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What DC character would you want to get drunk with?


Oct 9, 2003
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This is a two fold question.

First: Which member of your sex. Good old fashion drunken times. At a bar. Telling jokes, hitting on the ladies (or men, if you are of the fairer sex), throwing up in the parking lot. Who would it be?

Second: Which member of the opposite sex. Get cozy, have a few too many, make some bad decisions. Who would you choose?

For same sex, I think Hawkman would be a great drinking buddy at a bar. I mean, he looks ridiculous. I gaurantee he can put a few beers down. He's got the hairy chest thin going on. He's a ladies man. Definatley someone you want with you in a bar fight.

For the ladies, I'd say Cyclone. She's about my age, has red hair, and seems like she'd be a lightweight. But then again she's a theater person and those poeple are f'n freaks.

Your thoughts.

It was kinda creepy dude altho I totally dig the Flight of The Conchords references.
For of the same sex as me i would go with Guy Gardner cause that would just be a ****ing great time.

As for a female i think Starfire cause she is so damn hot and i can see her being a **** drunk. lol
I'd want to get drunk with Catwoman and then ask her to go swing around Gotham! :hehe:
Same sex: Alan Scott. It would be interesting to see him pound back a few brewskis and talk about the good ole' days.

Opposite sex: Big Barda
For of the same sex as me i would go with Guy Gardner cause that would just be a ****ing great time.

As for a female i think Starfire cause she is so damn hot and i can see her being a **** drunk. lol

AFTER she's drunk she's a ****? :huh:

Same Sex: Power Girl. Why not?

Opposite Sex: Alan Scott. He's got the sexy going for him. (Woulda said Terrific, but we would probably NOT get drunk, and just talk about engineering all day. =/)
Same Sex: Kyle Rayner. I bet you could talk him into creating some freaky (and well drawn) construct skanks once he gets a good buzz going.

Opposite: Grace and Thunder. Cuz I'm pretty sure Grace would try to take advantage of me in my inebriated state, and bring Thunder along for the ride.

Person I would like to go drinking with the least? Batman. You just know he'd get all weepy after awhile.
As an absolute not-ever last choice: Green Arrow.

Because Green Arrow will **** your woman.

Not-ever last choice lady: Supergirl.

Because Supergirl will **** your woman, just to prove she's better than you at everything.

Anyway top pick: the Batman. Because it'd be fun watching him get more and more moody and serious, until finally he snaps and assaults the barman.

For the ladies: in the interests of this not entirely being a who-do-you-want-to-**** thread, I'm gonna say Barbara Gordon, cause she seems like she'd be fun to hang out with.

In the interests of no but seriously I need some love: Huntress, cause she gives it up for fanboys.
Same sex: Lobo, i think that in itself says enough

Opposite Sex: Soranik Natu, that girl needs to unwind.
I would get drunk with the joker and go fooling around at people crashing everyting!

Once I m done with Joker Im getting drunk with catwoman. you know why...
I imagine getting drunk with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (before Ted got his brains blown out) would be a hoot.

As for the ladies...I'm gonna have to go with either Barbara Gordon or Lana Lang.
Guy, I would say Batman. It would be facinating to see him weep for a bit and I'll bet that after enough shots of Jack he'll be willing to do some kareoke.

Girl, I would say Huntress.

Another catagory: I'd love to get high with The Question, so we could put down some Pink Floyd and discuss philosophy.
Guy Gardner.

Zinda Blake.

Karaoke night.

Assuming I didn't have too worry about the ramification her superhuman strength, Powergirl.... As for drinking buddy kinda thing, Ted Cord would probably be the best to hang around with... pre bullet to the head though, I don't think the "Weekend at Bernies" thing would be all that fun.
Ted friggin' Grant would be a blast to drink with.

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