10 Things Christians and Atheists Can (and Must) Agree On

Already been posted.
Can't find it.
Some mod must've saved us from the horribly offensive, scathing things that were said in the thread, threatening to rip civilization itself asunder.
those 'god hates figs' (for lack of a worse word) a$$holes really need to go somewhere . . . preferably an active mine field :down
Most of it is okay, but I disagree with his section on absolute morality. Of course atheists have a sense of right and wrong. It is conditioned into us as children. That doesn't mean there has to be any kind of absolute morality. Morals are whatever their societies want them to be. It's not that radical a concept, and pretty obvious if you look at how the West's morals have changed over the past few centuries (equal rights for all races, women, homosexuality, etc), and even how other societies' morals differ from our own right now.
They left out "Batman and Robin sucked". I don't think either side will disagree to that.
Where the hell is the other 5 things? I can't find the "Next Page" link.
Also, what was with that whole "don't be glad when people are dead" bit? I'm sure as hell glad Hitler's dead, and I bet everyone in the west will rejoyce if Osama is ever killed.
I liked this article. Still trying to figure outwhy, but I liked it.

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