TIH toys?

Silver Knight

Jun 21, 2007
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When do you expect to see pics of this line?

I say late December.
thers no confirmation of a hulk movie line.(as far as i know)

only a hulk comic line. and we have already seen pics of that.
Yeah,....Hasbro hasn't really mentioned any Hulk figs yet, but they have mentioned that they are doing Iron man figs.....

I think they'll do at least one wave of hulk figs.....Hulk, Banner, Abomination, Ross.......hmmmm, maybe they wont.
And if they do do a Hulk line, no way we'll be seeing figs before an official trailer is released....all we've seen thus far is a picture of the Hulk's face....no way they are gonna spoil the Hulks look and Abomination by showing the figs 8 months before the movie is released.....Dec is way way too soon.
But in you remeber back in December 02 we had pics of the Hulk toys then.

Also im telling you 100% we will get at least 2 lines from TIH movie.
Who do you suspect will be in Said waves?

Also do you think Hasbro is gonna keep thier 5 inch movie scale after the colossal failure of SM3 OR will they take a more ML styles approach
I think they will take the ML styles approach but I belive there will be Hulk movie figures.

No doubt about it.
I think after the way the first Hulk movie merchandise flopped at retailers, they may be thinking twice before carrying it again.
I cant belive none of you think TIH will get figures.

Thats insane!
It's actually pretty sane. Hulk merchandise sold poorly. The movie flopped. Some stores still have Hulk stuff they're trying to sell (no joke, I've seen it).

Most stores have very little confidence in movie stuff. They'll sell it, but probably in lower quantities. Transformers was the only recent exception.
That may be true but Im 1000% postive we will see some TIH based figures.
I think the figures may depend on what rating the movie gets. And what retailers want. Retailers will be dealing with the space that The Dark Knight will be taking up, as well as the space that Iron Man will be taking up. I don't know what other big toy movies are coming out this summer, but space will be tight.
Ok. I think you are wrong.

I think it's very logical to think we'll get Incredible Hulk movie figures. I just hope Hasbro forgoes a movie line for the Hulk Marvel Legends line we've seen, and throws movie hulk in like ML5 or something. The summer of 08 is going to be crammed to the gills with superhero movie stuff. I think Hulk has an earlier release than both Dark Knight and Iron Man, so who knows. Hulk merchandise will probably determine DK and IM merchandise levels, so that's why I think Hasbro won't gamble with Hulk after it's last performance on the pegs.
If they did make a Hulk Movie line, I'd consider getting General Ross and Betty if they made them and if they resembled the comic versions at least somewhat.

But I'm all for the rumored Hulk ML Waves with FFF. I can't wait for those. Seriously, I usually buy a set to open and a set to keep loose. But if I can get my hands on them, I might buy two sets to keep MOC. I know that's crazy, but I just really, really want the figures we saw pictures of and am even more curious of the figures we didn't see, and especially Fin Fang Foom.
its hasbro guys..... we will see both lines, movie and comics....at least that is what I think.
It only makes sense..

Honestly who ever thinks we wont see Toys of the new Hulk are insane!
We know they are doing two lines of comic hulk figures the movie figures will prob just be thrown in with them im guessing.
cant see them releasing more than 2 lines for the hulk next year so.....

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