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    Game Master: Ol'Canucklehead

    Co-GM: Matt Murdock

    AGM: Venom160


    The following article was provided by the DAILY BUGLE Newspaper

    "Scientific research has always shown that the species of this planet are in a constant state of evolution. Researchers have used examples of countless animal species for years and we have watched their progression. However, the one question in all of our minds has been, if all that is around us has evolved, and it is possible that we evolved from other forms of life, than are we still evolving into yet another species? The answer is undoubtedly, yes.

    Professor Charles Xavier, one of the most predominant researchers of our era, says that he has discovered that we as human beings are evolving, mutating, into what is known as homo-superior. A new race of men capable of doing things that we could have, until now, only dreamed of in science fiction. Professor Xavier believes that these types of "mutations", as he calls them, are nothing new, but in fact have been occurring for decades, if not centuries. He believes that soon "Mutants" will become increasingly evident, and that with such an occurrence they will be met with the same fear and ignorance as any other race of man introduced into a culture in which they have not yet been commonly accepted.

    Professor Xavier has founded his own private school only last year, in hopes of bettering the minds of young America, and teaching them what he calls "Important lessons for tomorrow." He plans to teaches his student of tolerance, acceptance, and general moral issues that are commonly over looked in todays society. When jokingly asked if he was using the school as a superhuman getaway he laughed and said only, "One can only dream of something that wonderful.""

    -Benjamin Urich, BUGLE staff writer.

    In Westchester, New York, Charles Xavier has created a school which appears to the general public as nothing more than a private school for gifted youngsters. In all actuality it is a safe-haven for the young mutant population. After having a falling out with his old partner, Eric Leinsher, Professor Xavier realized that in order to help create a world in which mutants can be accepted, he must help create structure and morality in the young mutants of today's generation. Professor Xavier believes that if he can reach these few young people than perhaps he can help to set the ground work for future generations and create a preemptive measure against ignorance, bigotry, and hatred. This is the story of those students, this is the beginning of what will become legend, and this is where heroes are born.

    This is Westchester.

    Westchester RPG Character Application
    Character You Would Like To Play:
    Basic Origin of the Character:
    Three Reasons Why You Have Chosen That Character:
    What Do You Plan On Doing With This Character As A Person :
    Two Complete Sentences In Proper English Explaining What You Can Bring To This RPG (As A Player):
    What Fonts Do You Plan To Use For Your Character’s Speech? (Makes the roster look better):
    Please Provide A Small Sample Post In The Format You Wish To Portray Your Character In:
    Do You Know How To Post Pictures On The Hype?:

    • You may choose any character from the X-Men, X-Men history, or X-Men villains. Characters that fall outside of these will need speacial GM permission.
    • This RPG is GM operated, major arcs, major character changes, origins, and outside influences will need GM aproval before they can be instituted.
    • Characters from alternate time lines must be approved.
    • No Killing. Unnamed, faceless NPC's may be killed, but not major characters, or taken characters. Someone else may want to take up the character, or they may be important to another story.
    • Most interaction will take place in New York, mainly in the town of Westchester. If for any reason there is a need for event to take place outside of New York, please inform a GM and they will be able to assist you.
    • You are your character, so act like it. Talk like them, use their dialouge. Do not exaggerate your powers, or pop-up here and there without explanation. BE Your character.
    • Several stories can be going at once, and you have the freedom to interact with other characters.
    • You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred that you post more. If you go two weeks without a post, you will be notified by a GM through a Private Message and an OOC post. If, within 48 hours, you do not reply to the PM with an explanation or post in the IC thread, your character will be up for grabs. You may reapply for your character, though others may want to play also.
    • Be serious, no slander, or impractical actions from your character. Example; "I found a crystal and now I own the world! You're all my slaves!"
    • Currently you are allowed one character per player. If and when a certain level of dedication is established we will institute a multi character rule.
    • Applications are taken on a first come first serve basis, however if multiple applications for the same character are applied at the same time all aps will go under consideration for who is the most qualified to play the character.
    • And of course, all regular rules of the Hype apply.
    • Have fun.
    - - -
    The Roster
    - Students -

    Eddie Brock Jr.



    Jamie Madrox



    - Teachers and Mentors -

    Doctor Hank McCoy
    Byrd Man

    Wade Wilson
    Matt Murdock

    - Outsiders -


    Lord Doom

    Nick Fury
    Andy C.
    - - -

    Applications Pending Approval*
    None at this time.

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    "Red Dawn" part 1​

    "But mom why do Alex and I have to go! We don't believe in this Shar crap!"

    Mom turns around in her seat and looks me.

    "It's Shi'ar Scott. Besides, you never gave it a chance."

    "Yeah Scotty atleast give it a chance."

    I glare at my older brother sitting beside me, he knows I hate it when he calls me "Scotty". Alex grins as Mom turns back around. Alex leans towards me and lowers his voice.

