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Tom Hanks is Captain Phillips

did they hire real somali pirates?
Paul Greengrass could make a film about going to fetch the post from the postbox gripping and suspensful. I def like the look of this.
My gawd, this looks awesome.
Are those what the pirates actually looked like?... if not for the weaponry, you probably could've speared them to death with a toothpick. :o
Man, this looks really intense. Hopefully it's good.
I'm not the biggest fan of Greengrass' filming style but I do love his movies. This looks phenomenal
This looks like Vintage Hanks. I've missed him.

I swear, mid 90's to early 2000's, this guy was untouchable. I don't think anyone's had a string of classics like this:

Forrest Gump
Apollo 13
Toy Story
Saving Private Ryan
Toy Story 2
The Green Mile
Cast Away
Road to Perdition
I think he's just been chilling for a while. I know Cloud Atlas was an experiment for him.
It'd be good to see Hanks in an awesome film again.
I want to see him in a comedy.
dont like the shaky cam from Greengrass but this looks to good. they have my ticket boom.
interesting that it took so many years for hollywood to make a big budget movie out of this.
Tom Hanks, shut up and make a Bosom Buddies movie already! It's what the people want! :argh:

Pfft, I want a dragnet sequel. I mean, what else is Akkroyd doing with his life?
Was he really sent out on a boat like that
In short this is a pretty solid thriller. As expected Tom Hanks is great and carries most of the movie.
Talking about UFO's and Ghostbusters 3.

I think we have a better shot at seeing the UFO's to be honest.

Amazing movie. Hanks is the TOP contender for actor so far, right now definitely gonna win.
I liked it a lot. Hanks is superb and the reviews were right that his acting in the last 20 mins or so sealed him an Oscar nod. Just brilliant.

I thought the trailers were a bit misleading
considering that the hijacking of the ship was only like a half of the movie.

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