The Wolverine Which character/s are you looking forward the most?

Aug 19, 2004
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I know this is kinda early to start a thread like this but we already know some of the characters that will appear in the movie and this section needs more threads.

The characters that I am looking forward the most are:
  1. Silver Samurai - one of the most well-known enemies of Wolverine. I'm hoping he's a bad-ass villain!
  2. Viper - Jessica Biel is playing her and Viper screams like a femme fatale to me. Hopefully she will be fierce just like Mystique, Emma Frost and Lady Deathstrike.
Bumping this since the movie will be released in 21 days!

I'm looking forward to Viper the most!

The trailers didn't make me excited about Silver Samurai but I'm curious how the suit/robot works.
Good poll.

First off I am mostly looking forward to Wolverine, as it is his film, and after I was dissapointed with Origins I am desperate to see the character get the film he deserves because in X1 and X2 he was awesome and one of the best cast superheroes around with Hugh being a decent actor as well as looking the part.

Secondly I am most excited to see what they so with SS/Harada. Not so much the robot suit SS, although it does look good at least and will be a decent challenge for Wolvey (one he hasnt really had yet!!) but I like that we dont know much about him or how its going to play out but the traditional SS suit looks awesome and I hope we get plenty of that as well as robo-samurai.

Also an honourable mention must go to Yukio, she looks like a great foil for Wolverine and has some awesome ninja moves to boot.:woot:
Yukio. And Shingen. :)

Viper doesn't thrill me yet, but I'm generally positive about what we've seen of her so far.

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