    "Thats for dragging me into your argument."

    I open my mouth to respond but mom's voice cuts me off.

    "Christopher look out!"

    The last thing I see is head lights as the semi smashes into our car.
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    As I lie in my bed, desperately clutching my sheets, I can hear them coming. It starts as a general murmur of noise, but over time the voices become more distinct. I close my eyes and pray that they suddenly disappear, but tonight - like every other night - my prayers go unanswered. Instead of the silence I so dearly hope for, I hear only the sound of a growing mob instead. I sit up in my bed and prepare myself mentally to face them. After a few moments of meditation, I slide out of my bed and make my way softly to the front door. I don't even bother to throw on shoes or a shirt. I walk out into the crisp night wearing nothing but an old pair of sweatpants.

    As I stand on my front porch, I see the glimmer of their torches. It is still too dark for them to notice me standing there, and I make no attempt to communicate with them. These people are beyond communication, beyond reason. Their raised voices spit vicious, derogatory comments as their unjustified anger mounts. I watch carefully as a faction of them breaks off and lights fire to my barn. The animals inside begin to scream, squeal, and make other kinds of panicked noises. The crackling flames add to the tense, loud atmosphere of the night. Finally, the mob comes to a halt in front of my house. They've spotted me.

    For a few seconds, their yelling is reduced to violent whispers. No one is sure how to approach this confrontation. Finally, one man pushes his way to the front and throws his torch, screaming, <"DIRTY MUTIE!">

    His outburst fuels their anger as they all begin to cry out similar things. I instinctively change to my metallic form to protect myself against their projectiles. Stick, stones, torches, and anything else they can find bounce off my skin as I hang my head low. Any other mutant would retaliate, using their powers against their oppressors. But it was the greatest Teacher who once said, "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." It is with this stoic philosophy that I try to live my life. Retaliation would only make them hate me more. It would give them a real reason to fear me.

    After ten minutes of slandering and shouting, the mob seems satisfied with their work. One by one, they spit at me and the ground beneath my feet as they turn to leave. On their way out, they glance over at the barn to see their handiwork. I hear a couple of them snicker.

    Once they have gone, I return to my normal form and retrieve a bucket from the kitchen. After filling it up with tap water, I make several successive trips to extinguish the flames. Once the blaze has been managed, I go inside the barn to check on the animals. They are frightened, but they will live to see another day. This is not unlike myself.

    I reenter my house silently. On my way back to my room, I can hear my parents sobbing. Luckily, I do not have to pass my sister Illyana's room. I doubt very much that my heart could take it. When I get into my room, I close the door and fall to my knees.

    And on that night, like every other one before it, I cry loudly.

    <> - Translated from Russian
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    "Red Dawn" part 2​

    I spend the next couple of days in a coma. When I finally come to I find my brother sitting in a chair next to me, his arm is in cast and his head is bandaged. I also notice that he's crying.


    Alex jerks his head up and looks down at me.


    Alex than does something he's never done before: he hugged me.

    "Thank god."

    I wave of pain shoots through my shoulder causing me to notice one of my arms and both my legs where in casts. I look across the room at my reflection in the mirror and see that my head is heavily bandaged aswell.


    Alex lets go quickly, a scared look on his face.

    "**** Scotty im sorry. Here I gotta get a docter."

    After a docter comes in a quickly checks me out and make sure im ok he leaves again.

    "What happened Alex? I can't remember anything?"

    The joy on Alex's face disappears as he comes back over and sits down.

    "A semi blew a front tire, it swerved infront of the car......"

    "Is mom and dad ok?"

    Tears start to well up again in Alex's eyes. He breaks eye contact with me and looks down at the floor.

    "Alex is mom and dad okay?"

    Alex just shakes his head.

    "No Scotty, they.......they didnt make it. Doctors told me they died instantly."
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    The bar's atmosphere made the teenager gag, grasping his throat as he entered, coughing. He was drawing too much attention to himself, the boy knew this, he pulled his hood down over his eyes and skulked into a seat in the corner of the bar. He could feel the barman's eyes on him, burning into his very skin. To John's relief the bartender's focus was pulled toward a customer, sighing under his breath John relaxed a little more.

    "Mr. Allerdyce?" Came a calm soothing voice, John looked up with terror in his eyes. Terror that soon subsided as he recognized the man the voice belonged to.

    "P-Proffesor Xavier?" John stuttered willing it to be true.

    "Yes son, I got your phone call and got here as soon as I could." The wheelchair-bound bald-headed mutant said with a friendly smile "I understand you recently had a realization in your life?"

    John cowered away, bringing his knees up to his chest and hugging them.

    "I... I'm not normal... and... I saw you on TV, talking about... about mutants." John mumbled, obviously scared.

    "You did the right thing in contacting me Johnathan. Come with me."

    John flinched

    "Where? where do you want to take me?"

