Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters Preview


Mar 14, 2003
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here's a look at the new freedom fighters who seem to be working for the government. i'm not reading battle for bludhaven but i bet if i did id understand it a little more. particularly isn't that freedom kid who just got shot?

and one more question....

....is that Ted Knight running for president?
Really looking forward to this, love Uncle Sam and I'm still liking the new Firebrand.

The Knight running for president is the new Phantom Lady's father - Henry Knight (which is the same name as the original Golden Age Phantom Lady's father).

It seems as if most of the Freedom Fighters are going to be government created soldiers working for S.H.A.D.E. and Father Time with Henry Knight having a big hand in it.

Meaning, Doll Man, Human Bomb and Ray are all new characters.

Then obviously Uncle Sam turns up and shows them a new way.

But what of Ray Terrill :(
What of Ray Terrill indeed? :(

Wow, I gotta say, Acuna really kicks ass on interiors. I haven't been a big fan of his covers, but his interior work is great. What a waste to have kept this guy from any actual storytelling for so long, DC. :o

I can't stand the new Phantom Lady. She's a domineering *****, if her first appearance in BfB was any indication. Father Time also seems like a collosal jerk, so I hope Uncle Sam comes along to get the Freedom Fighters out of his organization and turn them into bona fide good guys. Outside of them, though, I dig all the characters. Firebrand looks like he could be interesting, so long as he gets rid of the soapbox. I'm curious about the new Ray, though I wish it were Ray Terrill. The new Human Bomb will never be as cool as the old one, since the old one's grizzled old soldier thing was a big part of his appeal for me, but I guess we'll see how the new guy does. His costume is definitely more streamlined, that's for sure. It would've been cool if it were Damage under there, with his powers having evolved to be out of control without a suit, but I doubt it is.
Yeah I really agree, the learned old soldier for Human Bomb was an appeal to me, especially how he acted as a mentor and a father figure to Damage.

I just hope both Damage and Ray Terrill find a place in the new DCU.
Spectre722 said:
....is that Ted Knight running for president?

Ted Knight's dead. Died saving Opal City from a Nuke.
can anyone list the heroes there and thier abilities. and i will definitly be picking up this title,man this blow balls. i dont have enough money to be picking all these damn titles. i guess ill be dropping firestorm,if i like the seriesenough to put on my pull.
Kickass previews.

By the way Acuna has the same 2 poses on all his covers.
yenaled said:
I just hope both Damage and Ray Terrill find a place in the new DCU.

According to an article on Newsarama that I’m too tired to link to right now, Geoff Johns has big plans for Damage post-Crisis. As for poor Ray Terrill, I don’t know why they replaced a perfectly fine, breathing character with this new chump, but I don’t it either.


As for the heroes and their abilities, from their first appearance in the preview:

The Action Figure is Doll Man, who can shrink in size, much like The Atom.

The guy in white shooting all the guys in the eyes is The Ray, who can process sunlight into blasts, flight, or, if he’s like the last Ray, become light himself.

The lady with the...glasses is Phantom Lady, who looks to have the original’s power of having a flashlight that throws shadows, but with a little more kick.

Not shown is The Human Bomb, who’s name says it all, and referred to but not shown, Uncle Sam, who’s super strength and invulnerability depend on how strong the spirit of America is.
i'm going to sound like an idiot, but anyway, in Infinite Crisis #1 when the freedom fighters all get killed i think it is Ray? that gets taken away alive....who is that guy and what happens to him OYL?
first off not every freedom fighter died. black condor, phantom lady, and human bomb died. ray was kidnapped by psycho pirate, damage was listed in critical condition, and though uncle sam was severely beaten half to death he managed to escape and go into hiding.

as for info about ray. his name is ray terril and his father was the original ray. hes got extremely powerful light based abilities. he was the youngest member of the jla before he joined young justice, but then he joined the new freedom fighters in jsa.

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