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kgPanels. I grabbed a torrent that had literally a gig worth of panels for kgPanels, and ended up just going to and using an already made ui.
I'm using KGPanels, too. I mean what was the texture, I'm sorry.

Yeah, I've never really felt like I needed to modify anything in my UI. Plus I'm so used to how it is now I would be completely lost if I ever I changed it. :/
I got a 7 day free trial and been playing the game again. I did all the 3 Icecrown Citadel dungeons and they we're pretty fun! Especially Halls of Reflection with Farlic and Marwyn making their first game appearance. <3

I have to say getting badges is really easy now and the random dungeon finder is freaking awesome. I'm definatly taking the advantage of this 7 day trial to get as much as Heirloom gear i can for Cataclysm. :)
No kidding about that random dungeon finder. I absolutely love it.
Fall of the Lich King, revealed. <-- 3.3 Final cinamatic. The death of Lich King. Heres my thoughts on it:
Not to sound like a whiny ***** which i am, but really Blizzard? This is why 3.2 didn't have a lore trailer? 4 minutes, 2/3 voice actors? Really now?

Allright moving forward on to the trailer itself: Well it was rather predictable since we (lore nerds) knew all the datamined stuff, but so who was the bad guy of Wrath of the Lich King? Was it Ner'zhul? Was it Arthas? Was it Arthas' evil side or something? Who was the true evil behind the crown?

I do wonder did Bolvar lock himself to an battle againts Ner'zhul as he ice blocked himself, but here's my biggest question of all:

Really Blizzard? Really? Tirion may not tell anyone about the 2nd Lich King? Instead of organizing the Ebon Blade to guard eternally and then inform the people of Azeroth if ever Ner'zhul returns, really? Is this your excuse why there will always be Undeads and thus there will never be a lore story such as: The Ebon Blade started hunting down all the Scourge soldiers with the co-operation of Bolvar... Then again it seems one can truly never really control the Scourge excluding Ner'zhul himself.

So overall... It was underwhelming really, but thats because us lorenerds always except so much. I liked the details, i liked the music, but really now i'm just questioning the lore decisions here.
Woot! I finally hit 80! :D


Troll Shaman? Nice! :up:

As for the fall of Lich King, quite frankly I doubt Blizzard would really get rid of Lich King for good, and it might turn out to be an imposter or something and the real Lich King will still be out there. Just can't believe that Blizzard would let players kill the biggest villain in WC3.
He's actually slain by a group of all the leaders of Azeroth and some Outland main guys over in the World of Warcraft books.

Which is where all the 'lore' goes, and not "he was killed by a random group of basement dwellers".
He probably won't actually die, but crawl away and lick his wounds ala Kael'thealas.
Troll Shaman? Nice! :up:

Indeed. Except for the part where my DPS apparently sucks. :o

Also, a new screenshot of me with my wicked new mount, armor, and haircut. :woot:

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And I traded them to a druid because plate bracers dropped for me, when really, I had rights to both. >.<
If anyone ever downgraded something that was more than one step (Plate to mail, mail to leather, leather to cloth) I'd be pissed. Oh man, healing leather boots dropped, my paladin can sure use those for the extra +10 int, but -20str and only +2 extra heal, as opposed to the druid who could actually benefit from it.
Yeah, because my holy paladin uses a ton of str. -_-

One of the BiS for holy paladins for the chest is a cloth piece.

Stats are stats. If you're not a tank, armor type shouldn't really bother you.

Now, if I was rolling on staffs, wands, bows, sigils, totems, idols, and guns, it should.
Yeah, because my holy paladin uses a ton of str. -_-

One of the BiS for holy paladins for the chest is a cloth piece.

Stats are stats. If you're not a tank, armor type shouldn't really bother you.

Now, if I was rolling on staffs, wands, bows, sigils, totems, idols, and guns, it should.

It's actually leggings and boots. Chest piece is mail. And it might change depending on Lich King's loot table.
Dude, you were saying Ensidia was on probation. What and why?
There was a bug in the Lich King encounter where if you use a Saronite Bomb on the edge I believe it would respawn a platform that got destroy making the encounter trivial as there is a phase were he spawns Val'kyr which will pick a random player and carry them off the Frozen Throne and if not kill, she'll drop them to their doom. This allow them not to worry about the Val'kyr as she'd dropped them into the respawn platform.

Of course there's some nerdraging going around blaming blizzard for not finding and fixing the bug but Ensidia exploited the bug instead of rather say putting in a ticket and waiting for it to be fix. They had like 4 or something attempts and they done it in 10man so they should've know that the platform respawning was a bug. Pretty much the same with Exodus and the yogg-0 ban.
Nope, that's a different ban. I think that guild name was something like "Marvel Family." Exodus had something to do with a bug in the brain chamber or something like that where they wouldn't be target by some Yogg spell.
Well, replace vapors with guardians. They found out that if you kept someone in the brain room they could aggro guardians in the third phase and get them to evade making the last phase pretty easy.
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