    Xavier smiled a friendly smile once again and placed a hand on the frightened young man's shoulder.

    "To school."
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    Jamie Madrox - Prayer of the Refugee
    One Month Ago

    "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the first annual Profile!" the man on the stage shouted above the crowds screams and laughter. Jamie stood near the back with his friend Nathan, a bottle of smirnoff in one hand and a can of cider in the other. The air inside the small multicultural centre was hot and stuffy, but Jamie knew that if he took his hoodie off, he'd only be cold outside.

    "Jamie, what the **** are we doing here again?!" Nathan shouted over the noise. Jamie turned to look at him mildly.

    "Hmm?" he said.

    "I said - what the **** are we doing here!" he shouted. Jamie smiled, and nodded to the stage where a girl with pink highlights in her long black hair. As her band set up behind her, she seemed to search the crowd before her. Jamie raised his arms up, waving them in the air, brandishing the alcohol.

    "Oh...yeh of course," Nathan said, groaning inwardly. She stepped up to the microphone and without any introduction she began to sing, almost inaudibly against the loud guitar chords blasting out of the speakers. The crowd began to dance, some shuffling rthymlessly, others grinding against their partners hips. Jamie took a long slurp from the Smirnoff.

    "Stupid ***** can't sing for ****," someone said loudly behind them. Jamie turned around and saw Sam, the local knuckledragger who had been kicked out of all but the scumiest schools.

    "What did you just say?" Jamie said, turning to look at the shaven head and dim eyes.

    "Oi, look guys, it's Multiple Man!" he said, laughing with his mates, all equally as intelligent.

    "Don't call me that dickwad," Jamie said, squaring up to him. Sam acted scared.

    "Oooh look who dug deep and found a pair. What you gonna do freak, be in 7 places at once at me?" Sam said, drawing to his full height.

    "I'm warnin' you now genius, back off or I'll make you wish your dad didn't get drunk, **** a dog and have you nd your sister," Jamie said, bringing his fists up. Nathan put his hand on Jamie's shoulder.

    "Mate, leave it out yeh? Just go back and watch Hannah, kay?" he said soothingly.

    "Yeah Jamie, listen to your poofter mate and run away," Sam sneered. Nathan frowned for a second.

    "Beat the crap out of him Jamie," he said calmly, and stepped back.

    That was when a number of things happened. Sam swung at Jamie, a heavy fisted, quite embarrasing throw, even by Sam's standards. Sam's mates, stepped forwards to grab Nathan, who backed away. Jamie snapped his fingers six times, and six identical duplicates appeared at his side, all in the same hoodie with fingerless gloves on. The seven Jamies all moved in different directions, two jumping on Sam, and the other five dealing with Sam's mates. A person screamed, and the speakers stopped blasting out their tune. There was a panic as everyone stampeeded away.

    "You're a ****ing mutie!" Sam shrieked as Jamie littered his face with hard punches, learned from the few times he had bothered to turn up to kickboxing.

    "And you're a ****ing genius Sam mate," Sam said, delivering one more punch then standing up. He looked round at the empty hall, and at Hannah glaring at him from the stage. Bollocks. The six duplicates dissappeared, and Jamie downed the last of the cider, and half the bottle of Smirnoff.

    "So she broke up with you?" came Nathan's voice down the phone.

    "Uhu," Jamie said, twirling the chord around his fingers as he sat on the bed.

    "I thought she knew you were a...y'know,"

    "Yes, but she didn't expect me to completely ruin her first gig," Jamie sighed.

    "But mate...she can't sing for ****," Nathan said, slightly exasperhated.

    "Try explaining that to her," Jamie said.

    "Oh well. Life goes on mate. Just go onto the next girl in the queue," Nathan said.

    "Not for me mate. Moira's sending me to some ****ty Boarding School in New York for mutants," Jamie sighed.

    "What?! That's bollocks. I'm sure if you explained to your mum-"

    "She isn't my mum Nathan. My mum died when I was three. She's just Moira," Jamie said, and slammed his head into the pillow.


    Jamie walked down the corridor, and into his new room. The rooms seemed to be filling up fast, though there wasn't much in the way of difference between them. The walls were bare, but painted, and the bed was covered in plain white sheets. He dumped his travelling bag and guitar at the bottom of the bed, and looked out the window at the setting sun.

    So Moira had decided to send him to a state where the legal age for sex was 17, and the drinking age was 21. Gee, thanks for that mother dearest. He opened up his guitar and checked it over, to make sure it had got through the flight ok. He pulled his leather jacket off (which had been his fathers) and put it on a hook behind the door. He looked out the window, and saw a girl being dropped off. She was about his age, maybe older.

    "Why hello there," he said to himself. He put his jacket back on, then walked out of the room.
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    "Red Dawn" part 3​

    Two months later.......

    "Dammit Scott get your ass outta bed! Your gonna be late!"

