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What was your nickname in school?


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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Back in the days of the schoolyard, did you have a moniker that most of the kids called or still call you that isn't your name? And most of the student body knew you by? High school for me, most teachers called me Terrence/Terry, but the kids, nerd and jock alike, called me T-Lee for some reason. :o Strangely, not gang related, but some girl started calling me that and it stuck. There was another dude we used to call Pudge, but he was the skinniest mother****er ever, so irony.
I always got called by my last name in school and at work. People hardly ever refered to me by my first name. Also in the military someone said my last name wrong and that turned into my nickname.
^How does a mod get banned? You a trip, Showtime. :p
My whole life I always wanted to be J-Rod, after my favorite baseball player :cwink:, but no one called me that until late in high school. In middle school, everyone on the basketball court called my Slingshot because of the way I shot the ball. And in high school this one guy called Jimmy all the time because he didn't wanna sound like everyone and call me James.
I had different nicknames at every school I went to.

Green, Bubba (I hated this one), and Misfit.
Jarrett from Subway

Yas. I have a small Boston accent from my parents so when I say "yes" it comes out as "yas".
Skippy. We were making fun of a girls name in class....not mean, just playing around. She turned around and started twisting our names around. For some reason for Scott she chose Skippy. For some reason it stuck. My senior year there were people that knew me ONLY by that name....they had no idea what my real first name was.
ashiebaby. has been since i was two. my parents were buying a car and some cheesy salesmen was like "and what's your name sweetheart" and, being the absolute darling that i was, said "ashiebaby" so the family has called me it forever. i brought a boyfriend over for a holiday or something, and they heard it and started to call me it. first time he did i smacked him (HARD), but after awhile it grew on me.
My last name is Woodcock, let the flaming begin.

I also got Woody, Cock, Cocker everything that ever related with a penis. Wooddick is a personal favorite of my co-workers.
webhead (big spiderman fan duh)
stj (my initials)

I was called "skippy" by some of my gym friends..i dont know why?...But it stuck
Thomas the Tank engine, As my former Surname was Thomas before i had it legally changed.

after it was changed i had no nickname.
The guys I played Rugby with at school called me animal, after the guy from the muppets, I have him tattooed on my ass.
I'm in school right now and it's currently "***".

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