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World Would You Want To Be A Mutant?

To be a psi-elite,able to control others with my mind,move things with my mind,or have havok power and blast all the stupid people-hello mr.tom cruise!!
Hells yeah! Being a mutant would be awesome. I would want Magneto's powers :up:

or maybe Iceman's
I'd want to be a mutant. I'd probably be like Colossus because I'm built like him. I'm also naturally oddly strong.
Of course, I want to be a mutant. What kind of the a question is that? ;)
ProdigyMarvel said:
I would be a mutant. I'd be a part of the brotherhood. I'd probably have freezing powers, since my average body temp. is 96.0 degrees and my extremities are usually cold and I can cool my core down a bit at will. I'll get back to you all when I figure out how to make ice shards, lol ;).

Darkdd, how do you figure super strength as a most likely evolutionary scenario? I'm interested!:)

I think that any mutation we will see will be brought on by science.I think that increasing strenght to extreme levels would be one of the easier things for scientists to do.
Sure, as long as I don't look like Sugerman or Maggot.
I'd like to be a mutant in the world of X-men, where I wouldn't be the only one. It would be nice though, if you could decide what powers you got and looked pretty and not gross. But that's a dream, fantasy, whatever. It's nice to think about though.

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