    I roll onto my back and moan.

    "Can't I stay home!"

    "Don't make me come up there."

    I slowly get to my feet and walk over to my closet. I got the casts removed acouple weeks ago and had to go through physical therapy to regain the strength in my legs. I've just been signed off to go back to school. We did'nt have any other relatives, no aunts, uncles, or grandparents to turn to so Alex was made my legal guardian. I still smile when I think about the time those clowns from the Church of the Shi'ar showed up at the house not long after we came home. Alex told them to go **** themselves and slam the door in their faces.

    "Scott if I have to come up there im bringing a bat with me!"

    "Im up!"

    I throw on the first shirt I see and head for the door. I stop when I see the picture of mom and dad on my computer desk. Seeing that picture always tears at my heart but I just don't have it in me to put it away. I wipe away the tear burning at my eyes and head down stairs and into the kitchen. I grab a bowl and the corn pops from the cabinant as Alex walks in with his backpack.

    "Alright Scotty I gotta go. You need a ride?"

    I shake my head.

    "No im just gonna walk."

    "Alright, I gotta work after school so just order somethin for dinner okay?"

    I node my head as Alex heads for the door. He stops and looks back at me.

    "You okay?"

    "Yeah its just a headache. Its causing my eyes to hurt."

    "Grab some Tylanol than. You got my cell call me if you need me."

    With that my brother leaves as I finish my breakfast in silence.
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    Wade Wilson

    First period on a Friday.

    Easily my least favorite way to start a day.

    The speakers from my computer are spouting a fun, old tune by Dire Straits.


    The bell signaling the end of homeroom sounds, and my homeroom students eagerly push themselves out of their desks, slinging their bags over their shoulders.

    "Have a nice day!"
    I call to the group, receiving a few muffled "G'bye"s and "See ya!"s as they leave.

    I leave the podium I'm standing behind and make my way to the back of my classroom, to my desk.

    I slide a drawer open and take out the portfolio for my next class, disregarding the slew of ungraded papers in the folder in my hand.

    In a rush, I slam the drawer shut and glance at the doorway. Professor Xavier is sitting quietly in the door frame in his wheel chair.

    "Enjoying your stay so far, Mr. Wilson?" He asks with a warm smile on his face.

    "Absolutely, sir." My large, round glasses slide down the bridge of my nose, and I meet the frames with a finger, sliding them back up.

    "Excellent. Have you made any progress in your attempts to contact Washington?"

    A stern look comes onto my face.

    "'Fraid not. No matter how many times I ask, no congressman is interested in what a brilliant 26 year old has to say."

    The Professor smirks silently and wheels himself out of the path of my next pupils.

    "I suppose that's to be expected." Xavier mutters, somewhat disappointed. "I hate to cut our conversation short, but I've got to get to my classroom. Time flies."

    A lethargic class draws itself into my room and they all take their desks.

    "Who's ready for some Latin?!"

    Despite my enthusiastic tone, I'm met with a series of groans and moans. Teenagers. They'll never learn. Don't get me wrong, they're a great bunch of kids, but they're all lazy.

    A stack of papers on my podium lifts into the air, tightly within my grasp.
    "I have your latest test on chapters six and seven of the Second Catalinian Oration by Cicero."

    People hold their faces in shame as I pass the tests out.

    "Sufficed to say..." I say with a sigh, "These are not your best."

    I glance at the grades as I pass them out one by one.


    I roll my eyes as the boy to whom this test belongs rolls his eyes in dismay.


    This next student has quite a lot of potential, but refuses to study. Basic grammatical errors lead to his low grades, and it's such a shame.


    Not bad. But, still, the work is sadly mediocre.


    "Ah." I say with a spark of glee, "Today's gold star goes to Bob Kelly for being able to get above a 90."

    Everyone's eyes fall onto their own grades, and then he's met with a series of angry glares.

    "Now, don't look at him like that, folks. There was a 12 point scale, after all."

    The glares then fall onto me.


    The period goes by quickly, as we correct the test fully, and in depth.

    The bell rings once more.

    "Remember, I want the first paragraph of chapter 8 done tomorrow!" I call as people head out of my room in disgrace.
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    Today is the big day. Months ago, I saw a newspaper article about an American Professor that deals with mutants. As it turns out, this Professor has opened a boarding school in America specifically for "children of the atom." Needless to say, my family and I became very excited upon hearing this news. We have dedicated the past couple weeks to trying to come into contact with the Professor. Finally, last week, we reached him. He agreed to come out today to meet me.

    I sit nervously in the kitchen, waiting for this Professor to arrive. Mother has ordered me to wear my nicest suit - though I am not a particular fan of getting dressed up. On the bright side, the rest of my family has done their best to look good, so I am not alone. I must say that I think Illyana looks adorable in her little dress. Nonetheless, as I twiddle my thumbs, I stare down at the half-polished shoes upon my feet. I hope that this Professor does not think I am a slob - he simply must understand that my family doesn't have much. Not even shoe polish.

