World Two things I didn't like from Donner's version.

super-bats said: that means he still gives up his powers to be with the woman he loves.

and Supes understanding his purpose on earth makes it even more illogical that he would up and leave earth for 5+ years in SR, abandoning earth and Lois and his mom, etc.

But, with the reversing time ending, doesn't it negate all that happened in SR2?

I understand he destroys the FOS so no one can abuse its power again. But, then he reverses time, so that means the FOS is back in order?????
It means he wants to be with the woman he loves, and his father says he can not do that and protect all of humanity. They are not mutually exclusive. So he tells Kal-El that if he wishes to live as one of them with one woman, then he must do it as a mortal. When he does this, it ends up due to timing to be a selfish decision on his part. And he has to go back and beg his fathers forgiveness to see if there is any way that he can get his powers back as he "traded his life for slavery under Zod". When he reverses time, it is to undo everything so that Lois does not know that he is Superman. I think he just feels they won't be able to live and work together not being able to forget what happened, or how they feel about each other.
<(o_o)> said:
The movie could have also done without Ms.Teschmacher going to the bathroom in the FOS & then hearing the sound effect of a toilet flushing in the background. She & Lex were in one of the coldest parts of the world so even if the FOS was equipped with a toilet it would have been frozen solid, plus the idea of having a toilet in the FOS all together was just stupid & should have been cut out.
It is comedic payoff to an arguement that went throughout the scene.
mego joe said:
Separately. I refuse to support SR beyond my initial matinee ticket price back in June. I'll get the Reeve collection eventually to complete the Superman movies for my DVD library.
Damn skippy. I bought the ultimate collection for all the other stuff it has. But I did try to watch SR once and ended up fast forwarding through most of it. lets put it this way. I watched the deleted scenes longer than I watched the movie. I actually liked what was in the deleted scenes.
Catman said:
I'm gonna buy the DVD this afternoon when I get off work so I don't exactly know what it's been talked about. But, if memory serves me well, didn't Clark say after beating up the guy, "been working out." As to imply to the owner that they had fought before.

So, I can sort of see where the complain is coming from. ALSO, remember that they changed the turning the Earth around ending to part 1. Maybe when they shot that it was already decided that turning the Earth around was gonna be for #1 and they were in the process of figuring out the ending of #2

Or maybe he was just saying it because he knew people would think "how could this quiet, reserved looking guy beat up this well known thug?"
Okay, about that whole people in the Dinger remembering him thing after he turned back time. You know, watching the Jimmy and Clark deleted scene, Jimmy is showing off his brand new camera (to replace the one destroyed by Non), before he bumps into the rude bald guy and gets the idea to go after Mr. Wonderful. So it looks like he goes to the diner before turning back time. So that is why the restarurant people remember him. Because he hasn't turned back time yet. Since Donner elected to not use that scene in his cut, which he shot, it makes the scene look iffy. Compounded by the fact that he puts the turning back time first. I can see why he did it in the donner cut. It is to show that he did it in a fit of passion. Donner said that they wrote the turning back time scene originally as Lois and Clark would have never made it nto doing so, and she would have been constantly grabbing him into the closet as Clark to kiss him.

So it shold go like this:

1. Clark comes in for the day and talks to Jimmy about his new camera.

2. Bumps into bald guy

3. Goes to diner and beats up Mr. Wonderful.

4. Turns back time.

5. The scene where White and Lois have that funny deja vu. Clark goes for pizza.

6. Clark re-straightens the leaning tower of Pizza (originally supposed to have been in 2. But Lester and co put it and shot it for 3) Supes, so in love, flies by leaning tower of Pizza and straghtens it. Then after all that, flies by it and straightens it.

7. Supes flies over planet. End titles.
superman 2 is hard to fix what with it haveing the turning back time thing at the end. it just mucks up things i would have liked it if they had left it that lois knows that clark and superman are one in the same.
i mean he goes aganced jor-el in the first one by turning back time, and everything worked out just fine.
I know now what is different about the opening zoom credits of this as opposed to STM. There are two things.

1. The type is slightly a darker blue

2. There is not white highlight streaks as there was in teh first one. There are little white lines. They are in the SR opening credits, but not in this.
mego joe said:
Separately. I refuse to support SR beyond my initial matinee ticket price back in June..


Now I'm pissed/disappointed that Donner didn't direct SR.

Other than whats' already been mentioned, this one had less Supes in action, and the "freshly squeezed" orange juice gimmick is out of place.

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