Am I crazy, or is my grandfather racist...


Sep 10, 2004
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...Because my family, mostly my parents, are saying I'm crazy, or at least they divert the discussion fairly quickly when I bring this up.

Okay, so I know my grandparents (in question) very well. They've lived in the states I've lived in, and we've always been about twenty minutes apart. Almost all major holidays, my (and their, and my uncles, fathers, etc) birthdays, or any special occasions are usually spent together (this is my father's father). The McTighe's are a fairly close nit group, and I've known my grandparents, Nana and Papa, as long as I've been alive, and I'm the eldest of my generation. I've never thought of either of them as racist, never really occurred to me that they could be racist, and I consider myself fairly perceptive when it comes to racism, as I've noticed from instances in the past.

Then again, my Grandfather has never really done anything to show me he's not racist...he's just never done anything racist.

Now I understand that their are at least two forms of racism. That loud, obnoxious kind that uses the n-word and shouts at traffic, and the quiet kind that doesn't talk about it because such things are inappropriate for Christian ears. Although, I like to think that just because you shut up about it, doesn't mean you can hide it, certainly not for 24 years to close company...

But maybe not.

Anyways, here's what has been going on. My grandfather has been developing this weird fixation on Tiger Woods. He "boos" him and often talks about how he wants him to lose, or how he's bad for the sport, and I've never really gotten a good reason why. Both my parents say it's because Tiger Woods is demonstrative; citing that his demonstrations of victory are too over the top and arrogant, or at least that's how Papa feels about them. Yet, I don't buy it. You're telling me Jack Nicholaus, Phil Mickelson and Chi Chi Rodrigez can have demonstrative attitudes while playing, but the African American can't. Smells fishy to me.

Also, he doesn't chide Tiger's behavior, he genuinely seems to hate to see him win. Yesterday he called the US OPEN a "horrible match" simply because Tiger won (tied). So I asked my parents again why he hates Tiger so much, and again they said it's because he has celebrations of victory my grandfather disapproves of.

Why don't I buy this? Am I right not to buy this? It seems like a really weak explanation. Especially for an athlete.

It's really hard for me to pin this down, sure he's not voting Obama, but then he'd never vote Democrat, and he's not too fond of McCain I mean, I got nothing to go on there. Now that I think about it, he's never had any African American friends to my knowledge.

He's 87 now, so he's getting a little senile, although he's still relatively sharp for that age. I wonder whether he would've been so vocal about this twenty years ago, when he was much younger. It's hard to say...
It's very possible that he could be racist, but it's certainly hard to tell based off of the info you have to work with. My grandmother is 85, and I never realized she was prejudiced until I started dating black men, because she was never vocal about it. She still isn't to me because she doesn't want me to end up getting in a fight with her.

Your grandfather is definitely in that generation where many white people are racist simply because of how they were raised/the time period. He's old enough that he's probably stuck in his ways if he is prejudiced. Definitely hard to find that out, though.
It might be that he's racist, or it might be that he just straight up doesn't like tiger woods. Maybe, to your grandfather, he's overexposed, and sees everyone saying how much they love him, so he takes the opposite approach and hates him. It's fairly common for this to happen.

Have you ever see him show any non-reasonable hatred toward any other black person or other minority while watching television or in real life?
Impossible, I was just at Popeye's the other day w/ Papa McTighe :o
Have you ever see him show any non-reasonable hatred toward any other black person or other minority while watching television or in real life?
This would be the first, but the problem is, I can't really think of any other instance where this would've happened. The other problem of course is, until Tiger, Golf was a white dominated sport. Tiger is kind of the only black guy out there, and he just happens to be the best. So while I haven't seen him be unreasonable to Michael Jordan, or David Ortiz or whomever, there's a lot more minorities in those sports, so they don't shine as brightly as Tiger does.

I've been trying to think of someone, aside from anything obvious like Martin Luthor King, who is as culturally relevant as Tiger and black, who stands out among the crowd. Of course I've asked him about Barrack, and he doesn't like him, but then he doesn't like most Democrats, so that's not really a red flag.
Maybe, to your grandfather, he's overexposed,
This could be it. I have a friend who doesn't have a racist bone in his body and who really liked Tiger when he started out years ago, but who has grown so sick of the media over covering him, he can't stand it. I few weeks ago Tiger lost to someone - I can't think of whom, and he said, Watch and see who gets all the press, even though he lost. He was right! Espn, even Yahoo had pics of Tiger all over the place and you barely saw anything about the winner. It was weird.
P.S. I wouldn't really call him an African American. His mother is from Thailand, I believe.
I wouldn't say he is racist, more like a product of his time, with residual comments/ideas left over.
P.S. I wouldn't really call him an African American. His mother is from Thailand, I believe.
[grandpa McTighe]I'm not giving Tiger his own racial designation. He can chose from the one's we already have dangnabit:cmad:[/grandpa McTighe]
Best thing to do is sit down with your grandfather with a game of checkers. Ask him to pick the color. If he picks white, game over, he is racist.
my parents arent racist...they just dont believe in interracial dating
well i think either he just does not like Woods or is in fact a smudge bit racist.
he could also just be plain hypocritical...he might not like Woods just because of this and that(not skin color) yet not realize John Smith is the same way, etc.
but considering his age and the way he probably was raised as a child(stay on the 'white' side blah blah) perhaps a part of him goes back to that time and he just subconsciously dislikes Tiger for his skin, even if he doesn't admit. he doesn't realize it perhaps? i dunno, i'm awful at reading people :D
but yeah um...well my grandpa is always sending chain-letters insulting and degrading Hispanics...dear old Grandps forgets where my mom is from- Panama..making me half-latin,even if i dont look it i am and it gets on my nerves when i read those emails. Old guys forget stuff I guess....

sorry again- i don't think i was any help
I've known a whole lot of people in college who said the same damn thing; "I'm not racist, but I don't like interracial dating".

To me, that's just sugarcoating for "I'm racist, but I don't want people to know I am."
Tigers a classy as an athlete will get.
my parents arent racist...they just dont believe in interracial dating
As I've told friends of mine... "You can always tell whether someone is racist based on who they let their daughters date." Basically, if anyone has a problem with interracial dating, they're racist.
10 bucks says shadowboxing finds out his grandfather was really a multiple personality eventually. :o
The world is changing...give it time. We all have some racist tendencies through stereotype formations but it is our job to have the decency to not act out on them. My grandpa is a bit racist but he grew up in a different time but he has the decency to not offend anybody.
Tiger Woods is just hate-able. Him being black is just a bonus.
Alot of old people are racist. Just don't worry about it because although it sucks to say he's not going to be around much older. Let him have this one quirk. My grandpa that just passed away was born in the 20's and called black people negros all the time. He didn't mean anything by it that's just what the term was when he was growing up.
"Come to think of it, my grandma did call a broken bottle a n****r knife."

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