    When there is knocking at the door, I jump up and walk briskly to answer it. I am the only member of my family to speak English - albeit with a heavy accent. "Hello, you must be the Professor," I announce while extending my hand.

    The bald man in the wheelchair smiles. "Well, aren't you a growing boy?" he laughs as he takes my hand. "I am Professor Charles Xavier. I assume that you are Piotr Rasputin."

    I nod. "Please, come meet my family," I insist as I move out of the way. Mr. Xavier rolls into my family room and smiles at my family. "Those are my parents and my sister Illyana. I have a brother - Mikhail - but he moved out a couple years ago."

    "You have a wonderful family, Piotr. Would you honestly feel comfortable moving halfway across the world from them?"
    Mr. Xavier asks.

    "As long as I am here, I am a danger to them," I explain.

    Mr. Xavier nods. "It's not easy being a mutant," he agrees. <Everyone is afraid of you all the time.>

    I heard him, but his mouth did not open to speak. How can this be possible? "How---?"

    "You are not the only one in this room with special gifts," Mr. Xavier responds. I see him glance over at Illyana, but I think nothing of it. "At my school, we teach you to use them wisely. You will be in a safe environment - free from ignorance, fear, and hatred."

    "What about the regular education?"

    "I assure you, we have hired a faculty of well-qualified teachers,"
    Mr. Xavier replies. "Take Mr. Wilson, for example. He will be your first period teacher come Monday."

    My eyes widen. "Monday?"

    Mr. Xavier nods with a smile. "You are welcome in my school, as long as your parents consent to it."

    <"Mother! Father! I'm going to his school!">
    I exclaim in my native tongue. "Shall I go pack?"

    "Yes, please do. While you get situated, I'm going to go over the paperwork with your parents,"
    he explains.

    "But, Mr. Xavier, they don't speak English."

    <I'm sure I'll figure something out.>

    That's such a strange feeling to have someone talking in your head. Nonetheless, I brush it aside and run to my room to pack.

    "Oh, and Piotr, call me Professor."
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    The Man With Half a Face: C h a p t e r O n e

    Inside the basement of the Westchester Estate..


    It's the first day of class, and..ruddy hell....I'm beginning to doubt myself. Sure, I know
    my music theory; I could teach--but for christ's sake....I'm a human jack-o-lantern. Not
    to mention my voice that bounces around in your head like a bloody pinball. The
    students will be a little surprised at my appearance I'm damn sure, but in an environment
    like this, it wouldn't matter if you shot bogies out of your arse, you'd be one of them, one
    of us.

    I've gone long enough feeling sorry for myself, and my....problem. I'm not that young,
    rebellious teen I once was. I was frightened then, and envious of the entire world. I
    thought that nobody knew pain like I did; but I was proven wrong when I came to this
    place..this sanctuary.I even blew the roof off of the girls dormitory once, just after Paige
    snogged me.Everyone was pretty scared of me from then on...that's when I practically
    gave up, and became the anti-social bum I wanted to be.


    Over the years I've been a ghost, practically. Until recently, when the Professor
    told me that he believed I was ready to be a part of the faculty. All of these years
    I had been training my abilities...harnessing them in ways that were less destructive.
    The professor has helped me tremendously. He even recommended I keep this
    journal, to record my thoughts. I figured it wouldn't hurt..

    My appearance however, has not changed. I still lack a lower jaw, along with the
    vital organs that would have been in my torso; instead I have this vortex of psionic
    energy, that bends at my will. Trust me, I'm a knockout to the ladies. At least I still
    got me marbles, heh! I've gotta' bring this to a close...my class starts in a bit, and
    I've got some setting up to do..

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    I stood outside of Xavier's "school" for "gifted" teens and couldn't help but smile at the notion of someone properly teaching young mutants how to use their abilities to their peak potential. It was almost as if Charles was doing half the work FOR me. One of the students, a young girl with black hair, approached me. She smiled, clutching a stack of various text-books to her chest.

    "You have a kid that goes here?" she asked while pushing up her glasses with her index finger (which seemed difficult due to all the books she was holding). I smiled and looked her in the eyes.

    "Actually, young lady, I have a friend who works here and I'm supposed to have lunch with him in an hour. I thought I'd arrive early so I could get the grand tour of these facilities. Unfortunately, it would seem that the campus is much too large for me to see in merely an hour, so I should probably find someone to show me to Mr. Xavier's office."

    Her eyes widened a bit.

    "You're here to see the professor? Well, I think he's in the middle of a class right now, but I could show you around a bit. 'Least until your meeting with the professor."

    I nodded appreciatively.

    "That would be wonderful. And thank you, my dear."

