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Anyone hoping for an extended cut on blu-ray?


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Aug 6, 2007
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I found this interesting bit from an interview with Zack Snyder on Collider:

When you first got in the editing room, how long was your assembly cut?

SNYDER: I think it was about 3 hours and 10 minutes, something like that.

How long was your first cut?

SNYDER: Just under 3 hours.

First cut, meaning that actually has a lot of stuff in it that you could’ve–

SNYDER: We didn’t cut out any scenes, except for one. We cut one small scene out. There’s nothing missing.

David Goyer's description of the cut scene:

"There was a little scene in which Jonathan and Martha take a baby Kal to a paediatrician because he’s starting to experience these changes. They do a hearing test on him where they’re dialling up these sounds and baby Kal screams and it blows out all the windows.

"It was a funny scene but after the armageddon on Krypton – originally we went from that to baby Kal to the fishing trawler – it just felt weird. We didn’t need it. Tonally it felt off."

I would like to see the baby Clark scene just for the extra laugh it could have added. Though it does seem out of place tonally as Goyer stated.

I'm more interested though in Snyder's remarks about a 3 hour cut. If only one scene is missing, does that mean a bunch of other scenes were originally longer? If so, an extended cut might help balance out the heavy amounts of action in the last third of the film and might provide some extra character development.

I would especially be curious if there's more reaction from Superman on the devastation of Metropolis. From some of the concept art I've seen in the Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman book, there's a few pieces of artwork that show him standing around in the wreckage and on top of a train that's lodged into a skyscraper, almost like he's mourning.

You can see a glimpse of it on the cover in the bottom right image:


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