What should Frank Miller do next?


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Apr 4, 2004
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After The Spirit and Sin City 2, that is. I think that Marvel should hand the Daredevil franchise over to Miller and let him make DD an awesome movie, like it deserves. I would have said DKR, but I doubt DC/WB would have that when Nolan is doing so well.
Stop selling out and making ****ty movies.
Because it seems he's gone totally bat**** insane (no pun intended), he should just make the "GODDAM BATMAN" movie... Have you read all-star batman? He's completely lost it...
Thought Sin City 2 was in limbo? I haven't heard anything about it in some time.
Thought Sin City 2 was in limbo? I haven't heard anything about it in some time.

Frank is finishing The Spirit and Robert Rodriguez is remaking Barbarella. Once both are finished, Frank and Robert are moving foward with Sin City 2.

But i think if Justice League actually takes off and is successful(although i wouldn't think it matters), i see no reason why Frank couldn't make The Dark Knight Returns into a movie. Then again, i guess that also comes down to whether or not WB makes an animated version first.
I heard they were making Ronin, they just had a crappy director attached to it.
yup Ronin is indeed coming to the big screen and being helmed by the same man who brought us "Stomp the yard".

Black,time displaced, inner city ninjas crumping against aincient demons in a blade runner like future ?

Sign me up :)
it sounds awesome but can the director of Stomp the yard do what rodriquez and snyder did, seriously? They were in their genres, that's their game. Would this guy even know the rules or even how to play?
If you read Miller's Daredevil:The man without Fear that was his movie treatment for DD
Oh, good to know that, do you have any thoughts on Ronin?
it's the one FM book I havent read but Im looking for it. It's about a samurai that is brought from fuedal japan into the future
It depends how Miller does with The Spirit. He produced 300 and co-directed Sin City, but with both of those movies, there were two other directors that had just as much, if not more power who controlled decisions. If the Spirit is good then definitely, I say sign Miller up for directing more smaller comic book movies.
Does anyone think that this film will bring in older people who were fans of the spirit?
He needs to do Daredevil 2 with Kevin Smith cowriting. Seems appropriate.
Maybe, as long as they get it right, and i couldn't see them get it wrong.
Are you psychotic? that would suck have affleck back but this time he's Mr. fear and Dolph Lundgren is dardevil
it's because you have a spiderman avvy, that's why.

must be hindering me...
oh my spidey sense is tingeling! it says lundgren as... as... oh as punished owned and so would he as mr fear... AND dd.

have him as mr fear and dd. then were both happy.

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