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Objectivism doesn't work.
Apr 17, 2005
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Inspired bu the thread on the Batman boards. I'll go first:


Bombs are flying
People are dying

Children are crying
Politicians are lying too
Cancer is killing
Texico's spilling
The whole world's gone to hell
But how are you?

Thanks for ASKIIIING!
All things considered
Couldn't be much be better
No nothing bugs me
Everything is super when you're don't you think I look good in this mask?

I'm so sorry
Mr. cripple
But I just
Can't feel to bad
For you right NOWWWW!
Cause I'm feeling
So insanely super
That the fact
That you can't walk
Can't bring me DOWN!

(Thanks for ASKIIIIING!)
(All things considered)
(Couldn't be much better)
(We must SAAAAAY!)
No nothing BUGS ME!
Everything is super when you're don't you think I look good in this mask
These big black boots
This matching CAPE
My God oh WOW!

(He's in the barricks and the trenches as well)
Stick 'em up!
(The Batman says do ask do tell)
(Yes, he's super and he's proud to convay)
Everything is super when you're GAAAAAAYYY!

Whenh you're GAY!
"I'm Super" from "South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut". And it's not crappy.
Superman:So what do you say Lois, you me and Wonder Women. *winks*
Superman: Lois, can you just, for ONE SECOND, SHUT THE **** UP ??!!??
Actually, I thought Frank Miller's characterization of Superman in DKR was pretty good.
Conversation 1:

Lois: It sure is hard to clean the house when you throw your dirty uniform all over the place.

Clark: It sure is hard to save the day with all your damn whining...

Covnersation 2:

Lois: I'm going to the store Clark.

Clark: Hey, while your there can you bring me back a can of act right and a bag of SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!
"Bizarro's attacking the city? Eh, I think I'll just watch Benny Hill instead."
Superman: "I cant beat spiderman or batman, what the hell am i doing, they're the respective G.O.A.T.'s of their universes im just a strong man."
Happy Father's Day dad
"I'm sorry Lois, but now you know that "faster than a speeding bullet" isn't just an expression.
I'm gonna rip your head off and **** down your would be kinda funny to hear from him.
"You know, growing up, the other kids would never invite me to play 'Hide and Seek'. That cut deep, real deep."
"What the - Lois, I told you. Corsage does NOT make the supersuit look sexy! It's my supersuit damnit, MY supersuit! If you want one, you go get your own damn super-powers and save-the-world-complex! GOD!"
"Lois...Lana...we need to do a little something together A.S.A.P.!"

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