What's The Last Movie You Watched? XIV - - Part 15

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batman mask of the phantasm
Prometheus (second time theatrically)
Amazing Spider-Man :

It wasn't amazing, and the plot points they hyped up through marketing that they then-cut-out of the movie REALLY hurt this from being an epic (ala SM3), however, It was a well-welcomed return to form (after what I thought would be a **** quick-cash in reboot). Also, I didn't like the blatant rip-offs of Raimi's Spider-Man. Some of the movie really did feel like a rehash of what we saw before. The lizard was just god-awful looking (the design, not the actual Cgi, that was fine), and I hate the suit he wears. It looks good on camera, but it's just an awful suit. The acting AND the action were top notch, and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed in it. Hopefully the sequel improves the flaws, and uses a villain that's more of a visual stunner, while keeping the Spider-Man franchise a thrill ride.

The Road

Good movie, but too depressing.

Will not watch again.

Iron Sky
The Avengers
Tower Heist
The Sitter - Unrated
Why Stop Now

Pretty awesome for what it was. It's one of those movies you watch when you're an upper middle class, middle aged white person and love.
Jeff who lives at home. 8/10

It felt like a fable and somewhat relied on suspension of disbelief. Jason Segel, Ed Helms , and Susan Sarandon make it work though. I found it surprisingly dramatic and touching.

Featuring Faye Dunaway as the best Lois Lane ever.
Sandokan The Great (1963)

Steve Reeves for the win
American Reunion - 9/10

Loved this movie. Though it could be because I was drunk when I saw it...


That scene with the clown and the news anchor talking through the television was awesome, but unfortunately the rest of the movie and the titular game itself was pretty dull.
Singin' in the Rain- What a fantastic movie. Glad I saw it on the big screen. :up:
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