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Ultimate Dr Doom


Mar 12, 2003
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OK what does everyone really think? When I first heard the idea I kind of liked it. After all if Ben can turn into rock then why not Vic into metal. But what I don't understand is where the bolts come from. And what's with the hooves?

They should have just kept it simple
Hooves=evil. As for the bolts...who knows? I suppose you could ask Warren Ellis.
well those could have been actual feet and they just looked like hooves. I do like the new look though, it makes him way more evil looking.
I think the were hooves, if you look at the way he's standing and at the shape of his legs, they are designed for hooves.
I think it's a good call. I mean if the heroes all turned into natural things (air,water,rock and fire) why can't the villain turn into an artificial thing like metal?
I don't think so Thornefox. 'cause metal is forged or created through a process while rock and water is found everywhere...

Any way I think Ultimate Doom is a good idea. :)
Originally posted by ThorneFox
but isn't metal natural too?
Heh, Doom's an ore monster. Which would symbolically make him Ben's child... ewww... :eek:
Yeah, he's like a half horse. Just reguar legs would have been better
I finally saw the pic of U DD, it looked really cool. I like the hooves.
Actually, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense for Doom to be made of metal, or at least to the same extent as the others.

In some form, all of the elements, and the two lesser accepted elements are represented.

Reed = Water
Sue = Air
Johnny = Fire
Ben = Rock

Doom = Metal
Man-Thing (Presumably) = Plants
I was quite impressed with the art work on U FF the face was stunning. i, like many of you seem to be a bit unsure about the effect of the hooves. i think i gonna have to see more of it and the whole of doom before i can make up my mind. :)
So is Doom made of metal? I was slightly confused when I saw him unwrapping the tape from his hands and all of a sudden they're metal...did his skin become metal? I kind of like it, but then again I always liked the horribly scarred guy that wore a mask.

Not too sure about the hooves though, now he's going to look like some supercharged metallic faun (half man half goat).
Yeah, I liked the idea of him being human, but scarred beyond recognition, but I also like Ultimate Doom (sounds like a video game). He just looks awesome. I like those hooves.
Are there any pictures online of Doom with the hooves?
I dont think hes made of metal, I think he was just burnt and scared really badly and some of his bone and flesh in his hands were destroyed so he replaced them with metal.
He replaced all his damaged or competel bunt off skin wih metal

Ellis is yet to impress me at all with Ultimate Doom. Metal skin instead of a suit is OK, he may not have much room for any Dr. Doom style weapons [gravity distrorters and the like]. I didnt like the look of his face when it was shown at the end of #6, his face looked rough and jagged wth all he sharp metal

Hooves on Dr Doom= Ridiculous. The Ultimate verse is all about change, turning one of Marvels best villains into a half man, half horse hybrid is stupid

I dont get the name either,to me, Dr. Doom never seemed like a ridiculous name because his name really was Von Doom. I dont know why he's called Von Damme [shout out to Jean Claud?], but the name sounds cheesy now, like he feels the need to big himself up by calling himself 'Doom'
Are you sure the expirement didn't turn his skin into metal?
I havnt read it yet, but presumable he lost his legs in the teleportation accident aswell, i dont think he would have replaced well working human legs with horse legs if they hadnt been damaged

Only one of his hands needed to be covered in metal, and he had little bits of flech over his mask, so yes, i am sure his body wasnt transmuted into metal [interesting idea though]

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