Who would you rather...

Are Power Rangers even popular still? It was a 90's TV show.
I'd rather sleep with Zack Snyder. :o

... wait, was that not the question?

And to think all this time I thought you had both chromosomes.
I have ALL chromosomes. :o
I'd rather no Power Ranger film be made again.

But if it had to happen for this thread's silly scenario....Snyder.

Nolan is too good of a filmmaker to waste time on this.

I would think with all gripes about PRangers being silly, the prospect of a nolanized version would be the choice for those people...I suppose that the more obvious choice is to not accept the challenge at all.

The thing is, I don't see power rangers being any more silly than PRim if simply written differently I was a kid when I watched the Rangers, just as I was a kid when I watched godzilla monsters fight robots(also in power rangers). And GDTorro is a fine filmmaker. I'm sure he was a kid that loved that silly stuff and now that he's in a position of power decided to make a fun film. Don't see why the same can't be said for Power Rangers.
It was done to Batman to a degree.

Anyways it appears Snyder is more in line to do power rangers justice than nolan according to the majority. Perhaps if Nolan produces than the we can all pretend it's something more than a money making toy commercial.

on to the next one
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In whose hands would this property be done more justice.

The son of the original director, Jason Reitman


Abrams (and his fringe team).

I personally love fringe but I'd be really interested in the cast Reitman pulls together. Plus, for me, GB is a silly ensemble movie.
tempted to add nolan but I know now he's above this too.

Ghostbusters, Abrams vs Reitman jr
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