2012 NFL thread: Greater than Tom Brady's hair!

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I guess I root for T-Hill and those Fins even though Moore ain't starting. I mean, they are facing the Rams. So here's to 3-3 and somehow my Panthers are 1-4...

EDIT = Yes, first post. Boo yeah, in your face HYPE.
Yeah....now the thread is completely tainted.
Weak, lacking kick, & emasculating? :awesome:
We need a new subtitle for this thread!
We'll have one before the day is out, guaranteed.
I know. 'The Cam crybaby edition''

The 'Matt Moore is riding the bench edition''
"Smokin Weeden Drinking Beers" :awesome:

Yea, a Browns title. They deserve it.
I don't know what is happening right now but it needs to stop. This game is frustrating.
Bengals kind of got robbed there at the end of the half. There was still a second left on that clock. I'm not sure how one goes about challenging that but I'm pretty sure most coaches would have been throwing a fit over it. However, it IS the Bengals. :oldrazz:
Only Arians goes on the road with a rookie QB vs the worst run defense in the NFL and decides the best bet is not to run the ball at all
Jacoby to the house!!!! ravens 24 dallas 13
The Ravens could wrap this up if their defense would tighten up.
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