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Which MARVEL movie is the biggest tear-jerker?


The Hype's Black Purist
May 11, 2005
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I dont know if you have a soft, gentle side such as myself, but this is a poll to decide which MARVEL smash-hit theatrical film, if any, came the closest to tearing your bad boy eyes up. Don't be ashamed to admit it either. Don't be that way. Dont hide your feelings from me. We never talk anymore.
X-Men 3. But not for the reason this thread implies.
I felt like crying every time a third installment screwed up a perfectly good series of movies. :csad:
I felt like crying every time a third installment screwed up a perfectly good series of movies. :csad:

Trust me, every sniveling and whinny irrational fanboy has already cried a river of tears over X3 & SM3. No need to join in.

X3 probably delivered the most emotion with Storm's eulogy as they cut to the children crying.

I'd say for non-comic fans, Jean's sacrifice in X2 or Elektra's dying moments in DD registered the most. Fans knew that both wouldn't be down for good but average movie goers were shaken up.
i definatly found Peters talk with uncle ben in spider-man 2 about giving up his responsibility and ESPECIALLY his scene where he tells aunt may it was his fault were the saddest in any comic book movies, although Supes getting beaten on Jesus like was real sad, but not Marvel
Very few Marvel films have delivered truly moving experiences to people, from what I’ve seen. The only comic book film that really stirred any deep emotion in the audience was Superman Returns, when Supes is getting the stupid beat out of him and dry-drowned by Luthor’s goons near the end of the movie.

There were little kids bawling all over the place. I wanted to smack them with my half-pack of snowcaps and say "LIFE IS PAIN!!!"

But, you know, they shoot you for that kind of thing.
it's not a marvel movie, but i think The Crow has some really genuinely emotional moments.
Despite my hatred of X-Men 3, I was closer to real tears than any of the other choices.
spider-man 2 made me feel the most emotion. The death of Rosie, the party where peter both finds out mj is engaged and gets slapped around in public by his best friend, Peter telling aunt may what really happened with uncle ben's death, and octavius dying to fix his mistakes.
I'd say Spider-Man 3 but I remember back to when I was watching X3 where they killed off Cyclops, Professor Xavier, and Jean Grey(or Phoenix I guess). The way they killed off Cyclops was really lame because he was not involved in any action sequences during the movie up till is death; which really pissed me off, Professor X's death was just... eerie... the death scene that he had scared the hell out of me and changed the mood of the entire film, and Jean Grey's death... it was good to see the ****e who killed two major X-Men die but through all of that she was still a good person; she was just trapped inside this monster... her death was really poetic through all of the destruction and stuff like that(which is probably the only thing they ever got right in this film).
spiderman easily.....followed by wolverine's sacrifice for rogue at the end...

the other films don't have anything to actually cry about....

edit: ah great, another crappy poll with not enough options, jesus....
spiderman easily.....followed by wolverine's sacrifice for rogue at the end...

the other films don't have anything to actually cry about....

edit: ah great, another crappy poll with not enough options, jesus....
Yeah, that's one thing I noticed. He showed X-Men 2 & X-Men 3 but no X-Men?! That's kinda weird considering I never actually felt like crying over anything in X2; except for that fact that I was laughing my ass off during the entire fight scene between Wolverine and that chick(I forget her name) with the same abilities as Wolverine himself mainly because it was funny seeing something like that(stimulation wise) happen... it sorta reminded me of the fight sequence from Live Free or Die Hard; I couldn't help but laugh at the way John kept getting his ass kicked and how he kept throwing the chick around the room once he had her grounded.
I don't know about crying but there are a few emotional moments for me.

The end of Spider-Man 1 (whatever life holds in store for me...). I get chills everytime.

The end of Spider-man 2, when MJ is hugging John. The camera zooms to Peter without his mask looking on, and he swings away. The music does it.

A couple parts in X3 that were mentioned already.
:up: The flashbacks are intense.
Incredible movie that was, absolutly one of my favourite comic-book films of all-time. A rare gem in the collection of classic comic-book flicks, and movies alike.
None of the films listed really had much impact in that way, maybe X2, for Jean's death, which was handled well in terms of the inital reaction and reverberations afterwards. Also the characterisation of Xavier and Magneto was pretty intense.

I agree with the SR comment earlier on.
Uncle Ben's death with Peter by him in Spider-Man was pretty emotional for me.
This is a good thread; I was thinking of putting something in the general movies section only the other day.

Speaking from my personal reactions, the only time I've felt a tear in my eye in a superhero movie was during the first time I saw X3 when Storm delivers her eulogy. Subsequent viewings haven't had the same impact.

In other genres, I felt a tear in my eye when Lucy was crowned in Narnia, during the end scene of English Patient, during the last scenes of Titanic, the end of Brokeback Mountain.

And other emotions: several scenes in Mothman Prophecies ALWAYS make the hairs on my arms and neck stand on end!
I think Spidey 3 was sad when Harry died. X3 wasn't sad at all Xavier hardly did anything in the movies so it wasn't really sad when he died. Same goes for Cyclops.
Fantastic Four 2 because they screwed up Galacloud and Dr Doom (again)
No Marvel movie as ever stirred sad emotions for me. But the only scene which didnt have me excited or angry was in The Punisher when is whole extended family goes down. It was an anxious disgusted feeling I get when i watch a good horror movie.
I should have included Spiderman, but I didnt include FF or the first X-Men because I didnt think they had any very emotional "scenes". I wasnt talking about the movie that you had the most overall emotional attachment to the characters in, but just ones that could make you tear up possibly through a particularly emotional scene a la Jean's sacrifice/Wolverine's sacrifice/death of Harry Osbourn/death of Elektra/the Hulk's strained relationship with Molecule Dad.

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