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about Jim Shooter...


Mar 5, 2010
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I just read a lengthy article on Jim Shooter and everything that's happened to him since he left Marvel years ago...

the thing that seems to be following him relentlessly since then is the absolute crap luck that he's had with comic companies...

though he had his good points and bad points being in charge of Marvel, the main problem seems to have been that some of his policies rubbed several writers and artists there the wrong way and in essence pissed a lot of people off eventually leading to his being fired by Marvel...

this led to his effort to acquire Marvel, which he almost did, but at the last minute was screwed by Ron Perlman outbidding Shooter, thereby leading to Perlman assuming control of Marvel...

Shooter then made attempts in the comics world with Valiant, gets the boot from there, tries to get Defiant going but it collapses after one year, then tries with Broadway, only to have it fold, then goes on to Acclaim, which also folded... then he returns to DC and the Legion of Super-heroes, where he started... one issue after he leaves, the title is cancelled... finally he restarts the Gold Key lines for Dark Horse only to have all the titles cancelled eventually...

after reading all this, it just seems like Shooter is the original poster boy for hard luck in the comics industry...

just what IS it about Shooter that s**t luck just seems to follow him wherever he goes and whatever he does?...

there was some really good things that happened at Marvel under his tenure, despite some of the controversial things he did back then, but ever since then, he just can't seem to cut a break in the comics world...

what's up with all that?... what seems to be the problem that Shooter just can't seem to get a good foothold and get something going?...
Frankly I wouldn't know myself but only from countless articles I've read about him being disliked by many during his tenure at Marvel.

He did some good things while there too like having the Claremont/Bryne X-Men classic stories, putting Frank Miller on Daredevil, initiating the multi-title company wide crossover epics with Secret Wars.

And from photos and caricatures he seems like a tall fellow.
Jim Shooter got his start working professionally in the industry at age 13, writing a monthly title for DC comics. I can't help but think that a lot of his *****ebaggery stems from the arrogance of a former child prodigy. He's kind of like a grown up Wesley Crusher, except a magical native american never made him into space-Jesus so he wound up being an ******* instead.
Has anyone else read Marvel Comics: The Untold Story? My wife bought it for me for Christmas. Seems like almost every high-ranking person at Marvel was a dick at one point or another.
I had blamed the failure of the Gold Key relaunches for Dark Horse on him, since he was doing four of them and they were taking forever to come out, like 8 months between issues of Turok (which is why they failed), but I heard something about the parent company that owns the rights to the Gold Key characters and who was licensing them out to Dark Horse was part of the delay problems, so I don't know how much is Jim Shoooter's fault.

I've been a lifelong Valiant fan so I can't really be mad at Jim Shooter. He started my favorite comic book universe.

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