Am I crazy, or is my grandfather racist...

I've known a whole lot of people in college who said the same damn thing; "I'm not racist, but I don't believe in interracial dating".
I've seen that too. It's like if you claim that you're not a racist then why does interracial dating bug you?

Then they'll just say "I just think everyone should stay with their own kind", which I guess is a nice sugar-coated way of saying "I don't want that ****** to be with my daughter".
All old people are prejudiced. They don't mean to be, but they are. My grandfather LOVED his great grandson CJ. But my sister's baby daddy was a black guy, every time someone black noticed Ceej, Grandpa would say "Thats blood calling to blood"

He didn't mean to be an ass. He just couldn't censor anymore. That's the benefit of being old. No one tells you to shut up
...Because my family, mostly my parents, are saying I'm crazy, or at least they divert the discussion fairly quickly when I bring this up.

Okay, so I know my grandparents (in question) very well. They've lived in the states I've lived in, and we've always been about twenty minutes apart. Almost all major holidays, my (and their, and my uncles, fathers, etc) birthdays, or any special occasions are usually spent together (this is my father's father). The McTighe's are a fairly close nit group, and I've known my grandparents, Nana and Papa, as long as I've been alive, and I'm the eldest of my generation. I've never thought of either of them as racist, never really occurred to me that they could be racist, and I consider myself fairly perceptive when it comes to racism, as I've noticed from instances in the past.

Then again, my Grandfather has never really done anything to show me he's not racist...he's just never done anything racist.

Now I understand that their are at least two forms of racism. That loud, obnoxious kind that uses the n-word and shouts at traffic, and the quiet kind that doesn't talk about it because such things are inappropriate for Christian ears. Although, I like to think that just because you shut up about it, doesn't mean you can hide it, certainly not for 24 years to close company...

But maybe not.

Anyways, here's what has been going on. My grandfather has been developing this weird fixation on Tiger Woods. He "boos" him and often talks about how he wants him to lose, or how he's bad for the sport, and I've never really gotten a good reason why. Both my parents say it's because Tiger Woods is demonstrative; citing that his demonstrations of victory are too over the top and arrogant, or at least that's how Papa feels about them. Yet, I don't buy it. You're telling me Jack Nicholaus, Phil Mickelson and Chi Chi Rodrigez can have demonstrative attitudes while playing, but the African American can't. Smells fishy to me.

Also, he doesn't chide Tiger's behavior, he genuinely seems to hate to see him win. Yesterday he called the US OPEN a "horrible match" simply because Tiger won (tied). So I asked my parents again why he hates Tiger so much, and again they said it's because he has celebrations of victory my grandfather disapproves of.

Why don't I buy this? Am I right not to buy this? It seems like a really weak explanation. Especially for an athlete.

It's really hard for me to pin this down, sure he's not voting Obama, but then he'd never vote Democrat, and he's not too fond of McCain I mean, I got nothing to go on there. Now that I think about it, he's never had any African American friends to my knowledge.

He's 87 now, so he's getting a little senile, although he's still relatively sharp for that age. I wonder whether he would've been so vocal about this twenty years ago, when he was much younger. It's hard to say...
Does it really matter if he's a racist or not, honestly????
Um yeah, that's his grandfather and he wants him to go to heaven when he dies :o
Um yeah, that's his grandfather and he wants him to go to heaven when he dies :o
I still don't get it.

He's enquired about something and has received an answer but isn't happy with it.

Is knowing his grandfather is a racist ultimately going to distort his relationship with him or any aspect of both of their lives.

Unless shadow plans on dating a non-white lady seriously over the course of his grandfather's life, what real difference will it make if he has no real interaction with anyone else.

If a racist chants in a desert and no one is there to hear it, does he/she make a sound?
If I found out a relative was racist, it sure as hell would distort/ruin our relationship. And if you're racist in a desert, God hears it :huh:
I've seen that too. It's like if you claim that you're not a racist then why does interracial dating bug you?

