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thejon93's Destroy All Humans! Movie Script


Forever Haunted
Dec 31, 2007
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Yes, another video game-to-movie adaption. But hey, at least they got me to write it this time:woot:
Anyhow, here's my Destroy All Humans! movie script. I hope you enjoy:

July 7th, 1947; Roswell, New Mexico

Sir, we've picked up an unidenified bogy - Tech Guy
Where? - General Armquist
The Tech Guy pointed up above them. General Armquist quickly looks up to where he pointed but then ran outside the operations base; there it was, hovering over a large rocket pointed up towards the sky. General Armquist quickly ran back into operations base.
STOP THE COUNTDOWN! - General Armquist
The computer drive read 3, then 2, and finally 1; and the rocket was launched but crashed right above the saucer, causing a massive explosion which had then sent the spacecraft miles away from the base and landed on a farmer's field.
I'll be back, Martha; just gone to check on Bessy - Farmer
The Farmer grabbed his shotgun from inside the house, he then began walking towards the fallen spacecraft. The Farmer finally got close to the spacecraft and climbed onto it to see what was inside, it was an alien. The creature had empty, black eyes, sharp, yellowish teeth, blue skin, and, the most unusual of all was the both sides of the creature's head glowed red but then faded to no colour. The Farmer tried to gasp for breathe but before he could, he heard a vehicle zoom into his yard. The Farmer's wife, Martha then walked out of the house to see what all the noise was about, but as soon as she walked out, she was shot by a man who posed his weapon through the lowered window of the black vehicle. The mysterious men walked out of the car followed by the man who shot Martha. The Farmer was enraged and stood up above the crops and began to run towards the men in black suits as he begun firing his shotgun towards them, but the Farmer was instantly shotdown by the 3 men in black suits. They walked towards the spacecraft but while they did so, one of the men called for "cover for the dead Farmer and his wife". They stood in front of the spacecraft and stared at the fallen spacecraft through their black-shades.

General Armquist pushed away the fallen debris of the heavily armoured operations base that somewhat survived the explosion, Armquist stood up and looked around the area which had been destroyed by the explosion; with fire and ashes along the grains of sand of the dessert base.

(Camera zooms into the alien's eye which then leads into the title screen, Destroy All Humans!, a newspaper cover then zooms by 'Unknown Terrorist Bomber Halts Missile Launch Into Space' and 'Terrorists Strike Again; Enemy Aircraft Crashes Into Farmer's Field')

