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Anyone reading "In Thy Name"?



with the Silver Surfer? I am onissue 2 and really digging the art. Reminds me of some the earlier Heavy Metal art.
No, is the story good? I enjoyed Requiem, but it was kind of "out of continuity"...what's In Thy Name about?
Basically the Silver Surfer is searching the universe and contemplating the meaning of life and everything. Some organ pirates try to get him. As soon as he's about to vaporize the pirates, another ship appears that send them running. The ship is from a "galactic " type United Nations and they talk of how they live in peace and harmony. Silver Surfer is of course intrigued and tags along to see what's up.

That's the outline, but believe me. it starts to get heavy! Lots of twists. Like I said, I'm only on issue 2. The story is very interesting, but I would recommend it for the art alone! Visually stunning stuff - not your ordinary Marvel art.
Actually I think it just wrapped on the 6th, I just haven't gotten to my store to get the last 2 issues. It was mostly ignored though I think. You should be able to find them.
Just finished it. Aside from the really bad art on the cover of issue 3 it was in a word AWESOME!
Just got the TPB that chronicles issues 1-4, going to read it soon, is this going to be an ongoing storyline does anyone know?

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