Assassin's Creed Mirage

One thing I don't love are like, the superhuman abilities. To me it takes away the whole cloak and daggers, assassins vs Templars thing, if one of the factions are just godlike superhumans.
I am so looking forward to pick this up this week. I'm itching to play a new game and a new AC game. 2020 feels like a long time, the year when Valhalla came out.

what I plan to do is probably just eXplore Baghdad through free roaming, and take my sweet time since it will be a lot shorter than Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla.
Yeah I’m really looking forward to it. I assume it’ll be on Ubisoft+ day one. Definitely going to play it
76 and 77...
I am hoping to pick this up tomorrow. I hope the game isn't as buggy as Valhalla during its launch month.
I played this for a hour but I haven't truly eXplored yet. But the game looks amazing! Using the eagle vision is an improvement as I don't need to hold R3 for a few seconds (which was the case in Valhalla). Though I can't seem to find where to turn off the subtitles in the options menu.

All love the AC15 intro when you open the game.
I really liked it! Incredible setting and loved the music score more than any other assassins creed game. The only thing that wrecked it for me was the ending because it was a bit overhyped and I had to google it to find out what it meant (I never finished Valhalla
I finally finished this. Once I got to the open world. I went to every location that were accessible and found collectibles (as those would just distract me in story missions). The shards were the hardest to complete, I got the first 2 by accident but after some time, they just showed up in the map. The Baghdad tales were so short. The gear chests were challenging though it depended on the location. I found all the treasures from enigma maps with the help from YouTube. It was quick to complete the location checklist. In comparison, Valhalla had like 9 times more.

Visually, this looks better than Valhalla. It reminded me of Origins. The big walled city is cramped in some areas, there were times I didn't know where to eXit. You can parkour for several minutes without touching the ground floor. It also reminded me of the Ezio games and Unity. In the wilderness side, you can see flamingos flying and its the most beautiful thing in this game. The map is eXpectedly small but it was still surreal that Ubisoft did that. I remember how densed the map of Unity/Syndicate were and how I wished they would go back to that. Though Mirage has a big area that took 65% of the map, which is mostly empty. The swamps, there was nothing there, no viewpoint and wasn't used in the main story and side stuff. Though that area is really nice for photo mode.

Gameplay wise, I felt they scaled back and didn't upload it with so many features. But like the previous 3 games, there's still a skill tree that is larger than Syndicate and almost as many as Origins. You can customize/upgrade your gear and weapons. Sell things for money. If I didn't play an AC game before, I would have thought Mirage was the in-between game between Syndicate and Origins. The wanted posters, social stealth, the person you can bribe to remove the wanted level, tailing reminded of the early games. The only missing things were Desmond and the present day segments. EXcept for III/Rogue, this feels like a miXture of the previous AC games. I think for 90% of the game, I stealth assassinated because of the wanted system. The wanted system was annoying because I felt like I was forced to do a lot of things stealthy, instead of letting me to just let loose and play whatever style I want.

The story. It took me two weeks before I fully continued the main missions since I was preoccupied on location objectives and contracts. I liked that the story was more "Assassins". I think the last time AC was really focused on the Assassins, was maybe in Brotherhood or Revelations. However the main story isn't engaging. The characters aren't interesting and lacked personality, especially Basim. Some nice ideas but the eXecution felt lacking.

This is just okay. Its not buggy at launch. In my 60+ hours of playing the game, I only eXperienced 1 glitch that forced me to close the game, which is a big improvement from Valhalla's dozens of bugs that were only fiXed months later. I liked that this isn't bloated compare to the last three. But when it comes to smaller AC games, I liked Syndicate and Unity more simply because the side stuff and story of Mirage are quite dull. The story doesn't feel important. Its basically just a background report to the character introduced in Valhalla, that wasn't very interesting. This feels like a throwback to the earlier games and at the same time, feels like the smaller sibling of Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla. But it doesn't feel essential and fun as it could have been. I find this game boring. Its been almost 3 years since Valhalla, and I spent so much playing that game and I thought a smaller AC game would be refreshing, intimate and more fun due to fewer things to absorb - but its not the case. I finished everything aside from few frophies and I'm disappointed. In the credits, it said this is a love letter to the earlier games, but how they handled the story and characters didn't feel very inspired. They should get better writers/directors because this, just felt very flat. The previous AC games aren't that great as well when it comes to the story, but the characters at least grew on me.

For Assassin's Creed Red, I don't want a huge Japan with mostly empty space with hundreds of side activities splattered across the big map, but its unrealistic to eXpect that wouldn't happen. I hope visually/gameplay wise, I can see a major jump. I want to see Red, as the start of a new AC era. Hopefully with much more interesting premise, story and characters.
Finishes this yesterday and I actually quote liked it. The gameplay definitely took a turn in the right direction. It feels like a good mix of the earlier games (AC1-Revelations) and the last 3 games (Origins-Valhalla). This also applies to the map, though I feel like there was still a bit too many empty spaces. The story was a bit predictable (at least the ending of course), but still enjoyable. I liked the premise, though I think it could’ve been a bit more fleshed out.

Overall this feels like an updated AC Brotherhood (in certain ways), which is very positive, in my book. The length could’ve been a bit longer, not as long as Valhalla or Odyssey of course, but one or 2 extra order members would’ve been welcome.

Step in the right direction, with room to still improve. Good going, Ubisoft, you’ve got my interest.


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