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Dec 27, 2006
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I can't believe this thread doesn't already exist. If it does, I apologize. Anyhow, these are mine.

1.Lennon & McCartney
3.Bob Dylan
4.Paul Weller
5.Stevie Wonder
6.Johnny Cash
7.Elvis Costello
9.Marvin Gaye
10.Burt Bacharach

Post on, you crazy diamonds.
Lennon/McCartney, Paul Simon, Jack White, Bob Dylan
Lennon and McCartney
Bob Dylan
Noel Gallagher
Off the top of my head and in no particular order:

1) Loudon Wainwright
2) Tom Waits
3) Bob Dylan
4) Paul McCartney/John Lennon
5) Neil Young
Off the top of my head and in no particular order:

1) Loudon Wainwright
2) Tom Waits
3) Bob Dylan
4) Paul McCartney/John Lennon
5) Neil Young

Good Choices everyone except Novvy Rain whose taking the piss.
It's all right that none of you have listed Jimmy Page and Robert Plant...because Page/Plant don't write "songs", they write explosive mystical portals to other dimensions.

Robert says it best:

Jimmy Page is from a higher species than all the human songwriters, so it wouldn't be fair to include his wizardry.
1. Paul McCartney/John Lennon
2. Elvis Presley
3.David Draiman
4.whoever wrote the songs in Grease
5.Buddy Holly
6.Johnny Cash
Favorite songwriters? Wow, that is a tough one since there are so many that I love and have written my favorite songs.

1. Steve Harris/Chuck Schuldiner(Tie)
2. Maynard James Keenan
3. Nikki Sixx
4. Dave Mustaine
5. Chris DeGarmo
6. Trent Reznor
7. Ronnie James Dio
8. Jon Schaffer
9. Bruce Dickinson
10. Robert Fripp
11. Blackie Lawless
12. Jimi Hendrix
13. Roger Waters/David Gilmour
Some of my favs-

Glenn Danzig
Oderus Urungus
Dead (Mayhem)
Chris Barnes
1. dylan
2. lennon/mccartney
3. reed/cale
4. jack white
5. iggy pop
6. dee dee/joey ramone
7. page/plant
8. townshend/daltry
9. hendrix
10. chuck berry
1. Joey Cape
2. Jason Cruz
3. Dustin Kensrue
4. Troy Sanders
5. Anthony Green
6. Tim Kasher

+ Classics like Plant, Page, Lennon and lets not forget Mr. Freddy Mercury...
just throwing this out there, i think Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service fame is an extremely good pop music writer.

he consistently writes songs that have great, catchy melodies and lyrics that aren't incredibly deep, but are better then your average pop writer.
Trent Reznor, David Bowie, Dave Gahan, Bob Marley, Rza, Lord Jamar, Chuck D, MC Ren, Canibus, Annie Lennox, Arthur Brown, Rakim, Bjork, Talib Kweli, Kurt Cobain, Danny Elfman, Amanda Palmer, Jessika Fedora, KRS One, Eddie Veder, Billy Corgan, Zach De La Rocha.. man so many more that I can't think of off the top of my head.
I think it's interesting that once you've written down a top 10 or what one believes to be your definitive list, you later remember 10 others that you've ommitted. Bowie, Prince, Irvin Berlin, Cole Porter, George Harrison, KRS-ONE, Paul Heaton, Peter Gabriel, Chinni-Chap, Carole King,Ice Cube, Neil Diamond, Plant and Page etc. could've all featured in mine, but alas they never made the cut. Carry on..
Loudon Wainwright III
Richard Thompson

Very few songwriters come close to the mastery of words and musci here, especially Loudon's word-smithery, I've seen people get a dictionary out after listening to his albums, lol.
A lot of the supposed great songwriters, didn't really have too great a control over words etc, their lyrics were often good, but rarely imaginative.
These are in no order and it's too early to think. I might revise later.

Tupac Shakur
Sam Cooke
Buddy Holly
Glenn Danzig

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