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Where are the X3 action figures???

Like people pointed out, Marvel Legends HAS included movie figures in certain series at times. Anyone who took the time to go to the link I provided and read the comments by the poster I specified would see their plans. I think that guy knows what he is talking about.

They wont ever do a whole series of X-Men 3 figures in Marvel Legends (For example, series 17 wont be X3) but I think they will incorporate movie versions of the characters into the line. Like, for example...Colossus could be in one series along with other marvel characters and the next series could have Pheonix, etc.

Despite what people say in this thread, Toy biz DID NOT have time to make movie accurate figures. Toys take a long time to get out...especially toys that have complicated approval processes. Go to the link and read about all it.

Anyway, should Marvel Legends go unchanged with the switch from toybiz, expect several X3 figures in the line. Think about it, they are running out of quality characters to do. New versions of popular characters are being incorporated into the line. Colossus is a very popular character (not only in comics, but his first marvel legends figure does very well on the secondary market). He looks AWESOME in the movie and theres no reason not to put him in legends. Juggernaut is in the same boat.

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