X-Men Legends/Legends 2 & Marvel Ultimate Alliance Thread

(From my other post)

I'm in the Sek temple, inside the Pyramid of Apocalypse. I have to get through this cracked wall to continue on my way, and it will not break.

I have gone back, and gone through the Labrynth, the mouth of Ra, and Temple of Anubis.

I have explored every part of this level, yet I cannot break this one wall, that is CRACKED.

I've tried every character, including even trying to teleport past it with NIghtcrawler. Nothing.

And for the record, there is no marker on my minimap even, telling me where to go. Quite literally, it seems as if I am completely stuck. I am honestly begining to wonder if this is a game flaw.
i have a question but its in the questions for people who have played thread. its been there for a while but nobody answers
Langoth, what is your mission objective? That will help me out, Bc I just finished the game. And if you give me your objective, I might be able to help you.
Put the 4 jars I picked up in their container, I can't find the container however, and there is no marking showing where it is.

Oh, and of course to realign the mirrors, I've alligned the one in Anubis's temple already.
Those Jars Align one of the mirrors if im not mistaken. If you have aligned the one in Anubis temple, you have to go to the other temple. I think if when you first enter the pyramid, from the part where Prof.X and company are. You take a left and go that way
Could someone explain to me why my friend built up his teleportation powers as Nightcrawler when touble tapping the jump button seems to do the same thing? Are we missing something?
Back to the temple. You should have two other mystic stones by then, place them in their places at the shrine. Then you'll advance to the next stage.
I believe I have one magic stone, I don't know where to find the other.

And what left are you talking about? The only two exits I have from the teleporation chamber are the teleporter itself, and "Ra's Mouth"
Sorry I just started goin back through the game, its still all a blur to me kinda. This game is massive. But goin through when I got stuck, I just kept pullin up my map. Via hittin the start button and lookin around. Sorry for the mis leading
I've literally got the entire thing mapped out, from the mouth of Ra to the Sek temple, every single area I have looked through. The only place I can't get through is a cracked wall, that leads to the other side, it won't let me bust it. Its in an area with two small endless pits.
Have you placed those Jars into their thing that holds them? If not you need to do that. Someone needs to make a GameFaq online!!!!!!!!! I missed some tech-stations
Shocker, I don't know WHERE to put them. I've looked everywhere, there is no place for me TO put them, if there was, I WOULD. I suspect it is behind the wall that will not break.
The only thing I remember is that they were in a room, that I had to break no wall to get there. I just walked into that part of the area. And I dont think there was nothing that marked them, I just walked up to this stone basket looking thing. And it said hit "x button to place jars" or something. I hope you figure it out, bc this is buggin me that I cant remember........Can someone help this fellow Superhero Hyper out, bc the only thing I really remember about the Jars. Is the stone basket looking thing.
What section is the basket in? Because there are a LOT of walls you have to knock down in the pyramid :p
TrueBeliever said:
Could someone explain to me why my friend built up his teleportation powers as Nightcrawler when touble tapping the jump button seems to do the same thing? Are we missing something?

The teleport move that you can assign actually hits an opponent as opposed to just teleporting like 2x tapping jump.
Being a huge DP fan, just like to get some info on him. Do you get to play as him after you beat him? Or do you play with him when you go through the game again? If so, is he incorprated into movies? Do you fight Deadpool again even if you're using him at the time etc?
I have a problem. I have just finished act 4 and I need to move on to act 5 however...where is the Command Center that Xavier speaks of? How do I get there? Xavier says check mission briefing but there is nothing there..only the perimeter platforms..which i obliterated and the search for Seabstion shaw...which i also completed. is there another exit point for missions? I only see the xjet which takes u to the platforms and the sewers which takes u back to Shaw's mission....HELP where must I go?!?!!? What must I do!?!?!?!

i know how to help u. i havent gone to that part but i have seen people talk about it in a different forum. u have to hit a statue with a beam or something and that will hit the cracked wall and break it.
I have a question: Can you play as Deadpool or no?
Ok, not to sound completely dumb, but... how the hell do you use the danger room. I am now in the savage land, and I still don't know how to use it. I'm probably missing something in the pause screen. Either way... HELP!
nevermind, I found the damned thing. Its a small computer terminal in your base.

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