What other Asian actors do you want in this film?

Lucy Liu - having recently rewatched the Charlie’s Angels movies in preparation for the new one, I’ve determined that the crazy, over-the-top style action/martial arts from that franchise is something I’d love to see from Shang-Chi. So Liu would be a great addition to the cast.
Hong Chau from Downsizing, HBO's Watchmen (Lady Trieu) & Big Little Lies, Inherent Vice and the upcoming movie adaption of Artemis Fowl.

Not sure who she would play
I would love to see Lucy Liu join the mcu. She was my top pick for Lilandra actually
Jackie Chan,Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao,Yuen Woo Ping, Jackie Wu,Donnie Yen, Zhang Jin,Liu Yan,Liu Shishi and Zhang Ziyi. I have many more but too lazy to write them all out lol PS Chow Yuen-Fat also because it will be cool reunion between him and Tony! Hard Boiled is an classic!
Mulan managed to get Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jason Scott Lee and Gong Li in the same film. Marvel ought to go out of their way to get some names like that for this film.
I hope we get some new faces in this. 3 of the names so far announced have been in Crazy Rich Asians already.

Lucy Liu would be a nice big name ala Angela Bassett, but I can't think of a role for her. I'm speculating Awkwafina is already playing Fah Lo Suee, so who could Liu play? Maybe she'd be good as a sequel antagonist.

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