    "Call me Jessie."
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    The door opened, I smelled her perfume, his tabacoo, and the sex that followed them from the car. This town was too predictable, something out of a crappy new age western. Gun totin country folk who drive their desiel trucks and love their beer. I can't stand most of it, I just sit in the corner keepin to myself, tryin not to be noticed. The bar girl come over to me an asks,

    "Can I get ya anythin else sugar?"

    I respond, "A new life, or a bottle beer, you choose."

    "Sure, what kind."

    "I'd like to be a rock star please, they don't worry bout much."

    "What kinda BEER mister."

    "Guinness, extra stout."

    "Sure thing." She says with a little disgust. "You got I.D.?"


    "Yea hun, I gota make sure your old enough or they'll have my neck."

    "Hmm...you want I.D., Heres my I.D." I say pull out the dog tags from around my neck. " Now lets stop askin dumb questions and get me a beer? Sound good...sugar."

    The waitress takes a look at me, almost in shock, nods, turns around and heads for the bar.Before I can think much more the door opens again, guy walks through, I smell his after shave, the alchohol already on his breath, and the.....GUNPOWDER!


    He pulls out a gun and waves it around. I stand up and walk towards him.

    "I SAID GET DOWN! You some kinda freak or somethin, walkin into a loaded gun, you wana die kid?"

    As I get next to him I say, "Right on all acounts, cept fer one. I got briefs older than you bub.....now get the hell outa here."

    "**** YOU!" He says pullin the trigger.

    I real back and take the pain, look him in the eye and say "NO, **** YOU!"

    I pull my hand across and he falls to the floor and lands on his stomach, I turn and walk outa the bar, everyone sits inside confused, barely movin. I get to my bike and start it up, and just as the engine roars I hear a woman scream.....they must have turned him over. Cops will be here soon, an its only an hour till dawn, I got move. I hop on my Harley sittin outside of the bar, flip the kick stand, and punch it out onto the street. I gota find some place to lay low for the day. Bout six miles away I cross and Inn, it aint much but its somethin. I park the bike in the back and make my way for the lobby.
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    "Red Dawn" part. 4​

    The headache continues to pound as I walk into my first period class and take a seat in the back. I notice people shooting looks at me and whispering, I guess word of what happened spread quick which was surprising considering these people would'nt even give me a passing glance before.

    "Hey Scott."

    I look over and see my only friend take the seat next to me.

    "Hey Lorna."

    Lorna Dane and I have been friends sense kindergarden. We've both been the outcasts though I don't understand how considering that shes way prettier than the "popular" girls. She actually shocked most of the class this year by showing up the first with her hair dyed bright green and sporting piercings in her nose and lip. I thought she looked awsome, sadly the Principle didnt. It took the threat of expulsion to push her to start wearing clear retainers to school.

    "So how you feeling? I tried calling your cell but I kept getting the voice mail."

    I slap my forehead.

    "Dammit yeah I forgot to throw it on the charger."

    Minutes tick by as we wait for the first bell to ring.

    "So do you wanna hang out after school? I was thinking we could wander around the mall."

    I node my head. I really didnt want to troll around the mall but I could hear the concern in her voice and I know it would be futile to say no cause she would drag me there kicking and screaming.

    "Sure why not....."

    She flashes me a smile as the first bell rings.
  14. Lord Doom the hero Hype! deserves

    Jan 14, 2007
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    The students weaved past me, trying to get to their classes on time, as I made my way towards the office of Charles Xavier, my best friend since high school.

    "Charles?" I called, poking my torso through the doorway.

    There I saw a bald man in a dark-green sweater, sittng in a wheel-chair. He looked up from the book he was reading in order to regard me properly.

    "Ah, Erik," he replied cheerily.

    "Please, come in. Have a seat. I'd get up to shake your hand but, well, you know," he joked.

    I chuckled. Charles always did like to poke fun at himself from time to time.

    "Hell, at MY age it's a miracle I'M not in a chair with you."

    Charles chuckled as well and I sat down to shake hands with my dear friend.

    "So what made you decide to come here all the way from England?"

    "Well," I began while removing my hat.

    "I've been doing quite a bit of searching, as of late, and I realized that, despite all my efforts towards mutant rights, I still remain unemployed. Charles, my research into the mutant genome has reached a point where I find myself unable to properly fund it. I'm low on money, Charles but, more importantly, I'm low on asistants. I need someone I can trust to help me discover what mutants really are. I have my theories, but nothing to back them up or even dispute them."

    Charles rubbed his chin and leaned back into his chair.

    "That's very unfortunate, Erik. After all, it was our heated debates on mutant-kind that first sparked your interest in researching our heritage. Who we are. WHAT we are. How we came to be and, more importantly, WHY we are the way we are. Therefore, I feel it is my duty, not only as your friend but as a mutant rights activist in my own right, to give you a job at my school."

    I was quite flattered, as you could imagine.

    "Charles, that's a VERY generous offer but..."

