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The Wrestling Thread Can't Stop Doing The Fan...dan...go!

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Jan 2, 2005
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The problem is how to fit them in as the entire main event end of the roster is mired in the Aces & Eights angle, and they don't fit with the group but also don't fit on team TNA. At any rate I hope we get one PPV match between them and Bad Influence before they split.

I think feuds with guys like Magnus and Joe would be good while Bubba does his thing on top for awhile.

You know? as in you have insider knowledge? My guess from the start was that Ivelisse was voted out so she could get straight on the roster as Aces & Eights Knockout, as I imagine the plan will be for them to get all the belts at some point except the X division title as it's new format has ruined it.
No insider knowledge. It was on one of those TNA PPV spoilers that they taped for later this year. Aces & 8's is going to need some "old ladies"

Kazarian has skyrocketed on the mic, he was as dull as dishwater until him and Daniels started their duo. It feels like the same thing as Christian in WWE where they had nothing for him and told him to get himself over, so he did by doing his own stuff. Kazaniels is the same, they play off each other doing what seems naturally entertaining to them, only in this case TNA have rewarded this unlike Christians treatment in WWE.
I think that is the perfect comparison. Kazarian has become one of my favorites to listen to on the mic. I never thought I'd say that.

Well they are facing each other next week, apparently despite being close to Tessmacher's own home town Mickie was way more over. I think the plan will still be turn Mickie heel to feud with Velvet as that was supposed to happen a while ago, but I think Mickie has reached a point where it will be hard to get the full crowd against her.
I completely forgot about the Micke turn they were setting up before Velvet had her contract dispute. You're probably right that they are going to go back to that. I think that would be fun, but again you are right that Mickie is going to have a tough time turning the crowd.

Triple H.........straight off a ****ing cliff!

Punk and Lita at the UFC TUF Finale tonight

Really cool TV appearance from DDP and Jake Roberts about a week ago I think. Jake looks and sounds like a new man.

Really cool TV appearance from DDP and Jake Roberts about a week ago I think. Jake looks and sounds like a new man.

So sooooo happy to see that Jake is doing well.
Jake says he might be an entrant in next year's Royal Rumble. That would be awesome. I'd like to see him get inducted into the HOF as well.
As soon as I saw his new "The champ is here" shirt, I instantly recognized his old shirt in my head. Ugh I'm up to late and been drinking to much to think about how much Cena's character has ruined wrestling moments for me. I'm going to bed.
Ok so Batista vs lesner could only work if lesner has had beat hhh.

Seriously where is the threat kay fable wise that the guy who hhh beat is going up against the guy he couldn't. There is none

The easy answer here is hhh takes the lose and retires, Herman and leaner start boasting about it. Hunter comes back out but gets mocked for not being able to get the job done so hhh cuts a promo that says he now understands he couldn't sink to brocks level and if you want to beat an animal you need a bigger an animal
The Wrestling Thread Can't Stop Doing The Fan...dan...go!

Jack Swagger, there were in fact plans for him to have a World Heavyweight title run. However, his DUI arrest put an end to that scenario.

THANK GOD! I would've trashed my living room had Jack won the title at Wrestlemania 29 as originally intended!
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Did you guys know that Mick Foley is the GM of Saturday Morning Slam?
The Wrestling Thread has been taken over by Dolphins
Da dah. Da dah, the Wrestling Thread, da dah, da-da ...
The Wrestling Thread is bigger than Joey Ryan
The Wrestling Thread wants to divorce Brooke Hogan
The Wrestling Thread can't get over because it keeps getting interrupted
- Here are some of Ryback's latest tweets:

"If I give you a hundred dollars what is your first natural instinct? More you all want more. It is in our blood for More. #FeedMeMore"

"Just saw a homeless man with a sign that said Feed Me More. Some people sell to kids, a select few can sell to the masses. #RybackRules"

- Tommy Dreamer revealed that he will be co-hosting WWE's next ECW DVD with Joey Styles. He wrote on Facebook earlier this week:

"What a great time I had today at WWE Studios. Me and Joey Styles hosted ECW Unreleased Volume 2. some really good matches and a lot of behind the scenes of ECW. The Revolution continues to exist. Look forward to everyone’s comments once they have seen it. Happy to go down extreme memory lane."

- WWE's Twitter accounts continue to push the Fandango Revolution, asking fans and popular brands to take the "Fandango challenge" and upload video of them doing the Fandango. Fandango tweeted this to the Houston Texans cheerleaders for their video we posted earlier this week:

"I would like to personally thank all the TX Cheerleaders for all the support. Ill b holding private dance lessons in Houston in May. #hugs"

Regarding internal reaction to Fandango's popularity this week, Vince McMahon and other officials are very happy with the way things have turned out. Fandango has been a "pet project" for Vince McMahon.

- WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is predicting big things for Fandango. He tweeted today:



I don't know who the graphics guy is at WWE Shop right now but he sure loves this awful impact font.
Looks so cheap, least the old one had the classic WWF logo colours.

They also changed The Rocks to this cheap font, looks so much better than it was slanted.
Watched Smackdown for the first time in weeks yesterday, mostly due to Zigglers win.
Was an ok show.
The Triple H thing was utterly pointless.
Divas match as a waste ... why is the champ now part of 3girl tag jobber matches!?
Happy 38th to the Queen Of Extreme herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AntMan said:
WWE: Naomi, Sandow, Rhodes, Bryan, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Cesaro, and I hope Ziggler's push is big.

TNA: Magnus, Joey Ryan, Matt Morgan, Daniels, Joe, and Kaz.

The term "big push" is relatiive though depending on the person's current spot as well as other fac

This. Plus Cesaro and Barrett.
Punk and Lita at the UFC TUF Finale tonight

Thanks for the pic. Two of my favorites. Too bad she is longer involved with the WWE, bc they'd make for a great stable together

This nonsense needs to end already. Fandango has the worst angle going for him. This isnt entertainment
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