Well, I hope you liked what you've read so far from this fan fiction and there will be more coming later-on:yay:
(Camera zooms into alien working on one of the many Motherships surrounding the planet Crypton)
The alien's walky-talky rings, the alien pushes the button and the ringing stops.
Crypto, report to the conference room immediately - Orthopox 13
Ahh, somebody kill me now - Crypto 137
Crypto 137 enters through the door followed by his Fleet's commander, Orthopox 13.
What's this about now? Running out of tissue paper? - Crypto 137
No, smarten up Crypto this is important - Orthopox 13
That's exactly what you said last time when they said that we were running low on other Cryptosporidium units - Crypto 137
Crypto... that was important... - Orthopox 13
...ohh, so now I'm the one who's wrong... what, we're not allowed to share our opinions anymore? WHAT HAS BECOME OF US?! - Crypto 137
CRYPTO!!! Shut the flip up! You'll be lucky if the Emperor didn't hear your irratating voice - Orthopox 13
Crypto 137 and Orthopox 13 entered the conference room where the Furon Emperor sat at the end and numerous of other Furon senates sat around the edges.
Orthopox 13, always a pleasure - Furon Emperor
Always an honour, sir - Orthopox 13
Alright, before we have a little soap opera unfold, let's just cut the crap and get to he point at hand - Crypto 137
Crypto....! - Orthopox 13
No, no. It's alright, Orthopox, it's alright. Let me explain, earlier on today we lost contact with Cryptosporidium 136; one of your fleet's warriors(Crypto 137 exchanged a worried look towards both The Emperor and Orthopox 13). Now, the concil and I have come to an agreement to send Orthopox 13's Mothership into the exact area where we lost contact from Cryptosporidium 136. But, it is by our understanding that this may not have a positive affect on most of your crew, so we together a tournament at which will decide among one Cryptosporidium unit from your fleet to stay behind and live their lives like the rest of the Furons on our planet, the winner will also recieve 10,000 credits towards their record on Crypton - Furon Emperor
When does this begin? - Crypto 137
Tommorrow, right after the Furon Rights festival - Furon Emperor
...I'm speechless... - Crypto 137
Running low on credits there, lad? - Crypto 143
The register atop the counter where Cryptosporidium units purchase their food read 0 on the register.
Did you come to rub it in? - Crypto 137
No(143 slid his credit card across the register which he used to purchase 137's food order, the food then came out below the register and 143 handed the tray of food to 137), just trying to spread the wealth - Crypto 143
Crypto 137 sat at one of the tables at the far end of the dining area, making sure he was alone and out of sight. But then, another Cryptosporidium unit appears behind him and knocks his food tray off of the table, this brings a stir of rage to Crypto 137 as he rises from the stool he sat in and pushes the Crypto unit who started the assault.
What the hell do you want with me, pal?! Huh? - Crypto 137
Hey, hey, hey... no need to freak out 137. I'm just one of the many Furons who believe that you should work a little harder around the Mothership if you ever feel like earning something in your miserable life - Crypto 124
Well, you'll see my skills put to the test in this afternoon's tournament - Crypto 137
Yeah but why haven't you been worker harder around the Mothership? To make it better? - Crypto 124
Maybe it already is "better". Maybe some of us don't want to do this for the rest of their lives, maybe some of us want to live lives as they do down on Crypton! - Crypto 137
Crypto 124 was lost for words, so he fled off away from Crypto 137.
Welcome to all of you Furons to the Furon Rights Festival(The crowd applauded)! Now, as a special event change considering that we have all of you here at this time, we will be witnessing one of our galaxie's greatest battles ever placed together. So, without further preperation, let's discover just what stimpulation we will witness first(the announcer walked over to the wheel with numerous amounts of match-stimulations among it, he then spun the wheel as it finally landed on "Last Furon Standing")... "Last Man Standing"(The crowd again applauded)! Now in this first match-up out of three, the participants will face-off in an ultimate battle of survival as they will be forced to continuely push up towards the top of the pryamid before the platform of the pryamid turns from green-to-red but at the same time must try and eliminate their opponents to make room on the platform by throwing them into a portal which will immediately eliminate them from the competition. So, let's bring on the contenders! - Announcer
The entire 100 units of the Cryptosporidium clones of the Mothership Numbered 13 came and gathered along the first platform of the pryamid. Crypto 137 focused his eye contact on Crypto 124 as he preparded to get ready for the challenge.
Now, for everyone's attention as we go over the rules once more. Now in this match we will see 75 eliminations and 25 remaining survivors, the 25 remaining survivors will then compete in a second event where there will then be 20 eliminations and 5 remaining survivors who will compete in the final event where only one will come out with the ultimate prise; free civility on our home planet of Crypton and 10,000 credits towards their credit card. So, let us... BEGIN(The crowd burst into applause again, and the buzzer rang for the match to begin)! - Announcer
The match began and the Cryptosporidium units unleashed a flurry of blows as already 8 participants were thrown through the portal. Crypto 137 quickly paced towards 124, pushing anyone who stood in his way out of the way but until two of the units ganged up on him and through him down to the ground and started kicking him across the face. But then Crypto out of rage used his psychokinesis powers to blast both of the adversaries off of him with the exception of one of them flying through the elimination portal. Crypto 137 then activated his jet-pack and blasted along the platform towards 124 and once he reached within attacking distance he set off the jet-pack, leapt to his feet and dropkicked 124. But before he could unleash more damage upon him, the green platform begun to turn red; which had met to push forward to the next platform, but before Crypto 137 could reach the next platform, another Crypto unit leapt on him trying to keep him behind. But Crypto then kicked him off and quickly leapt onto the next platform as the Crypto that attacked him was eliminated; it was done to 26 eliminations.
Crypto 137 looked around for 124 but was attacked by the very Furon he had been looking for, Crypto 124. 124 began punching the head of Crypto 137 but Crypto blasted him into the air with his psychokinesis powers and once he came falling back down towards 137, 137 flipped over and dropkicked 124 into the portal.
See ya later you half-ass, crap-ass, piece of crap - Crypto 137
Crypto then noticed that the platform began to turn red again so he quickly leapt to the next platform and began to kick as many Crypto units off of the platform to get a quick win in this match-up.
Our would, is not like their's(show's a glimpse of the planet, Earth). Then again... it is. Most of the humans on their home planet lived normal lives and had the freedom to do whatever they feel. And then there were the people who lived their lives so the other's could live their's... to protect them as best they can, to serve them for as long as they lived. That's why this is so important, this tournament, it's our only chance to live our own lives for no one but ourselves, a chance to be free alike they are down there. A place where we could love, a place where we were free of our own decisions and choices, without consiquence... as long as you lived by the rules. I was born to this world, not on the world I call home. I was born a clone known as Crypto, as I was given a number which had been 137. I followed the rules and obeyed by them as best I could, but I never gave it my all... I detested life on the Mothership, I detested my allies, everything, along with myself. I had nothing, no one, nowhere. I was alone, we all were alone - Crypto 137[commentary]
Hey, Canadian jon who wrote this script back in 2008, still there? maybe you lost the access to this site, maybe you're on another subject, one does not know. But I'm all for this movie idea you got going. Incorprate the other 3 new DAH! ideas and you got yourself a great movie. I joined this site just for you "TheJon93". Just to tell you I am a big believer in DAH series and I love a good movie idea such as this one for a DAH film. Please continue making a movie idea, if you get shot down 2 times, try a third time, for third time is a charm, as they say. Or someone else who reads this comment, may they continue this fabulous work, DAH is a great series.

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