    "Then it's settled," Charles replied as he clapped me on the shoulder.

    "I'll have a room ready for you tonight and, tomorrow morning, one of the seniors will give you the grand tour of the school. Once you're comfortable enough, you can begin your job teaching."

    I thought about the offer for a moment.

    "Professor Erik Magnus," I said aloud.

    "It DOES have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?"

    Charles nodded in agreement.

    "Indeed it does. I'll inform the other faculty members of the newest member to our little family tomorrow. In the meantime, let's get some grub."
  15. Andy C. Repent, Harlequin!

    Mar 1, 2006
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    The men had been standing at attention in a sterile white room, waiting for inspection, for over three hours. It wasn't due to any sort of delay or bad scheduling; he just liked seeing who had the patience to stand there and wait to get looked over by a man who didn't officially exist.

    To their credit, not one of them had shown the slightest sign of discomfort. This particular crop of hopefuls was about twice as big as the usual--there were six of them. Two decorated Army Rangers, one Delta Force, a Navy SEAL, and two CIA operatives. Each of them trained to be the absolute best at what they do. Only one of them, however, would be recruited into this particular fold.

    Finally, after looking them over from the other side of the two-way mirror in the next room, he opened the door and made himself known. He wore all-black BDUs, with a worn-out black leather trenchcoat over it. An eyepatch obscured the disfiguring scar that ran down the left side of his face, but it was almost harder to look at his good eye, which stared right through the soldiers. The sheer presence of combat hung about the man like the smoke and the stink from his cigar.

    "Let me start off by answering the first question you're all thinking. The answer is yes, Colonel Fury really does exist. You're looking at him. Given your individual profiles, I know I don't have to tell you that nothing I say and nothing you see here exists. You've been selected because you are the very best in your fields. However, you're still nowhere near as good as you'll need to be. Today, we're going to find out if any of you even can be."

    Fury stalked the recruits like a hungry wolf, searching for even the slightest hint of faltering.

    "When you're done here today, you'll know exactly what you're made of, because you will exert yourself to your absolute physical and mental limit. Simply put, if you don't, you'll be dead. Those are the stakes you'll face in the field, and those are the stakes you'll face here."

    It may have sounded like simple macho talk to intimidate the men, but every word he said was the truth. The threat his operatives faced was unlike anything these men had ever seen, and he needed to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would be up to the task.

    "Prepare to step into the big leagues, boys. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D."
  16. Lord Doom the hero Hype! deserves

    Jan 14, 2007
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    Erik Magnus

    I walked out of my bathroom and into my small, yet comfy living quarters (which had been generously provided for me by my good friend, Charles Xavier) and sat down on the sofa. I removed the reading glasses from a nearby desk, slipped them on, and began reading one of my all-time favorite books, "The Once and Future King". I was just about to wrap up chapter 13 when I heard a knock at the door.

    "Come in," I replied.

    The door opened to reveal the form of a familiar young lady.

    "Jessica," I began after taking a moment to glimpse over at my new visitor.

    "What brings YOU here?"

    The young woman approached me eagerly.

    "I heard from Roger that there was talk of a new teacher joining the faculty. When I asked Professor Xavier who it was, he told me that it was a friend of his and I immediately thought of you. Is it true that you're going to start teaching here soon?"

    I set down my book and slipped off my glasses.

    "It's true, Jessica. I came here to ask my dear friend, Charles Xavier, if he would be so kind as to offer me a small loan to fund my research into the mutant gene. When he instead offered me a teaching position at this marvelous school of his, I simply couldn't refuse."

    Jessica giggled in excitement.

    "When do you start?"

    "One week from now. I have to get a layout of the campus and a feel for the classroom, then I'll be ready to go."

    "What you said today.... It really made me think... About mutants... About humans.... About EVERYTHING... Thank you, Mist.. er.. Professor Magbus."

    I chuckled at the mispronounciation.

    "It's Mag-nus, my dear."

    Jessica slapped her forehead and blushed.

    "Oh, right... Sorry... I could've sworn the Professor said Magbus... Well, I gotta go. Bye!" She did a little wave and skipped out.

    I smiled. If I could get through to THAT one so easily... Imagine how many I could reach if I really tried...
  17. Gallagher Shaman of Sexy

    Nov 15, 2006
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    "Well, what do you think?"
    Professor Xavier and John Allerdyce moved through the mansion, Xavier smiling at the awed expressions of the young mutant.

    "I think... I hit the jackpot." John said still staring wide eyed at the rooms he passed through.

    "Indeed." Chuckled the Professor. "But know that this is not a vacation young man, you will be expected to work hard and do your part."

    John nodded eagerly. "So uh, what do I do now?"

    "Well seen as this is your first day, I'd say you can skip classes, familiarize yourself with the grounds and the faculty, socialize. Your room, should you require a change of clothes or a rest is down the hall and to the right." Xavier suggested, nodding in approval. "Now if you'll excuse me I have a ton of paper work that, unfortunately, is not going to do itself."

