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21 Jump Street 2

First one was hilarious. I'm in.
First one was my favorite movie of last year.

Can't wait, 21JS is one of if not the funniest movie ever.
I've never seen the TV show but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first. Tatum was actually pretty funny in it. Hope the second is as good or better...
Going for the summer release, huh? Ballsy.
22 Jump Street
A minor yet amusing piece of news regarding the 21 Jump Street sequel has been announced. Embedded in a press release that announced a remake of the French film A Prophet produced by Neal Moritz, Sony has revealed that the title of the Jump Street sequel will be, appropriately enough, 22 Jump Street. Not too much is known about the follow-up as of now, but directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are expected to return, and the story will find Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s characters infiltrating a college campus. Moreover, Moritz previously told us that Ice Cube will indeed be reprising his fantastic role as Captain Dickson. 22 Jump Street will open in theaters on June 13, 2014.

idk why but that made me chuckle. I dont know if it's them being stupid or if it's the makers being self aware of stupid sequel names
Another Depp cameo possibly?

I thought the first one was fun. Tatum was surprisingly good.
Haha, its intentional obviously.
definitely, the only film that I have actually enjoyed him in. I can't wait for this.
Another Depp cameo possibly?

I thought the first one was fun. Tatum was surprisingly good.
I don't remember exactly but [BLACKOUT]didn't he die in the first one or was it just Peter DeLuise[/BLACKOUT]?
I hated the mere idea of having the first movie. And it made me laugh so hard I was left exhausted. I hope they make this second one soon.
That's what I thought but I couldn't remember if they did a fake out or not.
Ice Cube Set to Return for 22 Jump Street

Ice Cube is set to reprise his 21 Jump Street role as police Captain Dickson in the upcoming sequel, 22 Jump Street. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the musician-turned-actor will join Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum for the June 13, 2014 release.

The original 2012 action comedy, inspired by (and loosely continuing) the hit television series, starred Hill and Tatum as police officers Schmidt and Jenko. Joining law enforcement's secret Jump Street unit, they made use of their youthful appearances to go undercover in a local high school. Trading in their guns and badges for backpacks, the pair risk their lives to investigate a violent and dangerous drug ring, quickly learning that modern high school is a very different world than the one they recently left.

Hopefully this means Korean Jesus is returning.
21 Jump Street is funny because it's like the Mission Impossible series. Is it still cannon? So Depp from the show dies in the movie!

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