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Thor: The Dark World Soundtrack Ideas

hellllll no
save that music for iron man

Thor is more that symphonic heroic music used like the First Class and Dark Knight theme... but even more orchestra like
I don't mind having one or two lyrical songs on the soundtrack. I'm sure that's what OP meant.

I can't think of any at the moment but I'll think on it and come back tomorrow.
"Twilight of the thunder god" by Amon Amarth
perfect song for Thor :)

At this point, may I say... I love you :woot: They are my favorite band!

There is a rather undeathmetallish version of that song by a band called Slaughter of the Bluegrass.

What about "Guardians of Asgard"?
If they have to include an existing song with lyrics, I highly recommend Jethro Tull's "Cold Wind to Valhalla." It is one of those awesome songs that few people have heard, and deserves some love, especially on a blockbuster treat such as Thor 2.

"Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin.
The perfect Soundtrack for Thor: The Dark World would be Fantasy by Earth, Wind and Fire. :awesome:

Thor: The Dark World Trailer Earth, Wind and Thunder
Something written by Blind Guardian. They did a song for a fantasy video game already. Guardian have lots of fantasy and medieval elements in their songs. Mostly inspired by Tolkien's novels or other fantasy books. Although they are a Metal band, they do have lots of ballads and slow songs, but also many very powerfull epic songs using orchestras and choirs. I think even if they do a ballad, this would be fine for non-Metal fans too.

Here is a song called "Valkyries" from their latest album. It starts with the sound of thunder...

Here is a midtempo song called "Nightfall" from the album "Nightfall in Middle-Earth"
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Blind Guardian is awesome and it would be incredibly cool to have them make the credits music.

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