait :funny:

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