Aug 30, 2003
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I'm sure 52 will no doubt spawn a set of figs......But I think they should have been prepared and gotten 12 figures ready.
Do it like they are doing 52. 52 is the DC series that is coming out weekly in "real time" for one full year.

So I think that every 4 issues they should release a figure for the line. Well not every 4 weeks ....once a month. 12 figures

Renee Montoya
The Question
Booster Gold
Black Adam
Ralph Dibney

And A villain for each of them.

I don't know who they are gonna ight and whatnot. But there are 6 heroes that are the main focus of the book (most of which don't have 6 inch figures out)........And I'm sure they will each find a villain in the coming weeks.

That is what DCD should have done.
Yeah..... Im... Kindof... Out of it :( I skipped over the listing :x
52 # 1 was pretty good. Not sure if I'll stick with it yet. But I do want an awesome Black Adam and Question fig.
Justice Wave 5 is gonne have a pretty good looking Black Adam.

But it's gonna be 7 inches.
damn that 7 inch scale
Eh, you crybabies. I'll be getting him along with the rest of them. My god, Plastic Man is awesome. The fig I wanted least outta wave 3 and he is great.

I do agree Rough, making a fig for each of those would be great. I'd get Question is a heartbeat.
What, are you envious of the 7 inch scale? Does it make you uncomfortable? Do you feel like you can't compete with 7 inches? Sucks to be you.
You may have hit the nail on the head my good man.
Oh, so the no wonder you are ridding yourself of all MLs and selling them to me for $1 apiece.

$1!!!!! :0 I'm payin like 20 apiece!!!
Just joking SsM. I was being sarcastic. Sorry, I'm a sarcastic rat bastitch.
OK. $1.50 it is. I call all the rest of your figs for $1.50 each. Do you accept cash???

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