The Dark Knight Viral marketing for the dark knight mentioned in time out london this week.


Nov 27, 2007
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Hey folks just a little heads up to anyone who cares, there was an article in time out london this week about the viral marketing for cloverfield and the dark knight, the interviewer spoke to someone from 42 entertainment and they were very coy about saying wether they were involved at all and if the campaign had finished adding that to say would "spoil the illusion" if you get chance to read it then it's pretty short, if i get time i'll transcribe it,unless anyone has a link to it online. Just a bit of news for you all to tide us all over till the valentines day fun.
There you go, thanks for the link, doing all this internet type stuff from my mobile and it's a bit difficult lol
I can imagine. Do you get the full page or a crappy dumbed down version?
It is also reportedly orchestrating the ‘Dark Knight’ campaign, although declines to confirm involvement in ongoing projects. (That, after all, would break the illusion.)

Thanks for the link....I wish it would be a bit more "ongoing" though... :cwink:

Hopefully next thursday...(fingers crossed)
I hope so too.

It would be a huge let down if nothing happened.

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