What I think makes a woman attractive.

these threads never cease to amaze me.......

all hail the mighty vagina.
I like a girl with extensions in her hair
Bamboo earings at least 2 pair
A Fendi Bag and a bad attitude.....
That's all I need to get me in a good mood
she can walk with a switch and talk with street slang
I love it when a woman aint scared to do her thang
standin at the bus stop suckin on a lolipop
once you get her started its hard to make the hottie stop
guys will always be motivated by looks alone :)
Shuley said:
guys will always be motivated by looks alone :)
I guess you didn't read 7 and 8 then, but I will say that looks are very, very important.
Man-Thing said:
I don't really know why I'm making this thread, I guess to see if someone shares in some of my views, although that really doesn't matter. To the women reading this, please don't take offense to this if it seems like I'm superficial or what ever. To me, a woman's greatest beauty is her attitude and personality, and I know that sounds like a cliche' but that's my honest opinion. If a woman is beautiful, but has a bad attitude or personality it is a huge grievance on how beautiful I think they are.

First off, let me say this isn't supposed to be a "omg she is so hot" type of thread. As a married man, I respect my wife enough not to look at pornography and stuff like that. But, being that I am infact a hetrosexual man, I do infact have opinions on the opposite sex.


1. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that the desireablitlity of a woman is somewhat uncommon. Take for example Angelina Jolie. Most men find her to be the epitimy of beauty in a female. I'll admit, she is very, very beatiful, but there's just one problem- she doesn't have hardly any flaws whatsoever, and I find that unattractive.

To me, for a woman to be really beautiful, they must have some flaw with them. For example, take Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries.


As you can clearly see from that video, she has really crooked teeth. But to me, that adds to her looks. It's not something I can really understand, but I love a small number of 'flaws' in women. I guess it's kinda like that crack in the liberty bell, but not really at all. Another example of a flaw would be Jennifer Garner woth her enormous fore head and big ears, Fran Drescher and her annoying voice, and Jewell's snaggle teeth. I guess it just gives them an exotic look?.

Things like big noses, big ears, and crooked teeth are things I just find attractive, but usually only if they have only one of these 'flaws'. Jennifer Garner is about the only exception I can think of right now.

2. Another thing I find beautiful in women is their hair. I like it either one or two ways and those are long (like almost to the small of their back) or very short (but not like a crew cut short like Dorlores used to have). I love both, but can't stand shoulder length hair, it's like their trying to have the best of both worlds and that's a no-no to me. I like long hair for the obvious reason, being that it is the classic look for a beautiful woman, but to me I like really short hair on a woman if she can wear it. To me, one of the most beautiful parts of a woman is her neck, and a lot of times, it is covered by hair, but if a woman can show off her neck with short hair, there's nothing like it. I really miss the that look from the early nineties where women were wearing their hair short on the sides and about 3" on top.

3. I also like women who look great without makeup, and I don't mean without makeup laying aroung the house, I mean no makeup as in going out without makeup. My wife can do this, and it makes me very happy. I also think lipstick looks good on blonds, the others should just wear lip gloss or something, ofcourse that's just my opinion.

4.I find a natural skin tone attractive as well. If you are fair skinned, you should work with that, and not try and become tanned. If you are darkskinned, then you shouldn't try and change that by wearing a lot of makeup.

5.I find older women attractive. To me, it's kinda creepy how most "men" today are salivating over these teenage girls. I find that as I age, my likes in women's appearances does to. I can't look at Mary Kate Olsen and find her attractive, because she is to young. To me, a woman who is beatiful when she's 40, has a lot more to boast about than the girl who has the thong sticking out. I can even appreciate the looks of women in their twlight years like Shirley Jones and Emi Lou Harris.

6.I like women with class. Like I said earlier, a thong sticking up over your pants is unattractive. I'm not saying I don't like it when women don't dress sexy, I do, I just don't like it when they dress skanky and by skanky I mean 'easy'. I am not saying women shouldn't be free spirits or whatever, I love tatoos, piercings, and obviously colored hair, but I don't think it's a good thing to constantly show off. Avril Lavigne is good example of how young girls who want to express them selves with their appearance should dress atleast in my opinon.

7.Like I said earlier, it's all about your personality, and your attitude in life. I think most men would agree, that women who are themselves and love life, have a certain charisma that men find highly attractive. Personally, I find Suze Orman very attractive based on this. Some people would say that she is *****y of whatever, but to me it just shows that she knows what she wants and thinks things through. To me, just being yourself will makeup up for a lot of other so called flaws you might have.

8.It's all about charisma. I guess this one, could go with number 7, but I distinguished it because- well I wanted to. There are certain things my wife does that are irresistable to me, and usually when I think of her these things pop in my head. The way she bites her lip when she reads, and the way she constantly pretends like she is gonna punch me (playing around) to the way she starts liking the things I like. I love it when I get in her SUV and there's a Metallica song playing in the player. I love it when she goes and watches Spider-Man movies with me, not out of necessity, but because she wants to and likes them herself.

Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anyone. Ladies, I hope you don't take these words as gospel and make yourself feel bad because you don't meet up to the list. Trust me when I say this, and I think I say it for a lot of men, 7&8 are the most important. I know several people who many would say are too fat, or to skinny, or to blemished to be attractive, but because of their personality, they make up for it. Anyway, it shouldn't matter anyway, I'm not dog ugly, but I'm not Brad Pitt either.

So everyone, feel free to chime in post what you find attractive about the opposite sex.


Hey girls I'm gonna start a thread where I cut my balls off and proceed to list all the attractive qualities girls want to hear about and not mention boobs or a$$. I am going to mention things like hair, flaws, responsibility and charisma...ya know the things I'd bring up if I were totally trying to get into your pants. However the irony is I'm on a website, so my total demasculinazation is all for not since really I will never meet any of you. Now that I have done this I think I should go to a salon, act all sensitive and then when the big butch guy who talks about boobs and butts takes my crush I'll smile and say to her "lets just be friends":down
I think we're all missing the most obvious answer as to what makes a woman attractive.


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