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Will Eric Bana be back for Hulk 2??

Daredevil was quite good. People drop Daredevil's name as a negative so often like its in a league of Catwoman or B&R....
well i just didn't like the whole bad cgi and music video theme it went with
rating a movie shouldnt be based on how good or bad the CGI is
I think that right now the chances of Bana coming back are equal to the chances of Affleck being back as Daredevil (not counting his role in Elektra)....

ergo...no one knows...

I do think that DD2 might have a better chance of getting made though, since it would be much cheaper...so who knows.
Yes he will, Damn Universal need to make up their mind about the sequel
Don't know about the sequel for Hulk.

I heard that if Universal does it they are gonna try and do it with a smaller budget. Something like 80 mill. Which means good bye breath taking dessert scenes.

And just so there's no confusion.

Daredevil was bad because of a crappy script Crappy acting, asinine fight scenes (Murdock and Elektra in the park ring a bell?) and lazy editing.

Oh and did anyone notice that Beniffer's hair seemed to be water resistant at times? Maybe it's just me.
If they are going to lower the budget, then i would say no to a sequel, because its going to look crap
I don't think they should make a Hulk 2. Not many people would go and see it, most likely.
They will go and see it, Eric Bana is a star now, more action in the story, and hopefully better marketing
good point about Bana being a star.

I think if he lands the Bond role. (He's playing dumb at the moment) He could come on and be a major draw for the next Hulk film.

As far as the budget. Yeah a lower buget is just gonna kill the movie. But we'll see what happens. Marvel seems deadset on having a sequel while Universal seems iffy. Maybe Hul2 is with a different studio all together. In that case. All bets are off. Anything could happen
I think Universal wanted to wait and see how Spidey 2 would do, it didn't beat the first so they might no want to do it now
Originally posted by sava
I think Universal wanted to wait and see how Spidey 2 would do, it didn't beat the first so they might no want to do it now

Let's hope that's not the case... I hope Universal has the smarts to try again... Hulk could be a great franchise & there are plenty of fans out there who want another movie... To answer the question of "will Bana be back"... My guess is yes. Aside from the contractual agreements (they can be broken, you know), I think he will only want to do it if the script is good... Let's just hope that the next writer does a GREAT job. BUT, my hopes aren't all that high from reading what Avi has had to say about "Hulk light".

Either way though, I'm a die hard fan... I'll go see it regardless, I'll buy the dvd, & I'll stock up on merchandise... To support my big green buddy!!!
Hulk 1 sucked so why should they even bother making a Hulk 2

The only way i'd go see it is if i see a whole heck of a lot of explosions in the trailer and if they get a new actress for the gurl
I hope he'll be back
He nailed the part

Let the franchise die for about 3 years and restart it like they're doing with batman...only this time do it right...gamma bomb explosion and all.
3 years?

There's no point in restarting. The first one was great. It just wasn't what everyone was expecting.

There's a reason Hulk needs a sequal, and that's to give people what they were expecting with the first.

Non stop, ground breaking action.

Let's forget about restarting the franchise.

The movie did 60 MIL opening weekend!!! (And some ridiculous number in dvd sales)

That means that it would take something like 10 years for people to even get clost to getting over the original movie. You just don't redue movies like this and act like the original didn't happen. Especially when you got a rising star like Bana as the lead.

This is what I'll predict.

Bana does bond as well as a few other big budget films (Troy included) and then Hulk2 starts filming late 2006.

Suddenly people who bashed the original movie will forget that they bashed it annnnd start talking about how awesome the new movie will be.

(Happens all the time..how do you think Batman forever ever came to be???)

Sadly Wu won't be back and neither with the writer. But Univeral. Yeah Universal will find and good writer and whatever director that is hot at the time to make a sequal that can make a great movie.

And just for the record.

THe Hulk is Easily the best comic movie I've witnessed. Not flawless of course. ( would have been nice to have the dogfight and the final fight with the absorbing man in some sort of lighting) But it was a great movie regardless.

I think that people that bash the cgi are jumping on some silly bandwagon because the Hulk is the best Cgi we've seen on screen period.

I flat out loved the movie. I'll admit it wasn't for everyone, especially little kids. Tho the second time I saw it the kids in the cinema seemed to be pretty pumped once the Hulk showed up.

Fact is the movie dissapointed people who were expecting bruce banner to open is button down shurt to reveal the H on his chest.

The movie was smarter than that. To me...if Univeral wanted a spiderman type film Wu should have been last on their list.
The reason why people were expecting all out action and got some thing else is because of Universal's marketing, thats why most of the people were dissapionted.
Originally posted by The Burier

The movie was smarter than that. To me...if Univeral wanted a spiderman type film Wu should have been last on their list.

Wu.????..you mean Ang lee. And your right, universal promoted this film as an action movie..that's what happens when you lie to the public, they say **** you at the box office!
I hope he does. It would not at all be the same without him.

Eric Bana ruled as Bruce Banner/Hulk!
eric bana is bruce banner. he may ask for more money or say look at the first one and leave. he should make the second because he has been sign to three movies.

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