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WOO HOO, new Mighty Ducks movie!!!!!

where have I heard that before...where...where...where...oh yeah! the first one! it's the exact same plot as the first one! the first 2 movies were good, but the third was unneeded and ruined everything...how am I supposed to believe the best youth hocky team in the world (as established in the second movie) cant beat some preppy varsity snobs? it's ******ed...
Oh god :( how many more can they bring out?
Yes...interesting to see if the movie will do well at the box office.
Woohoo indeed! What's more, it is a complete rehash of the first movie with Pacey in Emilio's role! No one can ever acuse this franchise of being bereft of ideas! Oh, the orgazmic delight!
it'll do well...
b/c all the kids today will bel ike oooohhh.. that's sooo cool.. that movie was awesome, and think it's a original..

until all of us, 20 and over go...bull, that ORIGINAL movie was out when I was 10, you little bastards!! :mad: :rolleyes:
I'm under 20 and I am completely aware of the original Mighty Ducks movies. In fact, i really don't want to see this new version of it.
Wow, never seen that movie before. GOD DISNEY! YOU'RE RIPPING OFF YOUR OWN FILM!
Why the f**k is Charlie a delinquent? He was a nice little boy... :(
I don't know if I can really believe this. If it's true, then ol Pacy is having a lot of trouble with his career because I read an interview earlier THIS YEAR saying we'd be able to tell if he was evre really hurting for money because that's the only way he would ever do another Ducks movie.

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i known it sucks but they're gonna do i can sense it
Charlie? In trouble with the law? What is the world coming to? Should be an interesting movie. Plus, it has Emiliooo! Won't be better than the 2nd one. D2 was the bomb!
GL-Corps#28 said:
Why the f**k is Charlie a delinquent? He was a nice little boy... :(

Shoot! You and the other guys went to private school! Why isn't your act together!
it's gonna be cool to see Coach Bombay again. Emilio hasn't really done anything since D3. that guy is cool.
Geez. Well I liked the first one, and my favorite was the second one. Hated the third. I'll have to give this one a chance.
I worshipped the first two as a kid. I mean it. I really did.

I cried at the end of the all touching D2 (Weee are the champions, my friends.) I loved the goalie, I wanted to do the knuckle puck. God...the memories. It makes me want to see the movies all over again (Except number 3...why did they destroy them?)

Although they were relentlessly unrealistic they ruled.

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