Then they'll just say "I just think everyone should stay with their own kind", which I guess is a nice sugar-coated way of saying "I don't want that ****** to be with my daughter".
I can speak about this on the reverse flip side of things.

as a (god i hate this ****ing term) minority member of society and a somewhat last generation child born abroad, I can understand that the perception of the western lifestyle isnt always the greatest in the media since they sell by brooding fear and uncertainty to keep us all hurdled together doing their bidding.

now I have my own culture and it's very important as a parent to instill this culture into someone when away from your home of origin. Now interracial breeding could easily be seen as a well of diluting the merits of one's original culture till its ultimately lost to the way of the west.

Just take a muslim for an example coming over to the uk. within 3 generations, it's likely his great grandchildren will have left islam alone and would have forgotten the ways of his forefathers.

I also believe alot of people believe dating leads to marriage and marriage definitely isn't the same thing in the west as it is abroad. These crazy words such as divorce or 'half' make any type of long term culture diluting institution less worthwhile if you forsake your past upbringing for a five year relationship.

So although some people believe that different cultures can live together, when not in equal numbers alot of people fear the loss of multivariate cultures altogether and the first step of that comes with interracial dating, as least from the (gasp), minority's side.

after a few generations, I dont know what the problem may be but it may come down to settlement issues or other things like that.
Bring home a black girlfriend Shadow to meet Grandpa, see how he feels and reacts. :up:
my grandma is racist. She didn't want to watch an eddie murphey movie because there were too many black people in it.

My grandma is also 88.

Old people. So Weird.
my parents arent racist...they just dont believe in interracial dating
Believe :huh:

If someone is uncomfortable with two different races dating that makes them racist or hold racist views. Its black and White (pun intended :cwink:).

Your Grandfathers Hitler!
You should probabley put a pillow over his face while he sleeps to avoid World War 3

................Kidding :funny:
ShadowBoxing your grandfather comes from the old generation and probably does have some racism in him. He's obviously not overly racist, but maybe has a few racist thoughts at times. If he doesn't like Tiger because he's black, but blames it on his celebrations, it actually shows he knows this isn't the right way to think and doesn't want to pass those racist thoughts onto the next generation, which is probably where he learned those thoughts his parents and grandparents. At least that's how I'd view it.
Eh, some old people are a product of their time, as mentioned. Others will openly talk to, date, and intermingle with every race under the sun. Most of the girls I've gone out with have been black or mexican, and their parents were just indifferent, however the couple asian girls I've been with, basically I was rarely or never introduced to the parents, or if I was, it was like a dead calm as far as conversation went, and the girls would straight tell me that their parents were racist against black people, even though I didn't have any of the "stereotypical gangsta" mannerisms they claimed we were all about. It's just ingrained in some people.
Don't worry about it so long as it doesn't affect your life.
I can't figure out if my Dad and if my brother are racists.
Yeah Spoons is right, fix one questionable inclination they have towards you first. :up:
All grandfathers are racist in their own way, and rightly so. Being controversial is probably the only thing keeping them out of a nursing home, for entertainment value alone.
Tiger seems to come off as cockey to some people. My wife's definitely not a racist (her boyfriend before we got married was black), and she's married two asian guys (I'm half thai), but she can't stand Tiger. I of course love Tiger as we're both half-Thai, but she was rooting for Rocco yesterday, and when I asked her why, she said Tiger's too arrogant.

I spoke to the divorce attorney's this morning :cmad:
I can relate to ShadowBoxing's posts. A lot of my relatives, specifically the ones over 65, have a tendency to say incredibly mean spirited about minorites (and occasionally, cops). Most recently, I had a relative call Obama an "arogant n**ger." They're not necessarily racist in the KKK - type sense (yeah, thart doesn't sound right), but they grew up in a time when that kind of talk and mentality was accpeted and often encouraged, and that mentality has become so imbedded in them that they can't seem to adopt to today's more liberal view of those ideas.

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