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Austin Powers 4


...if they can come up with fresh and new ideas then yes, but really....i think they should just let it be.
I think it's time to put that puppy to rest. Maybe the Love Guru will be decent....
I'd see it.. If they had Baldscott and Dr. Evil as another successful secret agent.
I liked Goldmember up until the point where
they revealed austin is Dr. Evil's brother and then they worked together

I think that ruined the whole franchise.

Ironically, I wouldn't mind seeing a 4th.
God no. The first one was funny, the second one was a rehash, and then the third one was another rehash but without any good jokes. They need to stop kicking this horse, it's been dead for years.
I didnt like goldmember that much and a good dr.evil isn't something i like to see but they should make this just for the simple fact that verne troyer needs work .
Haven't watched Goldmember yet :(
I enjoyed the first 3 Movies and wouldn't mind a 4th one.
oh the ending of number 3 was just so stupidly unfunny....wait most of 3 was stupidly unfunny
I liked the first two. Goldmember was just...:down I don't even know why I have it.:o:(
come on...Tom cruise as Austin, and Danny Devito as mini-me was the best cameo ever

I believe Mike said after he finished with the Love Guru, he would start thinking about Austin Powers 4. I think he even mentioned it would follow Dr. Evil's life.
Wasn't there word that
all three previous girls would return

but wasn't elizabeth hurley a fembot and she blew up in no.2
I wouldn't mind a fourth, but based on the reaction as of the moment, I don't think there'd be excitement in the air.
I loved all three movies but do not make a fourth, It would have to come with tons of new jokes for me to go see it.
The third movie was terrible and was a big advertisement for various products.

no thanks. complete garbage.

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