What was the last movie you watched? Part 2



The second one is Bloodstained Clan of Honor.
Brats 2024


The documentary is made by Andrew McCarthy, one of the "Brat Packs." Personally this is quite interesting since these young actors were of my generation, most of them just a few years older. The term Brat Pack was of course made up by a journalist (whom we actually meet), and we've had similar made up terms in the music industry in the past: When I started to listen to heavier rock as a kid in early 80s, the term NWOBHM always came up (google it); According to British music journalists a new "wave" of British metal bands coming up. Obviously Iron Maiden got most succesful out of that bunch. Same with "Grunge", a bunch of late 80s/early 90s bands that had their hometown Seattle as mostly common ground.. I remember the British "Manchester sound" from late 80s as well. And of course countless more examples.

Anyhows, it's interesting to hear/see McCarthy interview his old fellow actors from these 80s flicks, and their opinions on wether or not the term "Brat Pack" turned good for their careers afterwards. Also interesting comments from others like Bret Easton Ellis, and the whole documentary is somtimes commenting over all about movies with young people during the 80s, not just these particular ones.

Decades afterwards, personally I'd say the most memorable one of the Brat Pack flicks would be Breakfast Club. Or rather, I just barely remember the other ones today.
Had to pull off this double feature.

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I swear, this is when my love for red-haired women started. Batman & Robin, what a picture.

Rite Here Rite Now


Probably the campiest concert film ever made. Great energy and sound mixing.


I'm a fan of Ghost so I was thinking about seeing that one, but didn't have the time. Glad to hear it's good! I'll have to catch it on streaming.

Also, welcome back! :highfive:
Descansar en paz / Rest in Peace (2024)
Shirley (2024)
Trigger Warning (2024)
Brats (2024)
Life as a House (2001)
The Trap (1966)
Madness in the Method (2019)
Little Dixie (2023)

After Everything (2023)

This might be the worst franchise put to film, if only because there's FIVE of these train wrecks. A cinematic colonoscopy, if you will.

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