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Comics New X-Men: Academy X


Jun 3, 2005
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New X-Men

Craig Kyle and Chris Yost(writers) & Paco Medina(artist)


Characters: Surge, Elixir, Dust, Hellion, Rockslide, Mercury, X-23

Supporting Characters: Emma Frost, Cyclops, Prodigy (de-powered), Stepford Cuckoos, Anole, Icarus (dead?)

Storyline Info: M-Day has shaken the students at the Xavier Institute to their cores, and many friends can no longer stay. But when major enemies from both the past and the future rear their heads, will the kids that remain even survive to see their possible futures as X-Men?

Snazzy first post thanks to Specter313

New X-Men = best X-book out there by far.
I do like this book at the moment but I am also for the change thats coming up. If I were to pick a team for this book, everyone in the new roster would be who I'd choose, well except Rockslide who I'd swap with Wind Dancer. Murcury is my favorite.
I actually like the team too...but I'd switch Rockslide for Wind Dancer also. I'm just glad Tag is gone. What a worthless character story-wise. And Prodigy has very boring powers.
Personally I'm surprised that Wallflower is not amongst the people you listed, considering her father is supposed to be a part of the teaching staff in the fall.

I really like this book. It's not perfect, but it's got a lot of heart and so much besides going for it. Bad enough that the creative teams are changing, but it sucks that House of M is going to be screwing up the squads...one more reason to hate it.
I just hope I still like it after the mix up. Right now New is my favorite book.
I agree. This book is great! Personally Prodigy is my favorate character so I'm a little upset to see him not on the main roster. This new roster really seems to be more like the Hellions with a couple new additions. Granted the Hellions are a better team than the New Mutants but still. I'm okay with loosing Tag though I like his role as Hellion's best friend. I like Laurie but if any of the NM's had to go it was her,..she was just boring. I'm a little put out that Wither, Icaris, and Winddancer are gone. And I HATE that Prodigy is gone!

Oh well,.. I'm not one to complain so I'll still read it and I'm sure I'll love it. I hope that so many characters aren't just thrown away though.
I want to see Prodigy and surge get together for real.
Okay what is happeneing in this whole House of M thing? I didn't know what the ramifications of this would be and I just picked up issue 16 (not sure if I ever got 15) and am severly confused, and dissappointed. I'm guessing this is one of those 'temporary alternate' things because they don't have the same history, but when is it going to go back to normal? Thumbs down to this issue.
I loved the issue myself, but mostly for the cameos... Synch and Doug Ramsey specifically!

And this is do to the House of M where Magneto and Wanda wiped out the universe and started a new one in their image. This is Academy X in that world. It is just a temporary thing but it's going to have major ramifications all over the Marvel Universe apparently and according to all the news reports it really is going to have an impact and not be just another small change (like AoA ended up being,.. only 4 survivors and not much else).
Love th' book. Hopefully it doesn't go through cancellation hell like another great an' underrated book. *Cough* Spider-Girl *Cough*
Yeah I loved seeing Synch too. But Soorya or however you spell her name, wow completely different.
:0 The other thing I like about New X Men Academy is how they don't forget dead characters like Northstar, Magik, Cypher and Synch.
I actually hope that the house of M really does shake up alot of things and make some changes to the boring marvelverse as it exists... but considering just how MANY changes they are doing it is hard to believe... for instance killing off Mr. Fantastic and Sue storm. Do I hope it's true? Yes. Is it likely though... not really.
i like davids character his powers are boring but he is a minority and i am cool with minority the writers should just amp his powers up. im happy there getting rid of tag and rockslide. plain sucky characters they are.
also synch was an asum character glad to see him back even just for a little while.
I just saw a cover for New X-men #20 and rockslide is still in it but it's that htey are adding X-23. she is good to be in this book and not in Uncanny X-men.
A Doug Ramsey cameo? Which issue and what happened? I may have to get that one.
I read the first couple issues of this book and then quit. I think Generation X did the whole jr. X-Men thing much better. But then I've never really liked all these kids hanging around the X-Mansion anyway. They need to be off in a seperate school like Gen X was.

I've been reading it again for the House of M ties in (which I like :) )and I'll keep reading afterwards to see if I like the new team, but none of these kids seem particularly interesting to me.
I only picked up this book for Icaris. If Jay is gone I guess I'll be dropping it. I like mostly the older characters anyway. It's not a bad book, just not for me.:O
squeekness said:
I only picked up this book for Icaris. If Jay is gone I guess I'll be dropping it. I like mostly the older characters anyway. It's not a bad book, just not for me.:O

I made a deal with myself. If Kevin or Jay dies I'm dropping It. If Jay loses his powers I might drop it.
JAy and kevin are cool but for some reason prodigy and elixir are my favorites.
Also on the cover of issue 20 it looked as if everyone is on new squads.

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