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Sequels What villan do you think and hope will headline spider-man 4?

The Venomator

Apr 5, 2006
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I think that it all depends on what happens in 3, but i'd like to see venom and carnage in the next film. Although the certificate would go up because of the violence that would sure to be involved but it could have the ultimate acton scenes. Please share your most valued opinions.
to quote the gentleman inquestion
"make way for the SCORPION"
I hope Norman Osborne comes back with another villain. Just sorta Norman pulling the strings as Electro/Lizard or whoever takes down spider-man, but I am gonna wait and see Spider-man 3 before passing judgement on Number 4's baddies.
If Venom isn't in 3, then Venom. Otherwise I want Mysterio.
are we even sure there will be a 4?
This may be beyond 4 but I really want to see it...
Dr. connors becomes The Lizard... super big game hunter Kraven gets wind of this and comes into town to hunt down and kill Lizard... of course Spidey does not want his friend and mentor killed so he needs to rope in the Lizard and keep Kravan at bay... mayhem ensues.
SM-3....Venom...(If Cliffhanger) SM-4....Venom?

If not;

Then I think we should see the Lizard and/or Electro, or even the Scorpion.
I still say Lizard, but after Otto Octavius getting re-invented in Curt Connors' image in SM2 and the appearance of monster villain Venom in SM3, I don't see it happening. :(
If Venom aint in 3 but is built up then he should be the main villain in 4 with lizard.

If Venom is in 3 then Lizard and Electro
if it's all the same crew and cast, so lizard if not, i don't care!
Gotta go with The Lizard or The Vulture for number 4.

And there better be a 4!!!
In a perfect world, Venom would be the cliffhanger to Spider-Man 3 and headline Spider-Man 4.

Buuuut if that's not the case, I'd like to see Spidey have to juggle protecting innocents from the Lizard and protecting the Lizard from Kraven the Hunter.
I'm HOPING for a Venom cliffhanger and he as the main villian in 4.

If not, then I say Electro.

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