    John laughed and waved the Professor out of the room. Striding down the hall he opened the door to his room. The walls were rather bare and the was only one small window to allow light into the room but to John it was his new home. He sat on his bad, staring at the blank walls.

    "Nothing a little flame red won't fix."
  18. Venom160 Enigmatic Loner

    Jun 7, 2003
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    "Red Dawn" part. 5​

    The rest of the day goes somewhat normally. By the time schools' over the dull headache has intensified to the point that it feels like my head is gonna split open.


    I grab at my forehead as Lorna and I follow the crowd as students leave the school and head for home or wherever. Lorna puts a comforting hand on my shoulder.

    "Are you ok?"

    Just like that the headache is gone, my eyes are still burning but the headache is gone.

    "I......I don't know...."

    I kneel down and grab the books I dropped.

    "Aw crap."


    "I forgot to grab my math book outta my locker."

    "Well come on lets go and....."

    "No I'll get it, I'll meet you outside."

    Lornas' silent for a moment as she looks at me.

    "Alright I guess."

    I turn and run back up the stairs to the second fall and head for the last locker at the end of the hall. I grab the math book outta the locker head back outside. I start to scan the crowd as I walk outside searching for Lorna. I scan the crowd three times but still can't find her.


    Leave me alone!"

    I jerk my head towards her voice and see Josh, Mike, and Brian, the "troublemakers" of the school juddled around someone. Mike steps to the side slightly and I see a briefest glimpse of green hair.


    I start pushing through the crowd drawing closer as I start catching little hints of what Josh is saying.

    "Come on baby, gimme alittle kiss. You know you want to......"

    Josh's idiot friend laugh, or more of a loud grunt, as Lorna tries to turn away.

    "Aww why you have to be like that..."

    Josh roughly grabs Lorna's chin and turns her head back facing him.

    "Come on...."

    "Leave her alone."

    Josh and his cronies turn towards me.

    "Get lost Summers, this a private party."

    Josh's punks grunt again start trying to cop a feel as Lorna fights them.

    "I said leave her the **** alone!"

    Josh turns back towards me and starts to advance.

    "Well looky here boys. Looks like Summers wants to join his parents."

    I feel my hands ball into fists as Josh's cronies keep aholed of Lorna. Josh gets right in my face. The idol chatter starts to die down as the other loitering students notices whats going on.

    "What you gonna do Summers? You want the little ****? Than try and take her...."

    Even though I got the height advantage Josh is way stronger than me. My only change is to try and take him off guard. Before I know whats going on Josh's fist plows into my jaw. I stumble back and fall flat on my ass as Josh's cronies starts laughing.

    "Oh come on you little ***** get up!"

    I slowly start to get up only to meet with a kick to the head.


    The headache has returned worse than ever.


    I grab at my head as my eyes starts to burn.

    "What the hells amatter with ya Summers get the **** up before I.........."

    Josh trails off as he sees that Scott's eye have turned red.


    With one final scream a blast of pure energy erupts from Scott Summers eyes smashing into the concrete blowing up large chunks. Scott, not registering whats going on, turns his gaze back to Josh. The beams hits Josh sending him flying over Lorna and his cronies. He crashes to the ground with a sickening crunch. Josh's cronies lets go of Lorna and head over to Josh.


    At this point chaos is everywhere. Students are running and screaming. Josh is screaming and holding his burned face. Scott is screaming as he stares into the sky.

    "Lorna help me!"

    Scott raises his hands to try an cover his eyes but only burns them.


    Lorna runs to his side trying to figure out how to help him.

    "I don't know what to........"

    She trails off when an idea comes to her.

    "Close your eyes Scott."

    "Are you crazy! Id burn my eyelids off!"

    "Dammit Scott do you trust me?!"


    "Than close you ****ing eyes!"

    Scott closes his eyes and the beam vanishes. Lorna looks at Scott and see that his eyelids are glowing bright red.

    "Did......did it stop?"


    Lorna jerks her head when she hears the sirens approaching.

    "We gotta get the **** outta here."

    "What? We can't, we gotta tell the cops what happened and......."

    Josh's screams drown out Scott.

    "Your gonna ****ing fry you mutie piece of ****!"

    "You were saying?"

    Scott didnt say another word as Lorna places his arm around her neck and helps him get to his feet. She takes Scott by the hand and leads him away from the school. She pulls out her cell and dials Alex's number.
  19. Matt Murdock Registered

    Jun 29, 2005
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    Wade Wilson

    I have a stack of books in my arms as I push myself through the door to the faculty room.

    Dr. Hank McCoy, resident scientific genius is pouring himself a mug of coffee.

    "Dr. McCoy." I say, flopping my books down on the table. "How's AP Physics treating you?"

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