UFF T-shirt

Hmm, I wondered if it was just my comp.

Thanks for confirming, I'll try to fix it :up:
I think those are just comic book costumes, dude. I don't think you can buy those.
Heh, right. But it really is just a T-shirt as opposed to a full spandex outfit.
I give it a month before they actually make and sell those shirts.
So, I'm confused. Were you originally asking if the shirts in that comic book were sold in real life stores for real life people to buy?
If they were sold in real life.

My previous comment meant that the UFF has been using those shirts for 6 months :up:
Okay. If I were to guess, they are not sold in real life. It's just a comic book, bud.
Good news: You can't find that exact one, but there was a company a year or two ago that made some pretty cool looking spandex bike shirts. you might be interested in.
I remember seeing those advertised in the comics themselves. It appeals to such a tiny market. I'm surprised they still make and sell those things.
They don't. The company's website says they're out of business, and directs you to Lee's comics whom they say has most of the remaining stock. The main problem was they were solicited at very expensive prices, like $80 or some such.

And also, most people buying comicbook tees you REALLY don't want to put spandex on....
Somebody said to their partner, "Hey, let's create something that will appeal to the comic book fan that loves working out."

And the partner said, "Dude! That's money in the bank!"

My name is Lee Hester. I am the owner of Lee's Comics. We have retail locations in Northern California. I also sell at Wonder Con and San Diego each year, and I sell by mail order as well. I just joined the group because I saw the discussion about Pure Hero shirts.

I wanted to take the opportunity to add some information about them.

The designs are beautiful and vivid. They are far superior to an ordinary T-Shirt in every way. They are made out of poly-wicking fabric that keeps you dry while you work out or play. They also hang better and keep their color wash after wash.


Pure Hero Punisher Crew

They come in 3 styles. There is the short sleeve Crew Shirt. The designs are Punisher, Venom, FF, and Spider-man. These go for $26. Sizes run from Small to 2XL. I have most sizes on hand.


Pure Hero Fantastic Four BMX

The next style is BMX. These are long sleeve. The designs are FF and Spider-man. These are available in Small to 2XL. These go for $50 each. I have all sizes in stock.


Captain America Bike Shirt

The other style is Bike shirts. These are short sleeved with zipper and pocket. The designs are Spider-Man, Captain America, and Fantastic Four. Sizes run from Small to XL (no 2XL) They go for $68. I have all sizes available.

Pure Hero, the company that made them did go under. I was able to purchase a good selection of their remaining stock. I have been a big fan of the company and their products from the start. I don't think there was anything wrong with their concept or their product. Quite the contrary. I love the shirts, and wear them often. One of my hobbies is distance running, and I often wear my Spider-man crew while I run. It is still holding up perfectly after countless washings.

All kinds of people love Marvel superheros, and all kinds of people enjoy Pure Hero shirts. Here's a few examples:


Here's famous director Sydney Lumet's lovely daughter Amy Lumet and friend with their new FF BMX shirts that they bought from my San Diego Comic Con booth this year.


Here's a BMX champ having a little fun in his Pure Hero Spider-man BMX shirt.


Here's football great John Ritchie and son having fun in their Pure Hero Punisher and FF crews.

If you would like more information, or would like to order, please check out my ebay store. We ship priority, and offer a full money back guarantee if you are not delighted!
We don't technically allow solicitations here, Lee....

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