Trades you're still waiting to see?


Aug 16, 2003
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seems these days almost every noteworthy story has already been collected into trade

recently, we've gotten the classics series which had been reprinting things like early New Mutants and Excalibur, books I wouldn't have originally thought Marvel would go back to for a collection, as well as a collection of the Infinity War, which I thought Marvel had all but disowned

so since we've seen that even these tales have been collected, what else are you hoping might make the grade?
Marvel does a pretty damn good job getting their stories out in trade. Whereas I am still waiting for some DC stuff like Gotham Central vol 3:down:
All of thier current stories wind up in trades. And the Classic Storylins get collected. And the early stuff allwinds up in Essentialls.

But what about the rest.

I am waiting on Apocalypse: The Twelve to hit trades.
Im hoping for some collected Moon Knight stories, dont know if they have been announced.
Mutant X was an oft-forgotten underrated series that's still deserving of recognition
Elijya said:
Mutant X was an oft-forgotten underrated series that's still deserving of recognition

I have the issues but im planning on backing up all my issues with trades. It breaks my heart opening and closing bags. So a Mutant X collection would be nice.
Darthphere said:
Im hoping for some collected Moon Knight stories, dont know if they have been announced.

There's an Essential Moon Knight that just came out a couple months ago. If the new series does well, I expect they'll reprint some of the older stuff in color too.
Definitely, some of the classic editions. I want stuff from the 70's, like Defenders and Champions. Plus, they need to reprint stuff they can fit into one edition, like they are doing soon with Eternals, Vol. 1. I can care less about the recent stuff; considering I get everything that Marvel releases. (And, seriously, the serious collector isn't dying to get ahold of Megamorphs!) At least Essentials is making things affordable and giving us these great early releases. She-Hulk, vol. 1 is coming soon. Nova, Vol. 1, just came out.

As I have said before, DC is not doing Showcase in a direction I want. Those stories from the 50's just aren't that interesting. Next week, Showcase Teen Titans comes out...but, they should release the stuff from the 80's.
Mutant X Definately.

And the scattered Solo Miniserieses from the 80s and 90s. From the Avengers and X-men. It would be nice to get some of them in Trade form.
i'd like to see a colour version of the collected invaders stories in tpb form with the original union jack.

has onslaught been done yet too..i havent seen it??

i'd like to see more captain britain stuff too.
Theyve been releasing a lot more cosmic related stuff. More Silver Surfer in color wouldnt hurt. And did they ever release all of Priest's run on BP in trade? I have the first two.
The Taskmaster Mini from a couple years back. That needs to be in trade.
Marvel needs to put out The Punisher Year One in trade for those who can't find the 4 issues.
Clone saga x4. I want to know what the hell it was all about.
A trade for SLINGERS would make my life easier; hate having to track down issues. It's a bit of a pipe dream, though, as I can't imagine the trade would sell.
Slingers Digests seem like a no-brainer, if you ask me. Same goes for the Green Goblin series, especially since he's such a prominent Spider-Girl character.

Is Onslaught being collected, or just Heroes Reborn? I'd love Onslaught trades to be done the way Marvel's done their recent Age of Apocalypse trades.

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